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If there’s one thing you can bet is offered across global online casinos, that’s a wide range of cards you could make deposits and withdrawals with, including Diners Club Debit. Global casinos cater to a vast variety of players, from different countries, and that’s why they have to offer them at least one popular card like this one. Diners Club Debit is, as implied by its name, a debit card with a long, long history behind it. It has been in circulation for ages, literally, offering the most suitable conditions and terms to users. That’s why it has a well-deserved place on top of the list of accepted methods across hundreds of online casinos. What is Diners Club Debit and why decide to use it at your favorite online casino?

About Diners Club Debit

diners_club_debit_online_casinosIts story begins in 1950, so prepare for a wild ride. Franc McNamara, a local US businessman, took his wife out for dinner at a lavish restaurant, in the center of New York City. Having the most expensive wines and meals, the two were having a blast; that is, until the check arrived. At that moment, McNamara reached out for his wallet, but it was not in his suit. The embarrassment of that moment inspired him to create the brand, now globally known as Diners Club. What McNamara did was actually invent a small cardboard card, which could be used by people in similar situations. With this card, people could save themselves from the inconvenience of forgetting to bring cash or their entire wallet when out with friends and family, and just use the card to complete the transaction.

This is how the businessman invented the club charge card, which was used by certain club members, to pay with it at one point and pay off the money at a different moment. Meaning, that the card functioned similarly to credit cards, but instead of owning the bank a debt that needs to be paid back in increments, with this card, people would pay off their debt in bulk to the organization behind it. At the time, there were 42,000 club members that were using it regularly, all over restaurants and other establishments across the US. Three years later, and the card arrived in Cuba, Mexico, the UK, Canada, to later expand further to the Middle East, Europe and Asia. By 1955, it was an international brand, accepted all over the globe.

Becoming a global solution, offered in more than 200 countries and territories, it started collaborating with 35 million government institutions, businesses, and merchants, both offline and online. It partnered with other card brands, giants like Discover, MasterCard and even PayPal, among others, to offer users an even more enhanced offering.

Functioning flawlessly all over the world, the organization behind it made sure to launch new products, too. First, it launched a Diners Club Credit and then the Diners Club Debit card, the one we’re interested in here. So, with this card, you can arrange a limit with the solution, the amount of money you'd like to spend and pay off later, at the start of the next month, in bulk. You won't be able to spend a cent more but only the amount you agreed on.

This brings us to its usage across the online gambling industry. Having learned what you have about it so far, it should come as no surprise to you that the solution’s logo is displayed across most, if not all, international casino sites. With over 70 years of history behind it in payment processing, it is, in fact, on top of the lists of accepted methods across the best online casinos, especially popular among US players but with a far wider user base, too. Therefore, if you wish to get started with it and use it as your payment method at an online casino, continue reading to find out how. 

Getting Started with It

getting_started_with_it (2)As explained earlier, Diners Club Debit is not a regular debit card that you apply for at the bank. No, not really, it is now a separate financial institution with land-based offices and an official website that you need to visit in order to get issued with your card.

Therefore, first, you need to decide whether you’d go physically to a land-based office, or simply visit its website to apply for your card. With offices all over the globe, it won't be difficult to locate one in your village, town, or city; it is that accessible! But, to save yourself the trip, you can just visit its website, and locate the Apply button on the homepage. Press it and a search bar will appear where you have to select your country, and then you’ll be redirected to that country-specific website. On that website, you will get locations to the nearest land-based offices, too, but you can also apply online for the Diners Club Debit card, by filling out the application form.

You'd need to enter basic personal info, your phone number, ID document, and employment data. These are all necessary as they’ll serve as a guarantee that you’ll pay off the debt you'll owe to the solution in the future. Now, the next step would actually be specifying how much you can afford to spend using the card, meaning setting the limit, taking into consideration your salary, and waiting for the solution to review your request based on this information, and then, of course, deny it or approve it.

