No Deposit Codes for China

no-deposit-codes-for-chinaNo deposit bonus codes are one tool that players in China can use to test the waters before jumping into online casino gambling with both feet. No deposit bonuses (NDB) allow you to try a few slots or other games at a trusted online gambling house without risking your own funds.

Players in every part of the globe have unique challenges. We understand the difficulties players in various regions face and we are here to help you meet some of those challenges and difficulties.

We have curated our database and assembled user tools for players to find precisely what they are looking for. Our internal tools can help you find your way around even if you are not quite sure yet how or where you want to play.

We welcome you to explore our lists and knowledge bank and invite you to use our tools to create a safe and sane online gambling experience. On this page, we will help you find the highest-paying no deposit bonuses with the lowest wagering requirements and the most liberal terms overall.

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Some offers are perennial and others are brand new or new to our listings. We refresh the offers now and then recognizing the desire for novelty, when a new campaign is launched by a trusted operator, a new site rises to the top, or when we negotiate an exclusive deal for our readers.

On this page, we will look into no deposit bonuses at a deep level to help novices and seasoned players alike learn the stark realities of casino terms and conditions as well as the nuances of playing real money games with the casino’s money and what it takes to cash out from this type of promotional incentive.

We’ll conclude with a few words recapping the advantages and disadvantages of using no deposit bonuses when you gamble online.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses Explained

Operators offer players in China no deposit bonuses (NDB) for the same reasons they offer them to players in the rest of the world. Rewarding loyal players or promoting a new game is one reason, but most often they are offered to attract new players to the gambling venue.

Unless you are an existing customer the property is trying to retain, the offer is designed to incentivize you to create an account. With that introduction, and the ability to reach out to you through your casino inbox when you visit, an email if you opt for marketing permissions, or even a text message if you prefer, they hope to entice you to deposit and play using your funds at a later time.

Note: While you won’t need to make a deposit to claim a no deposit bonus, you will need to register an account. After eventually making a deposit the operators may offer you several NDBs in a row. However, the terms will most likely excuse them from paying out an NDB win if you haven’t deposited since your last bonus chip or bonus spins. More simply: If you take 2 or more no deposit bonuses in a row and win, you won’t be paid if your last transaction wasn’t a deposit.

Most NDB are crafted for slots play only but some will allow keno, scratch cards, or a few other specialty games. Offers that allow blackjack or video poker play are fewer and farther between and those that allow baccarat, roulette, or live dealer games are almost non-existent. However, with the proper knowledge and hard work you can grind an iron rod down to a needle. You will not clear each bonus and cash out winnings but if you persevere you will succeed.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

The two most common types of NBDs are bonus spins and bonus chips. Freeroll tournaments and free play time can also be offered. We’ll focus on the first two as freerolls are usually offered to all registered players without prejudice and free play winnings are usually converted into a deposit bonus before any winnings become eligible for a cashout.

Terms and Conditions

terms-and-conditions (1)It is evident that online gambling establishments do not simply open their virtual doors to distribute money freely. To provide enticing incentives such as No Deposit Bonuses (NDBs), terms and conditions are integrated into the gambling agreement.

The terms of the offer will determine which games can be played, how much can be staked on each hand or round, and how many times you will have to risk the bonus amount before a cash withdrawal is possible among other conditions.

Bet Limits, Wagering, Game Weighting

All casino games are played with a negative expectation - the house always wins in the end if you continue to expose your bankroll to the built-in mathematical advantage held by the house. Luck and fortune will determine most outcomes regardless of player strategies or well-executed bets placed, the only variable after considering the house edge and volatility of a game is bankroll management.

Bet Limits

All casino games have their inherent volatility. Some hold more risk and reward potential than others. A game like baccarat or blackjack has very slow rolls up and down the valleys and hills while a specific triples bet on Sic Bo or even some slot game maths offer a very rare win with an extremely welcome reward now and then.

The terms and conditions of almost any bonus offer will restrict the amount that can be staked in a single wager and most will dictate player behavior in regard to the variance or volatility of games played and bets laid. Large winning bets on highly volatile games followed by lower bets on less risky games in order to put the bonus funds at risk the required number of times will not be allowed.

Wagering Requirements

The house always wins in the end if a player continues to expose their bankroll to the built-in mathematical advantage held by the house. Macau and Las Vegas were not built as losing propositions for the business owners and the same is true when it comes to virtual gambling properties.

