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Online payment methods have largely developed over the years, either as an extension of the existing financial and banking institutions or through new establishments. Nowadays, these cover a wide range of payment processing solutions in diverse formats, allowing users to choose the most suitable one based on their needs.

The former, existing banking institutions operate and expand on the basis of their existing services. Most of the time, they tend to build up a reputable and reliable financial service before adding new items to their portfolio. Nonetheless, such banking and financial institutions have been the constant driving force in their sphere of work, starting from the first cashless payment modes – debit and credit cards, through their online banking platforms, all the way to fully fledged online payment processing mechanisms – bank transfers.


As for the latter, modern online payment processing establishments, they are the result of the numerous tech advances in recent years. The top such companies have worked hard to provide trustworthy and reliable service and build up a reputation in their sphere of work. With anything from online payment intermediary facilitators, through equipped and fully functional e-wallets, to all kinds of online, i.e. virtual cards, currencies and the likes, users are bound to get the service that best suits their preference. For the people of Poland, this is bound to be Przelewy24.

About Przelewy24

Owned and operated by DialCom24 Group located in Poznan, Poland, Przelewy24 is the ultimate online payment facilitator for their country residents. It is one of the numerous Internet-based services provided by the company, arguably leading the way towards most optimized payment processing. The Polish name of the service literally translates into ‘Transfer’, further indicating its availability for qualifying users around the clock.

What is interesting...

... about Przelewy24 is that Polish residents are the only ones eligible to use it; however, it allows them to make payments using all kinds of international, widespread banking methods. Due to this, and additional features of the service, as you will see soon enough, it has managed to reach the status of popularity it enjoys nowadays.

How to Open a Przelewy24 Account?

Przelewy24 functions as an intermediary between online retailers, merchants and other kinds of e-commerce platforms – basically any company that sells something. They are located on one end of the service, while the other is occupied by their customers. These individuals can freely order, pay and get their selected items using the Przelewy24 service, as long as they have gone through the signup process.

Step 1: Access the official Przelewy24 website via your chosen device – computer, tablet or smartphone. Not only is the service available via the browser version, but also through an inherent app for the top popular operative systems. Once you have entered through your chosen medium, set the language based on preferences – English or Polish, and head to the Registration link available straight from the homepage.

Step 2: You will need to contact the customer support team of representatives at this stage, informing them of your intentions. Afterwards, simply fill in the required information in the designated boxes and confirm the registration. This automatically provides you with your very own Przelewy24 e-wallet.

Step 3: Like any other wallet, you will need to fund it in order to use it for online payments further on. This is done through a number of payment methods covering all major types and companies in order to achieve utmost user satisfaction. Additional services are also available at this stage, all to the purpose of allowing users to gain access to one of their actual accounts and get the funds for their following purchases.

Types of Payment Methods

Types of Payment Methods

The range of payment methods available at the Przelewy24 platform is one of its greatest strong suits, and going through the range of options is enough for anyone to see it this way, too.

  • Bank transfer: This type of e-commerce transactions make up the bulk of Polish online payments, with about 80-90% of all payments made through this medium. When it comes to Przelewy24, it acts as the perfect layer of protection between users’ bank accounts – it partners with 165 institutions and counting – and the respective platform. It is available via a Pay-by-Link option where you fill in the info once and it remembers them automatically for future use, or via wire transfer, where you need to fill in the banking details during each transaction.
  • Payment cards: These include credit, debit and prepaid cards of all sorts, including the global leading brand names Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, AmEx, PBK and JCB among others. This funding option comes with a full range of features – mobile-executed payments, currency conversion, customer and risk support, or even direct transactions without an actual Przelewy24 e-wallet account.
  • MasterPass: The MasterPass e-wallet payment cards processing system is a next-level product. It allows users to process aforementioned payments with a range of additional conveniences – speed, accessibility, coverage.
  • Mobile payments: The Przelewy24 service offers a fully functional mobile client system, as well as a compatible option for those partners who individually offer mobile apps for Android, iOS or Windows Phone. Should you access the e-wallet’s library, you will be able to choose from the full range of services and their available payment channels, simply waiting for users to execute any necessary payment, without entering information every time.
  • POS terminals: This option allows users to settle payments using one of 6 partners with point-of-sale terminals. Here, they can make use of regular payment cards, make purchases or simply deposits, and get a range of additional services (detailed reports, statements, commission reliefs, security, support, refund).
  • SMS Premium: Phone-executed payments are also made available using Przelewy24, with no less than four different options – KEY, WAPA, INFO and P24 Code. Each of these SMS services offers a set of unique functionalities that make payments on-the-go all the more available.
  • PaySafeCard: The sole fact that the service is available in 40+ countries worldwide is enough to understand the massive potential it adds to P24 services. Fund your account through Paysafecard payments, or even through scratch card vouchers purchased from land-based retailers.
  • BLIK: BLIK is yet another online payment service provided via the P24 functionality. It is one of the latest and most comprehensive additions to the service’s selection of processing systems, allowing mobile, mPOS access, and even ATM cashouts.
  • E-wallets: The e-wallets PayPal /banking/paypal/ and Skrill, as well as YetiPay and SkyCash mobile payment systems are associated and function in cooperation with Przelewy24.

On top of that,...

