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The online casino business model has largely evolved over the years, with many countries worldwide establishing their own dedicated services in order to best cater to the local player pool. As time passed, this practice was further reflected in the specific aspects of the service, with payments, games, platform layouts and graphic design among others being further specialized to meet player requirements.

To illustrate, US-oriented online casino sites would normally construct their platform layout based on the red, white and blue colour pattern, calling upon their national flag. In the same manner, a UK-oriented site may well imply a royal status, with the country being one of the few existing monarchies left in today’s capitalist society.


...when it comes to the entire service and product offering at such casino sites, these attempts to comply cover all aspects of the trade. On the one hand, emphasis on online casino gameplay brought about the appearance of many software providing companies.

On the other...

the Banking/Cashier section being yet another player priority has continued in the same fashion. In this line of thought, different models of payment processors fit a range of countries and respective jurisdictions, legal compliances and functionality preferences. For the territory of Germany and Austria, specifically, all requirements regarding payment processing services have been met by Giropay.

Giropay online payment

About Giropay

The payment processing establishment Giropay first started operations back in 2006, when it was initially established as a German payment processing system. It was based on the well-known and widely used direct online banking principles which practically facilitated online banking services and transactions, and added further protection to it.

This service actually acts as a mediator, just like all other direct online banking services, between the given retail platform and the user’s bank account. Considering that Giropay was actually established by Postbank, savings banks and several credit unions, it is no wonder that nowadays, it cooperates with over 1,500 banking institutions across Germany and Austria.

In turn, such coverage has resulted in a massive user pool, currently counting about 17 million customers performing 1 million transactions per month, on average. With such stats to boost its claim for the top, it is only Sofort’s estimate of 2 million transactions that stops Giropay from taking the lead in Germany’s direct online banking operations.

Still, with Sofort covering numerous European countries and this payment method focusing on Germany and Austria alone, there is no denying its key role in their respective e-commerce progress. The service has found proper application across a wide and varied range of platforms selling products online, offering services for a fee, monthly increment or even as a deposit.

The last case instance is most characteristic of online casinos and similar gambling platforms, which have grown and developed and even consequently evolved through the availability of proper banking methods.

How does Giropay Work?

Giropay is a direct online banking service that automatically creates a connection between the potential payment recipient – an online merchant of some sort, and the user’s respective bank account. Considering the massive number of banks that conduct such transactions through Giropay, there is hardly anyone in Germany and Austria that fails to qualify for the service.


In order to conduct a payment through this method:

Users will simply need to select it out of the range of options at the given e-commerce platform. This takes them to select their specific bank, after which users are transferred straight to the online banking system of the relevant institution. All they need to do is enter the details that they already use for Internet banking purposes, and enter the familiar platform upon entering the PIN and appropriate account information.

Once inside the familiar platform - they will only additionally need to enter the specific amount that needs to be transferred and confirm it. For this purpose, Giropay features a Transaction Authorization Number (TAN) sent to the user so as to second-confirm the transaction.

After that, all you need to do is wait for a few seconds while the system performs a real-time transfer of the finances and simultaneously sends both the user and the receiving platform specific confirmations of the transaction.

Use the transferred money to purchase something or receive a service. It is evident that Giropay’s simplicity primarily arises from the fact that it doesn’t function as a separate service so that you would be obliged to download any software or create any additional user accounts and remember the details.

In fact...

...the mediator role this service performs is mostly in the background, and other than choosing it as a payment method rather than going directly through your bank account or respective credit card processor users don’t have further contact with Giropay.

Giropay as an Online Casino Payment Method

On the territory of Germany and Austria, Giropay has found massive application in the online casino industry as one of the safest and dedicated methods for both deposits and withdrawals.

Efforts are being made in order to expand its coverage to other countries, and increase traffic even further. Nevertheless, even with the current user pool, the service is available to a massive number of players who have bank accounts from the respective 1,500 banking institutions.

Giropay payment

Using Giropay for Online Casino Deposits & Withdrawals

The process of using Giropay for online casino transactions is more or less the same as described above when it comes to any online retail location. This mainly arises from the nature of the platform and its applicability to numerous online services. When it comes to the top ranked online casino platforms, players will have no trouble using Giropay for their transaction needs.

Step 1: Online casino players are firstly required to find a suitable Giropay online casino that meets industry standards of licensing and regulation compliance, as well as their characteristic gameplay needs. Most of these platforms are characterized by a highly functional and interactive platform, so finding the Banking/Cashier section is no trouble at all.

Step 2: At the Banking section, players are supposed to select Giropay out of the list of available payment methods, and choose their respective bank out of the list of included institutions. This will ultimately transfer them to their respective Internet banking system, so there is no need to use any additional accounts and remember further usernames and passwords.

