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With the evolution of technology, online casinos today can provide players with plenty of innovative and convenient payment solutions to use for deposits and withdrawals. Sure, the traditional methods are always offered, but modern players look for modern solutions to receive an effortless online banking across online casinos.

And most online casinos are eager to attend to their needs and deliver the solutions players are looking for. If you’re a player who enjoys playing online casino games via a mobile device, and if you’re a user of an iOS-powered smartphone, look for casinos that accept Apple Pay. This is a solution designed for iOS users, allowing them to make effortless and safe transactions across online casinos. Why choose Apple Pay as your online casino payment method?

About Apple Pay

Designed by the leading tech company we all know quite well, Apple, this solution was launched in 2014. It was created for the purpose of making all Apple users’ online banking experience as easy and effortless as it gets. Any iOS mobile device user can make everyday payments and purchases with it in a safe and secure way, with just a few taps on their device.

What is Apple Pay? It is an online payment solution that functions similarly to eWallets. Only this eWallet is available to iOS users only. It was designed with the aim to help users make cashless transactions all across the world, as long as their device is connected to the internet. Users can forget about cash and bank accounts, as with this eWallet, they can make easy payments across both land-based and online locations and even apps.

When it comes to the security it implements, considering it has a giant tech company behind it, Apple Pay offers the highest levels of protection. Each transaction you make with it is marked with a unique transaction code and a device-specific number. These are the codes that the company uses to keep track of the transaction, so even though if you don’t share any banking info with the online merchant, or in our case the online casino, the company is still tracking it and makes sure it ends up on the desired destination.

Given the fact it has partnered with all eligible EFTPOS, American Express, MasterCard and VISA, among others, the solution is accepted in more places than you can imagine. Therefore, you should expect to find it across online casinos, too.

A handful of iOS-compatible sites have started accepting it as a payment solution on their sites, as it keeps players' banking info safe and their funds protected and is available all across the globe. But, as its popularity grows, expectations are that many other casino sites will add it in the next few years.

Getting Started with It

If you’ve ever used an eWallet, you’ll know how to get started with Apple Pay. But with it, you’ll avoid the boring download procedure, because if you have one of the latest iOS device models, at least version 10, the app will already be installed on your phone. Sure, the app can be downloaded on other Apple devices with older iOS versions, but if you have a newer one, you’ll skip the download step.

Now, to start using it, you would need to set up your eWallet account. But first, you should know that when the account is created, you’ll have to fund it with money. You can fund it using a credit card, a prepaid or a debit card. Plenty of different cards are supported by the solution, so you will probably have at least one you can use already.

Once you’ve established that your card is accepted, do the following:

  1. Go to your smartphone’s Settings, and tap on the Wallet & Apple Pay section, or tap straight on the Wallet App.
  2. Follow the instructions to add a card to the eWallet.
  3. Add as many cards as you want, and wait for the issuers’ approvals.
  4. Once you get the approvals, your eWallet is ready to be used.

You can use your eWallet across all of the Apple devices you may own. Be it an iPhone, an Apple Watch, an iPad or a Mac, once the eWallet is up and running, it is automatically linked to all your iOS devices, to provide you with a truly seamless online banking experience.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with Apple Pay

As mentioned earlier, finding an online casino that accepts Apple Pay won’t be a difficult task. A decent list of casinos already do, and many others are adding it to their list of accepted methods.

When you find one casino that you’d like joining, sign up for an account. To make a deposit, do the following:

  1. Visit the casino’s Cashier/Banking section and select Apple Pay as your default deposit method.
  2. Specify how much you’d like to deposit in the pop-up that appears.
  3. Validate your transaction on your iOS device with your Touch ID and Apple ID.
  4. The money will be transferred instantly to your online casino account.

You’ve probably noticed that as soon as you select it as your payment method, you don’t need to log in to your eWallet to make a deposit. Since you’re playing with your iOS device, you’re connected to the internet and you have your app installed, the solution is immediately recognized, and you validate the transaction with your Touch and Apple ID. You don’t need to waste time unnecessarily, and in just a few taps on your iOS device, you’ll instantly make a deposit!

How to Make a Withdrawal with It?

You may find this strange because you learned that Apple Pay functions like an eWallet, but withdrawals with it are not an option, as of yet. Apple has not launched the withdrawal functionality as of yet, but considering its groundbreaking innovations, as soon as it realizes that withdrawals are essential, it probably will.

For the time being, you could use alternative solutions to cash out your winnings from the online casino. Some great alternatives would be other eWallets or cryptocurrencies.


Apple Pay does not charge any fees. It is an absolutely cost-free solution, and that’s why iOS users have it pre-installed on their devices. But, even when you start transacting with it across online casinos, you will see that you won’t need to pay fees.

Keep in mind, though, the banks and financial institutions that issued your card(s) may charge a fee for funding the eWallet with the cards. These fees will vary depending on the policy of the issuer, so make sure you contact your bank to see whether any fees would be involved.


You’ve probably gathered by now that this is not a traditional eWallet. eWallets usually arrive with pre-set lists of accepted currencies.

However, Apple Pay will allow you to use your own country’s currency! That’s because it allows users to transact with any world currency they are using with their credit card. So, if, say, you’re using AUD on your credit card, you can also use AUD to transact across online casinos with this eWallet.

Restricted Countries

As a global solution, Apple Pay is available in many countries in the world, but not all. Canada, the US, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, mainland China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Singapore, Macao, and New Zealand are just some of the countries across the globe that accept it.

But, it is widely available in Europe. It is accepted in over 40 European countries, including Finland, Germany, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

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Which credit and debit cards can I use to pay with Apple Pay?

In addition to some of the mentioned partners, you can use cards issued by the Bank Australia, ING, UniBank, Orange Credit Union, Border Bank, Bank of US, and plenty of others. You can go to Apple’s official website and check the entire list of partnered banks and financial institutions if these do not work for you.

Does the solution offer Customer Support?

Sure. When transacting with this solution, you get a 24/7 Customer Support service at your disposal. Apple’s Customer Support service is world-class, so whenever you’re experiencing a problem or have a question to ask, visit its official website and look for help.

How soon will Apple introduce the withdrawal functionality?

We cannot say for certain, but considering its reputation as a leading tech company, always ahead of others, a company which listens to its users and delivers the most extraordinary products for them, you should not be surprised to see the feature launched soon.

Do any transaction limits apply?

When it comes to limits, you should know that Apple Pay does not impose any. However, the banks and financial institutions in charge of your card may. Therefore, make sure you consult with them.

Can I download Apple Pay on an Android-powered device?

As you’ve probably suspected, no. It can only be used on iOS devices. Android device users can use the alternative eWallet Google Pay, for instance.