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Pocket Rockets


Pocket Rockets is a simple blackjack side bet that pays based on the player's first two cards. The term "pocket rockets" is a figure of speech for a pair of aces in poker. In that spirit, aces are the focus of this side bet.


The following is the pay table for Pocket Rockets. Wins are on a "to one" basis.

Pocket Rockets Pay Table

Player Hand Pays
Two suited aces 100
Two unsuited aces 10
Blackjack 1.5
One ace 1
Total of 11 or less 1


The next table shows the probability and contribution to the return, based on six decks. The lower right cell shows a house edge of 9.20%.

Pocket Rockets Return Table

Player Hand Pays Combinations Probability Return
Two suited aces 100 60 0.001237 0.123671
Two unsuited aces 10 216 0.004452 0.044521
Blackjack 1.5 2,304 0.047489 0.071234
One ace 1 4,608 0.094979 0.094979
Total of 11 or less 1 10,320 0.212713 0.212713
All other -1 31,008 0.639129 -0.639129
Total   48,516 1.000000 -0.092011


Please enjoy this video of Angel Espino, the creator of Pocket Rockets, about the side bet.

Where to Play

At the time of this writing (August 10, 2022), Pocket Rockets can be played at the following casinos:

  • Saratoga in Blackhawk, CO
  • Brass Ass in Cripple Creek, CO

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