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With the online gambling industry thriving in South Africa, naturally, many new payment methods are appearing across sites that accept players from the country, such as Kazang. This is a prepaid voucher available in the country, allowing users to make smooth and fast transactions across a variety of casinos. Being easy to purchase and simple to use, it is getting accepted across new sites, too, so the number of casinos you could join to play using it continues growing. What is Kazang and why choose it as your online casino payment method?

About Kazang

Launched by a same-named company that offers prepaid value-added services across Africa, Kazang is a prepaid voucher offered in South Africa, Zambia, Namibia and Botswana. South Africa, however, it’s its primary market, since the company is based in Cape Town, with offices in Durban and Johannesburg, offering users from all regions the chance to purchase prepaid products and use them on a daily basis for all kinds of purchases and payments. The products offered by the company are part of the Connect Group, another powerful company from the region, which ensures the money transfer is further facilitated and secured.

Considering it is offered by a company specializing in prepaid products, Kazang is incredibly accessible to users; there are currently over 68,000 active devices in operation that sellers use for printing out vouchers and selling them to users. Daily, over 1.5 million transactions are processed with it, so it goes without saying that the solution is incredibly popular with users. But the voucher is not the only product offered by the company; gaming top-up vouchers, bill payments, airtime, international electricity and airtime, data bundles, electricity, DSTV payments and money transfers are all also available to users.

Now, since we’re interested in how Kazang can be used for gaming top-ups, we’ll focus on that function. The company behind it made sure to partner with leading brands like PowerBall, Betway, Daily Lotto, Hollywood Star and Lotto Star, among others, to give players the chance to fund their respective accounts using the voucher. But it has also partnered with two other voucher systems which are popular in the region, Blu and OTT Voucher, allowing for even better accessibility for players. Thanks to all of these, regardless of whether playing at a site that accepts Kazang or Blu or OTT vouchers, players can still make deposits using a voucher.

And the best part is, since the company also allows for money transfers, not only can you make a deposit but you can also request a withdrawal with the voucher at an online casino, thanks to MTN MoMo and Standard Bank Instant Money. Therefore, using this solution, your online gambling experience will be all-encompassing.

Luckily for you, an array of South African sites already accepts it, but so many new ones will surely start offering it, as well, considering its popularity with users, hence, players. So, before we get into the actual depositing and withdrawing procedures you’d be able to make with it, let’s first check the steps you need to make to purchase your voucher.

Getting Started with It

The first thing to know here is that, as expected, the voucher can only be purchased offline, and not online. Therefore, the first step you'd need to make is to go to one of the many vendor stores authorized to print out and sell the voucher and use a card to purchase your voucher. Thanks to the prepaid devices we mentioned previously, vendors can actually print out the voucher on the spot, as soon as the buyer provides a debit or a credit card to pay for the purchase.

You can see on Kazang’s official website that anyone who fills out the required contract form can become a vendor, meaning any company or firm that has a store in South Africa. As said, there are over 68,000 active devices at the moment of writing, meaning 68,000 vendors where you could go to purchase your voucher, but the number will surely increase, due to the users’ demand. Nevertheless, as soon as the firm/company completes a form and becomes accepted as a vendor, a sales agent visits their store to install the device, which will print out the voucher to users.

The voucher comes in many denominations, so you’d need to choose the one that would work for you and pay the desired amount with your card. As soon as you do, the vendor will have your voucher ready. It will come with a 12-digit PIN code on a slip; this code is basically your credentials when transacting with the voucher, so make sure you keep it safe. You’ll need to use it when making a deposit at your chosen casino. On that note, let’s go over the steps you’d need to make to make an actual deposit with it.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with Kazang?

Kazang is accepted across a variety of sites already, so you have many options at the moment to explore, with new ones expected to be added to the list. YesPlay, TopBet, MassivBet, Interbet, VegasBets, Playa and Bet.co.za are just some of your options, so make sure you go over them and see whether you'll find a match for you. As soon as you've found your winner, proceed to create an account with it.