Step 3: Players should log into their online bank account with the existing credentials they have used so far, and enter the specific amount they would like to deposit to the online casino platform. In order to verify the transaction, this process is protected by two-factor authentication, i.e. a Transaction Authorization Number is sent directly to the player in order to confirm the given operation.

Step 4: Once they enter the code in the designated box, the transaction is confirmed and executed in real time, funding your player account momentarily. The process is accompanied by an automatic confirmation message both to the depositor and the casino platform as a guarantee of the process’ completion.

The same process is used for online casino withdrawals, considering your chosen operator offers Giropay as an available cashout option. In such cases, the only thing different from the step-by-step procedure illustrated above is the fact that the transaction is processed in the opposite direction, with players getting their online casino winnings transferred to their respective bank accounts.

Advantages of Using Giropay as an Online Casino Payment Method

Considering the massive popularity of Giropay as an online casino payment method, there are bound to be numerous advantages that will benefit players. For one, the payment service features prime security for all its users, both through their two-authentication process and the encryption certificate.

While the former is imposed by the banking institutions in order to get second verification for the transaction, the latter is used by the Giropay platform featuring 128-bit SSL encryption.

This prevents any outside interference by third parties that could lead to a disclosure of private information.

What is more, the transaction speed for this payment processing service further adds to its overall beneficial character. Deposits are normally processed momentarily across most online casino banking methods nowadays, but withdrawals are known to take up to a week to complete. In this regard, Giropay’s instant transactions are a sure advantage for all concerned players.

Apart from speed and security:

Giropay is characterized with simplicity – there is practically no inherent software or platform players need to download or register at, and its entire function is performed in the background.

Naturally, the service does have its own website, but when it comes to selecting Giropay at the online casino Cashier, players are immediately redirected to their chosen bank with this service as an intermediary. If you are thinking of claiming any casino bonuses at the Giropay casinos, such simplicity is bound to make your player experience all the more rewarding.

Ultimately, players aren’t required to create accounts with Giropay, nor are they supposed to share their banking details with the casino directly. Hence, anonymity may be regarded as the ultimate benefit of this method, considering that disclosure of their private banking information is of primary concern to online players and buyers alike.

Disadvantages of Using Giropay as an Online Casino Payment Method

An evident disadvantage regarding this payment method is its geographical restriction. Austrian and German online casinos strictly allow Giropay transactions to players holding accounts at one of the 1,500 partnering banks as the only ones eligible to use the service. While there may be members of the international player pool who, in their own right, have a qualifying bank account, the service’s jurisdiction is still rather restrictive.

The disadvantage players mainly focus on...

...even if they qualify for the service, is the fee charged. This charge differs across banking institutions, ranging from 0.9% to 1.2% of the entire amount that is being transacted, as well as a €0.08 fixed fee per transaction. Admittedly, there are numerous online payment processing services that operate free of charge, but fail to meet the same advantages as Giropay, often reflected in the service’s quality.

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Which are some of the banking and credit union financial institutions which set up and partner with Giropay for online transaction purposes?

Banks and other financial institutions the likes of Sparkasse, Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, DKB, MLP and PSD Bank are just some of the collaborators with this direct online banking service.

Does Giropay collect the bank account PIN and TAN players are supposed to enter during the transaction processes?

No, Giropay does not collect the PIN nor the TAN that players are supposed to enter during the two-factor authentication. In fact, this is required by the respective banks which seek double verification of the transaction prior to executing the payment. This is so due to the inability for players and cooperative banks to reverse transactions performed via Giropay.

What are some suitable alternatives to Giropay for online casino players that cannot use this specific payment method?

Considering the fact that Giropay is viewed as some form of a direct online bank transfer, i.e. wire transfer service, the regular bank transfers, credit card and debit card payment processors should serve as appropriate alternatives. However, these services don’t feature all the benefits of Giropay, such as double security and instantaneous transactions, just so players are aware of what to expect.

What are some international e-commerce platforms selling different products and services that offer Giropay payments?

There are a growing number of e-commerce platforms featuring this payment method as an available option in their banking section. This includes companies like Lufthansa, Facebook, Rakuten, Microsoft, Fly.de, Lotto and more, as well as online casino operators that are the topic of this review, the likes of All Jackpots Casino, Diamond 7, Drift Casino, Genesis Casino and more.

Does Giropay feature some kind of customer service and support in case of inquiries, players’ need for assistance or issue resolutions?

Yes, online casino players, as well as other Giropay users are free to access the Giropay website at any time, especially since there is no log in or account requirements. For customer service and support purposes, these interested players and users can address the team of representatives through a ready-made contact form or via the private customers’ hotline. Should you prefer a more independent approach, you can always address the FAQ section of the website for potential answers prior to reaching out to the support team personally.

Author: Shelly Schiff