When a player accepts house bonus money and is allowed to use it in an effort to extract real-world money from the cashier, a stringent set of conditions must be introduced to the modified gambling contract in order to meet the business's goals - which are to recruit or retain players.

The funds must be risked a certain number of times with each bet exposing the bankroll to the house advantage. Most player attempts will not be successful, but some of them must be to make the offer worthwhile to prospective customers. For the player, it is a gamble within a gamble - you are asking fortune to smile on you with each game round and for the cumulative effect to be a winning proposition completed.

Bonus Spins

After completing your bonus spins you will have a balance that must be exposed to the house edge a certain number of times before you can cash out your winnings.

If your bonus spins produced $100 and the wagering requirement is 30x you will need to play through the balance thirty times ($100 x 30 = $3,000).

If the max bet is $5 you could only spin 20 times before the bonus is depleted. The good news is that each spin will have a result and those winnings go back into your bankroll so it is very possible that you would put $5 through the virtual machine 600 times ($5 x 600 = $3,000) and still have a balance to cash out.

Slot players know that any spin could be the one to change the trajectory of their bankroll from a downward trend with a certain endpoint in play to a new plateau and renewed hope of a cashout.

Bonus Chips

With a free chip or bonus funds, you have more choices to make, beginning with your first bet. You might play this slot or that slot, you might bet as low as possible or as high as possible, and if allowed you might bet on a table game or video poker instead of slots. The important thing to remember is that you have choices and can play any game allowed within the given structure of the bonus terms.

Wagering requirements are applied to the initial bonus amount awarded. A $50 bonus chip with 50x wagering will require that you put $2,500 through the machine, or expose the bonus to the house edge (volatility notwithstanding) fifty times before you can request a cash-out.

Game Weighting

Since all games have a different house edge, some will not count as much as others against the bonus wagering requirement. Games with high return-to-player percentages such as blackjack or video poker do not expose your bankroll to the same risk with every bet that a slot game with a much larger house edge would.

Slots will almost always count 100%. One dollar put through the virtual machine and exposed to the house edge will remove one dollar from your total wagering requirement. Other games such as blackjack might only remove 5% of the bet value. One dollar risked will remove $0.05 from the running total. In effect, game choice can increase wagering requirements significantly.

Game Restrictions

If your bonus was a spins bonus and you have completed the first stage, you are now in the same realm as the player who activated a chip bonus in the first place. You will have game choices rather than being locked into spinning on the slot the casino chose for you to play.

Most slots will be available to you at this point but some might be restricted. Of course, the gaming software should not allow you to play a restricted game but in many cases, it will. There is no good reason for this except the room operator attempting to winnow out winners by subjecting them to their own “mistakes”.

At this point, in more than 90% of the cases, you are in an entertaining but adversarial relationship with the operator. You can take their money but they can’t take yours. Until you have landed the casino’s funds in your own outside account, it is still “their money”. Fight for it by following every rule and when in doubt, err on the side of caution. Assume that if a term could be read two ways it will favor the casino.

KYC/Document verification

Unless you are gambling at an unlicensed anonymous crypto casino, you will be required to go through a “Know Your Customer” (KYC) process that involves the secure tendering of documents to prove your identity. You might also be required to make a verification deposit before you can cash out. This is usually part of documentation or KYC. The terms help the operator prevent financial fraud, underage gambling, and money laundering and they protect your data security and identity.


Chinese gamblers will find benefits and some potential drawbacks in using no deposit bonuses. 

On one hand, they will find online gambling venues that accept players from China and they can try new games and platforms. While that is important, they can also determine ways to be paid if they are new to playing for real money on the internet.

For the pure novice, they will have a chance to study terms and conditions and adhere to them under stringent circumstances. A successful NDB cashout for a player in China should be near “proof positive” that they have found a great place to play, assuming they have done other due diligence and have followed our suggestions and other players’ recommendations.

Unfortunately, the way these offers are usually structured there is not a lot of profit potential in a purely financial sense for the effort spent. However, with well-managed expectations and a little luck, NDBs can be used to learn the ropes, play for real money without risking your funds, and find a comfortable place to play on whatever regular basis is comfortable and desirable.

Feel free to use our filtering and sorting tools to find the best place to play that you can imagine, then give it a shot! There is no money at risk and your time is your own to spend as you decide.