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Bitcoin in Australian Casinos

Australian online casino players are free to enjoy crypto online gambling whenever they want to. They can engage in online gambling activities without worrying about getting fined for doing so, plus the country has embraced the use of crypto, therefore, players can join Bitcoin casinos and play using their coins for deposits and withdrawals. If you're an Australian player interested in knowing more about the entire procedure, obtaining coins, and using them across Australian online casinos, let's go over the essential details you need to know about the activities. Why choose to use Bitcoin across Australian online casinos?

Cryptocurrency Regulation in Australia

When the first-ever cryptocurrency appeared, many countries were opposed to it and refused to accept the idea that it would ever function on a national, let alone international level.Australia, however, is one of those forward-thinking countries that embraced crypto. Crypto-related activities in the country are regulated by a range of laws. For instance, making a market for, offering dealing in, and advertising about assets that are derivates will require a license from the AFS (Australian Financial Services).

Nevertheless, it is perfectly legal to spend, store, receive, and trade cryptocurrency as an accepted means of payment for both business and personal transactions, and Bitcoin and other cryptos are treated as property in the country. So, as a user, you are free to use crypto for whichever purchases or payments you wish. But if you wish to invest in it, you have to include your assets in your tax returns.

When it comes to online gambling, things are a bit more complicated. Ever since the mid-1990s, when basically gambling went online, Australia was aware of the fact that it cannot effectively regulate the activities, especially since most of the operators that started offering online casino games to Australians were foreign, not based within its borders. That’s why in 2001, the country introduced the Interactive Gambling Act, making it illegal for operators, both local and foreign, to offer online gambling services to Australian players.

However, there’s a loophole. While foreign operators are forbidden to offer their services, local operators who had already acquired a license to offer online gambling before the ban took place, are allowed to continue doing so. So, no new casinos are allowed to join the market. What’s more, the Interactive Gambling Act does not forbid players from gambling online; Australian players are, therefore, not committing an offense when joining an online casino, but operators are. The country continues tightening the laws with new bills to restrict offshore gambling, but players are still intact by them.

Therefore, as long as you find an online casino that still accepts Australian players despite the ban, you are free to gamble online without worries that you’ll get fined for doing so. You’ll be doing so on your own responsibility, however, since your country won’t have your back, but as long as you join a properly licensed online casino, for instance, with a license by the UKGC or MGA, you’re good to go. There are so many such sites, most of which offer BTC for deposits and withdrawals, so, if interested in joining one and using the crypto for your transactions, continue reading to figure out how to do so.

Using Bitcoin Across Online Casinos

Since you are free to join an online casino that was licensed to operate in Australia before the ban or an international casino that caters to Australian players, and you are legally allowed to use cryptocurrencies, you have no obstacles to joining an Australian BTC casino. But, in order to start using the crypto, you first have to get your hands on some coins, right?

Well, to do that, you'd need to decide whether you wish to mine for or purchase BTCs. The former is an exhausting, long, and quite expensive venture since it requires patience and a big investment; sure, it will pay off eventually, but if you wish to start using your coins pronto, you should decide on the latter option. You can purchase your BTCs using Australian dollars in no time, just by joining a fiat-to-crypto trading platform.

There are plenty of such platforms that offer their exchange services in Australia, but ByBit is considered the most trusted, alongside Binance and Coinbase. You’d have to choose one that you’d want to go with and join it by creating an account. The next step would be adding a payment method to it, from the many offered, like credit cards VISA, American Express and MasterCard, mobile payment options, eWallets and other modern solutions, including other cryptocurrencies. Select the one you wish to use and purchase your BTCs using AUD or other cryptos.

The next decision you need to make is whether you’ll leave the coins at the trading platform or transfer them to a BTC wallet; the latter option is safer, but the former is more convenient since you'll avoid creating another account. Should you go with the latter, you'd need to create your wallet account and transfer your coins from the trading platform to it. Regardless of your choice, you'll be provided with the keys/addresses that you’ll be using whenever sending or receiving coins, as these will serve as your identification. These are alphanumeric strings that you need to keep safe at all times, to not lose sight of your coins.