Assuming you've entered a realistic limit, check the box whether or not you'd want to receive invoices, warnings, and other notifications on your email, work, or home address, and whether you'd agree for your personal data to be used to improve the solution and for promotions. Finally, after the organization behind it reviews your data and vets it, and hopefully approves it, the card will arrive in a sealed envelope at your home address. Take it out and start using it right away! To find out how to use it across online casinos, continue reading.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with Diners Club Debit?

We already mentioned that thanks to its really long history and spotless reputation, the card is offered across hundreds of online casinos. You'll certainly find it across the best sites, so you won’t need to search long to find a suitable site to join. Some options would be Hello Casino, Slots Empire, Queen Casino, Interwetten, and Ripper, to name a few. But look it up across other sites, and you'll certainly find it on the Banking page across at least a dozen casinos.

So, once you’ve found the site you’d like to go with, register an account with it. To make a deposit with Diners Club Debit, do the following:

  1. Go to your chosen online casino’s Banking page.
  2. In the Deposits section, look for Diners Club Debit’s logo and press it.
  3. In the pop-up, enter the card's expiry date, number, and CCV2 if required.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and confirm the transaction.
  5. In a few minutes, your casino balance will be topped up with as much as you requested, bearing in mind the limit you’ve agreed on with the solution.

Bear in mind that, unless you’ve requested to deposit more than what you've agreed on with the solution, your deposit will be successful and completed almost in real-time. But, if you entered an amount higher than the agreed on, it won't be.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

Considering this is a legitimate card, naturally, the withdrawal functionality is offered. Sadly, though, not that many operators choose to accept it for withdrawals. So, before you decide to use it to cash out your winnings, make sure you check whether it is an option for withdrawals at your chosen casino. If not, look for an alternative; if yes, go through the same steps as described just now, this time requesting to cash out as much as you've won after you've gone through any wagering requirements, in case you've claimed a bonus. The operator will review the request and if all is good, it will approve it; the funds will be on your card in no time.

Fees and Limits

As you’d assume, since this is after all a card issued by a financial institution, fees, and limits apply. These would depend on your country of residence, the services you’re using, and your club loyalty level.

Visit Diners Club’s official website to get redirected to the site for your country and discover more about the fees and limits involved regarding the services you wish to use, aligned with your loyalty level.

Allowed Countries

Having been launched in the US, naturally, Diners Club Debit is incredibly popular there. But, we said that it has gone truly global, so regardless of your country of residence, you’ll be able to use it.

It would be an unfortunate coincidence for your country to not be available on the list of over 200 accepted countries and territories. So, just check the site for your country and see what services are offered at your disposal.

Accepted Currencies

Even though not launched by a bank, Diners Club Debit is still a card used all over the world, so naturally, it is available in all currencies.

Your native currency is certainly an option, be that the US dollar, the UK pound, the Canadian dollar, the Swedish krona, the euro or whichever; your card will certainly be processed in your local currency as will the transactions.

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Can I explore Diners Club’s official website in my native language?

Yes, sure. Considering the solution will redirect you to an official website for your country, you will be able to explore all about the debit card in your native language, be that English, Spanish, German, Indian, or whichever other language there is.

If I find it as a withdrawal method at my favorite casino, what processing times should I expect?

The overall processing times always depend on the operator, but they usually take 24 to 72 hours tops. Once approved, the money will be transferred to your card in no time.

How long does it take for the Diners Club Debit card to arrive once it’s been approved?

The waiting times would depend on your country of residence, meaning the policy of the Diners Club office there. Usually, within a week, the card is delivered to the club member's doorstep.

What happens if my Diners Club Debit card gets lost or stolen?

You'd immediately need to report the issue to the local Diners Club office in your hometown; if you cannot locate it at the moment, make sure you get in touch with the Diners Club Customer Support for your specific country. They'll prompt you and instruct you on the steps you need to take to block the Diners Club Debit card and get a new one.

Can I cancel my Diners Club Debit card whenever I want to?

Sure. In case you don’t wish to hold a Diners Club Debit card anymore, you just need to fill out a form specifying why you changed your mind, but at any point, whenever you want to, you can cancel it.

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