... Przelewy24 offers a range of payment facilitation services that come with a payout pattern. Thus, the P24 e-wallet account will allow its users to apply for credit to their chosen bank institution directly from the Hire purchase e-Raty option. This is a fully automated process, executing all steps along the way through the virtual account platform.

On the other hand,...

... the FerBuy service enables payers to execute deffered payments. In other words, the user can select the item/service that they want, but pay for it at a later date, up to two weeks following the purchase. With these system capabilities, multi-currency payment options and all the above-listed funding methods, there is hardly an online seller that won’t achieve optimal client retention and attraction with the Przelewy24 e-wallet.

Przelewy24 as an Online Casino Payment Method

The online gambling industry has been experiencing a booming progress since the latest tech advancements in security, variety and banking. Regarding the latter, online casino platforms catering to players from Poland have all opted for the P24 banking option due to the convenience it provides to both parties – the operators and the players.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Przelewy24 Online Casino Sites

Making a deposit into your online casino account is essential to enjoy the full range of gameplay at your chosen platform. With P24, you are able to experience all the benefits of both service providers for a most rewarding payment facilitating experience.

In order to deposit...

... funds into your account, first make sure that your chosen casino operator includes Przelewy24 as an available payment method. As mentioned earlier, its massive beneficial qualities have allowed it overall coverage, yet choosing the casino site that additionally offers titles from your favourite software providers is an added benefit nonetheless.

Don’t forget to sign in...

... or sign up at the platform and access the casino floor using your own casino player account. Here, you should direct yourself to the Banking/Cashier section and select P24 out of the list of payment processing options. After this, you may either log in to your own e-wallet, or choose from the banks and other funding methods as exemplified above and move straight onto the transaction. Both options will ensure secure and prompt funds transfer, but the e-wallet channel allows for greater customization and personalization capabilities.

Once you make your choice,

... just input the desired amount and watch the funds transfer to your online casino player account immediately. Some delay in transactions is expected with select payment methods, such as a bank wire transfer, depending on the chosen bank of the seller – the online casino site, and the buyer – the player.

Przelewy24 withdrawals,...

...however, are currently available at only select online casino sites, contrary to its massive presence as a deposit method across Polish-oriented casino sites. These types of transactions are processed much the same way as deposits, with funds transfer simply going in the opposite direction.

Advantages of Using Przelewyy24 as an Online Casino Banking Method

Disadvantages of Using
  • Security – The service makes use of the top security 128-bit encryption protocols when processing user payments. This allows it to make sure that no interceptions will cause harm to partnering companies and individuals, in regard to both their data and funds. What is more, it prevents users from getting direct casino funding records to their bank statements, which could potentially harm their credit history.
  • Speed – Due to the nature of the service as an intermediary, as well as their constant urge to improve their quality, speedy transactions have always been the P24 standard. Since its initial appearance back in 2003, the service has solely been facing delays when it comes to specific banking methods and their separate payment processing and verification mechanisms.
  • Anonymity – As mentioned earlier, lack of records to casino or any other e-commerce payments is a definite advantage for greater security. It additionally allows anonymity through this capability, along with the one-time information input for most platforms. That way, casino players don’t have to enter their banking details upon each transaction and put their funds at risk.
  • Dedicated Service – One way of viewing the country restrictions is as a means towards achieving a more dedicated service. After all, focusing on a single target audience allows Przelewy24 to track and identify key features, and optimize their service accordingly.

Disadvantages of Using Przelewyy24 as an Online Casino Banking Method

  • Country restrictions – Still, restrictions within the borders of Poland are bound to be a setback as much as a benefit. However, this mostly affects the P24 service itself, as it is ineligible for some of the largest widely untapped player pools worldwide – US casino sites, UK poker rooms, Australia and Canada-oriented gambling operators and the likes.
  • Fees policy – The service is known for being mostly free of charges when it comes to those applicable to their user pool. Partnering companies may alternately be subject to some fees, along with users opting for foreign currency transactions, or specific funding banking methods.

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What currencies are available for Przelewy24 online casino payments?

The Przelewy24 payment processor is able to execute operations in about 50 different currencies, among which are wire transfers to foreign markets such as Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Croatia, BiH, Slovakia and Hungary.

How can I claim online casino bonuses when using this banking method?

This banking method will allow players to claim all bonuses and promotions they can qualify for. All they need to do is follow the instructions provided by the online casino platform operator, meet their requirements and boost their bankroll and winning chances accordingly.

Are there any suitable alternatives to P24 for players that are ineligible for this banking method?

Considering the wide range of ineligible players, alternatives for P24 payments are the more globally-oriented services. These include standard traditional direct bank transfers, credit card payments and e-wallets the likes of PayPal, Neteller and Skrill.

Is there a customer support team where I can address my user inquiries or concerns?

Yes, the Contact option on the official Przelewy24 website offers users to choose between Customer support, Cooperation and Technical support, each available for contact via an email address, online contact form or a phone number.

What are some additional online payment processing solutions offered through this service, that haven’t been mentioned yet?

Aside from all the services mentioned above, Przelewy24 is additionally known for offering payment solutions such as a virtual cart, payment reminder, scheduler, recurring payment planner, loan and credit tools, invoicing and additional accounting functionalities.