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E-commerce businesses of all kinds have reached massive growth over a short time span, all due to their popularity. Convenience, accessibility and quality of service were soon identified as key drivers to this progress. However, achieving these three, as well as other additional functionalities can turn out to be much more difficult than it seems, especially in today’s widely diverse and global marketplace.

One of the key concerns...

... for merchants is the payment processing aspect of their business. After all, the sustainability of a company directly depends upon how fast, securely and easily users can pay for their goods and services, and the company can profit from them.


Over the years...

... many existing banking and financial institutions have introduced their online payment processing solutions in order to meet the needs of the upcoming market. As a result, existing card processing services and direct banking options simply added the online payment functionality.

While existing credit and debit card giants such as Visa and MasterCard had quite a leg to stand on, other services had to start from scratch. These were new, innovative and modern payment processors that introduced a different model of operations. E-wallets, intermediaries and online payment processors and ultimately gateways made up the bulk of the offering. The remaining portion went even further and developed a whole new type of currency – cryptocurrencies, initially represented by Bitcoin.

Nowadays, merchants and their customers...

... are able to choose the payment provider they would trust with their hard-earned cash. As simple and intuitive as their interfaces are, some platforms still end up having trouble consolidating funds and calculating revenue.

Therefore, many of them are presently turning to a new generation payment processing, and the Payvision services are one instance that definitely meets these criteria.

About the Banking Method

Established in the Netherlands back in 2001...

... the Payvision company came about from the founder’s great motivation to help the e-commerce industry reach its full potential. In order to do so, these merchants needed a simpler and more general payment solution.

The Payvision payment service provides precisely that – a fully functional platform that integrates payments made from all over the world. While it started off as a local business, the company’s success soon launched it among the top global services.


... aside from the company’s headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands, there are several branch offices in key locations – Madrid, London, New York, Utah, Toronto, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore.

This massive coverage has enabled the service to expand even further in terms of functionality. Thus, its users can perform payments in more than 150 currencies used all over the world, as well as local card acquisition currencies for optimal service to specific territories.

Such prime service was the main reason behind Payvision’s growing popularity across merchants in the e-commerce industry. They soon identified all the perks that go along with this service, with 5000+ companies currently using it.

All this was made possible through the company’s successful partnership and association with existing and new payment processors. In other words, Payvision cooperates with 300 leading business partners – PSPs, and enables merchants to accept payments from each of these processors, no matter where they are in the world. Here are some of the leading payment methods that can be used for payments at e-merchants using the Payvision payment solution:

About the Banking Method

Acapture by Payvision

These and many more payment methods are nowadays included in the overall solution. For optimal results, the global Payvision card acquisition and payment processing corporation launched an additional solution in 2015.

Acapture by Payvision is...

... the daughter-brand of the umbrella company, officially developed to take over key industries that make use of the payment solution. It allows merchants and all kinds of e-commerce platforms to enjoy global card acquiring, over 80 payment methods and accessibility across mobile and desktop online apps and platforms.

In addition to this, the lightness of a start-up company has also enabled Acapture to incorporate Point of Sale and mPOS solutions in their service offering. Hence, with both online and offline solutions for merchants, it has soon become a top choice.

If that weren’t enough to get everyone hooked on the latest global trending online payment processor, their security and overall protection definitely will be.

In terms of industries...

... whose merchants most often find themselves in need of Acapture, the following have been specifically pointed out straight from the service’s homepage: online travel, online marketplaces, retail, franchises, software and apps, and gaming.

Gaming has definitely made vast use of this payment processing method, especially in terms of player acquisition and market access. Considering that this industry develops best at the macro level, the need arises for a payment solution that would enable the merchant to accept payments from all sides, while still controlling costs and revenue.

For one, they benefit from

For one, they benefit from...

... the simple and easy integration within the hour, with the help of a single RESTful API. Once they attract players from all parts of the world, recurring billing is just as beneficial in getting them to stay through longer subscriptions across all platforms.

Ultimately, all merchants are absolutely drawn...

... by the security offered through Payvision and its daughter brand. Just the payment solution has over 120 risk checkers, widgets and add-ons, as well as a dedicated team of risk management experts. This allows them to analyze each current market and potential expansion territory, and precisely determine their strengths and potential threats so as to build the ideal security solution to go along with their payments.

The original establishment, Payvision, is already recognized for secure and completely transparent transactions, both in terms of payment reporting and execution. They have thus been certified and approved as PCI Data Security Standards compliant, and undergo regular yearly tests and inspections by the reputable independent assessment service Comsec Qualified Security Assessors (QSA).

Payvision at Online Casino Sites

Evidently, the Payvision payment solution on its own, or through Acapture, is able to cater to operators from the interactive gaming industry. They have more or less the same demands as many mobile game operators, console games, in-app purchase developers; nevertheless, in order to keep up with the ever growing volume of competitors, they have turned to optimized solutions the likes of Payvision.