To make a deposit with Kazang, you should follow these steps:

  1. Head over to your online casino’s Deposits/Payments page.
  2. Find Kazang’s logo on the list of accepted methods, or look for Blu or OTT voucher, and press the logo.
  3. In the new window, you’ll be required to enter the 12-digit PIN code.
  4. Next, press Redeem and you will see the money being transferred to your casino balance in an instant.

How to Withdraw Winning with It?

When talking about the products offered by the company behind it, we mentioned that there was a money transfer solution that you could use to make a withdrawal via Kazang. The money cannot be transferred to your voucher, obviously, due to its nature, but using the MTN MoMo and Standard Bank Instant Money’s cash-in and cash-out, you could successfully get your hands on your money.

The casino would need to offer these local money transfer services, however, for the withdrawal to be successful. So, when choosing a site to join, make sure to find out if any of them is an option. If yes, to cash out your winnings, you’d need to enter the address details for the operator to be able to send you the money securely.

Fees and Limits

You, as a customer, won’t need to pay fees for using Kazang. Casinos that offer it might need to pay enrollment fees, but as long as the site you've joined accepts the solution, it means its operator has paid the needed fees; you should not dwell on it. The fees, however, can be the reason why many operators refuse to offer the voucher on their sites; nevertheless, you still have plenty of options to consider, so again, this is not something you should concern about.

As an online casino player wishing to use the voucher as a deposit method, you won't need to pay an R1 extra when purchasing your voucher, since there won't be any hidden costs, but you'd just need to pay for the amount you wish to have on your voucher.

Allowed Countries

Offered across Southern Africa, Kazang is, as introduced, available to players from South Africa, but also Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. South Africa is its primary market, but also the country with a thriving online gambling scene, so that’s why we’re focusing on it more in our article.

But, regardless of whether you’re from South Africa, Zambia, Botswana or Namibia, you’ll still be able to use it. If a player from any other country, its services won’t be at your disposal, and you’d have to look for an alternative prepaid voucher available in your country, to get a similar treatment.

Available Currencies

Since its primary market is South Africa, naturally, the South African rand is one of the default currencies you could use when using the solution.

But, since it is also available in Zambia, Botswana and Namibia, as expected, the Zambian kwacha, Botswanan pula and Namibian dollar are also options. Therefore, depending on the country you’re playing from, from the four allowed, you can play using your native currency, without having to pay any conversion fees. Conversion fees would apply, however, if playing at an online casino where your native currency is not an option, so keep that in mind.

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Will I be able to explore Kazang’s official website in Nyanja, Setswana or Oshiwambo?

Unfortunately, no. The site is only available in English, and even though its primary market is South Africa, it is not even available in Hulu or Afrikaans, let alone Nyanja, Setswana or Oshiwambo. It looks like the company wanted to keep it simple and straightforward, avoiding any “lost in translation” situations, and offered the site in English only, which is also an official language in all four accepted countries.

Which are some of the denominations available for purchasing the voucher?

The voucher can be topped up in many denominations, from as little as R5 to as much as R5,000. The options in between are R1,000, R30, R2,000, R10, R200, R50, R500 and R100.

Do conversion fees apply when using a different currency from the ones offered?

If you are a Botswanan player purchasing your voucher in Botswana, you will be able to purchase your voucher in your native currency, without having to pay a fee. You won't need to convert your money to a different currency to be required to pay a fee.

Do I need to spend all the money on my voucher all at once?

Yes, you must spend all the money available on the voucher, you cannot keep any. You must top it up with the same amount you wish to spend at your chosen online casino.

Will I find Kazang on social media?

Sure. In fact, the company behind is pretty forward-thinking and modern, and by default, active on social media, so you will find it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow its profile on any of these social media platforms and you’ll be in on all the new products and features offered by the company.

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