Finally, considering you have your coins, you are ready to use them for online gambling. The first thing to do now is find a licensed online casino that accepts Australian players and offers cryptocurrencies. Hundreds of such sites exist, so you just have to dig deep and find the perfect one for you to join. The next thing would be to register an account with the chosen casino. And then the last step would be depositing with BTC. To do that, do the following:

  1. Head over to the casino’s Deposits section and select Bitcoin.
  2. In the new window, you’ll see the casino’s key/address – you need to copy it.
  3. In a new tab, enter your trading platform profile or crypto wallet.
  4. Specify how much you wish to deposit and paste the casino’s key/address.
  5. Check all the details before you confirm the transaction and instantly, the coins will arrive on your balance.

Once you use your coins to play the games you like, you’ll probably win something. To withdraw your winnings, you’d need to select BTC in the Withdrawals section, and then paste your key/address in the designated field. The casino will review your request and if all is in order, send your coins to the given address instantaneously.

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Top 3 Methods Offering Bitcoin at Online Casinos

You can start using BTC by going through the steps we just thoroughly explained, or you can use it via the platforms of some modern payment methods. That’s right, some payment solutions nowadays give you the option to convert your fiat to digital currencies, or simply offer BTC as one of the many currencies accepted for transactions. Now, while there are many such solutions, we will share with you the top 3, some based in Australia, some not, but all accepting Australian users. The following are the solutions that offer BTC, so if you have an account with them, you can start making your deposits and withdrawals across Australian online casinos with BTC right away:

  • FlexepinBased in Australia, Flexepin is a local payment solution you could use to transact using BTC across online casinos. It is a prepaid card that you can purchase with all kinds of payment methods, cryptos included, and use across hundreds of online casinos for deposits. While withdrawals are not possible with it, you can still use it whenever you wish for instant top-ups.
  • KoalaPays – Even though its name may suggest otherwise, KoalaPays is based in the Czech Republic, not Australia; but it is accepted all over the globe, Australia included. It is a global eWallet that not only offers over 20 fiat currencies, AUD included, but also several digital currencies, Bitcoin among them. It is super easy to get started with and use, so even if you don’t have an account with it, you can create one in just a few seconds, and give it a try wherever Bitcoin is accepted.
  • SkrillSkrill is one of the most globally-known eWallets, launched over two decades ago, and offered in Australia. It is also one of the most popular brands you'll find across international online casinos. Since you can transact with BTCs through its platform and buy your coins right there on the spot, this is the solution you need for making your deposits and withdrawals across Australian online casinos; do give it a try!


As an Australian player, you are in a position where you can choose the site you’d want to play at, so make sure you choose a site that's licensed by proper authorities, accepts Australian players, and offers Bitcoin as one of the accepted currencies, to enjoy a smooth crypto online gambling time. Your opportunities to get started with it and use it are plenty, so if you wish to make instant deposits and withdrawals across Australian casino sites, make sure you choose to use BTC!


Is online gambling illegal in Australia?

Yes, online gambling is illegal in Australia. New operators are not allowed to offer online gambling in the country, only old operators that acquired licenses prior to the ban, but the laws come with some loopholes. Players are not fined for joining online casinos, but operators are, for allowing Australians to join.

Who regulates online gambling in Australia?

Under the Interactive Gambling Act 2001, online gambling activities are regulated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Am I legally allowed to use Bitcoin across Australian online casinos?

You are legally allowed to use Bitcoin in Australia, as an Australian citizen, under the respective crypto laws. And since you are free to join online casinos catering to Australian players, too, by default, you can use Bitcoin across Australian casinos.

Do many Australian casinos accept Bitcoin?

Most, if not all, online casinos that target Australian players offer cryptocurrencies, so by default, Bitcoin is accepted at all those sites. You can rest assured that the number of sites you can frequent is huge, so just do your search and you’ll certainly find one good enough for you to join.

Is Bitcoin accepted for withdrawals by default if offered for deposits?

Yes. All casinos that accept it for deposits will also offer it for withdrawals; in fact, the crypto is more popular as a withdrawal method, so you can rest assured you'll be able to cash out your winnings with it at any site that offers it for deposits.