The best part about the service is that it does not complicate the payment process for the player pool, but additionally facilitates and consolidates the entire flow of funds for the operator.

Just bear in mind – transfers and other operations...

... performed with Payvision are not reversible, no matter which one of the eligible payment methods you choose to go with. Be careful when inputting transaction details and account information just as an extra precaution; the service will take care of any additional concerns.

Payvision Online Casino Deposits

Step 1: The first thing to do if you’re looking to deposit at a Payvision casino is to look for one that uses this payment solution. While its daughter brand has only been present for a couple of years, Payvision casinos are getting more and more numerous by the day. What is more, you shouldn’t have any trouble recognizing them – these platforms normally state their cooperation with Payvision rather openly. Check for the logo at the bottom of the page, or simply access their Banking/Cashier.

Step 2: Next thing to do at an online casino merchant that has partnered with Payvision is to open an account/sign into your existing one. That way, you will make sure that the site lists all the banking options available. At this point, it may be advisable to consider their eligibility in relation to your country of residence. Once you choose the best payment method for your player needs, click on it and complete the process.

Step 3: Payvision casinos do not alter or complicate the regular payment process, so players will be able to make use of all their top payment methods (credit, debit cards, online and prepaid cards, e-wallets and more) according to the regular procedure.

The main thing added to this depositing procedure through the Payvision partnership is the range of background processing and encryption certificates, working to keep funds safe and in order.

Step 4: The service is rather functional, meaning players wouldn’t need to wait long to get the funds to their player account. This timeframe may somewhat depend on the chosen method, but it should still end up being no more than a few moments.

Making Online Casino Withdrawals

The best thing about the Payvision online casino banking functionality is that it does not limit its partnering payment methods in any way.

This means that, should your chosen payment processing method offer deposits and withdrawals to and from online casino sites, then they should still be able to perform them through Payvision.

What is more, this solution does not impose and transaction limits or additional wait time; so, players will be able to get their winnings through their chosen methods like any other time, while the casino operator would benefit from a much more organized approach to these transactions.

Pros and Cons


  • Security – One of the star features of this payment solution is their security. Aside from facilitating financial management, their primary concern for merchants and clients alike is the safety and security of their funds. With the latest SSL encryption, a number of additional customized protections and risk factoring, there is hardly anything that could compromise Payvision transactions.
  • Integration – A major problem with these services is the integration; that is why Payvision have managed to work it all into a single API that can be fitted into practically any platform format in an hour’s time. That way, there is no need for additional delays, changes and expenses – instead, the solution simply matches the platform.
  • Legality – Aside from security and industry requirements, Payvision is additionally strictly compliant with legal provisions. The payment method restriction for specific jurisdictions is proof of this, as is the full adherence to the PCI DSS requirements.
  • Variety – Diversity is always on the casino operators’ minds, be it games, banking methods or bonus offers. In order to match the ever-changing flow of player preferences, Payvision has managed to achieve massive variety of services. Up until today, it has included over 150 currencies, and more than a 300 total in payment methods eligible for their casinos’ player bases.
  • Lack of fees – With all these functionalities, one would surely think the solution costs a fortune. However, anyone interested in using the service can simply register and get all the necessary information, completely free of charge.
  • Accessibility – As it spread out, the solution improved its accessibility as well. In today’s ranks, covering payment methods for countries on practically every inhabitable continent, it is safe to say that Payvision’s accessibility is top-notch.
  • Loyalty program and rewards – Those interested in dedicated service can transfer all their funds management with this solution. In return, there are a number of loyalty rewards and benefits seen as greatly advantageous for all players and merchant customers.


  • Limited casino choice – A slight inconvenience regarding this payment method is the limited choice of casinos. So far, only a few top brands such as GrandWild Casino and HeavyChips Casino use the payment solution. Still, with so many benefits and still counting, this is bound to change in due time.

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Is there any customer support contact option I can use for complaints or inquiries?

Yes, there is. Interested users can address their inquiries to any of the branch offices or the company’s headquarters, with a particular service for merchants, acquiring bank, prospective partner and general contact.

Will I be charged an additional fee for currency exchanges on the solution’s platform?

No, currency exchange is not charged. You will however need to follow the exchange rate for the particular legal tender.

In which languages does the company offer information on their website?

The information is available in English, as well as German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

Could I reach them on any of the social media networks?

Yes, they provide all their social media contacts straight from their official website. Thus, Payvision representatives can be reached via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Google+ or on their blog.

Have they won any rewards or recognitions for their remarkable solution?

Yes, the company is a well-known and awarded brand in global financial management. Just in 2013, they were the Judges Choice Winner at the CNP Awards, and two years later at the Payment Awards for Best Merchant and Acquirer/Processing.