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Asian online casino players frequenting casino sites lacked the choice of proper payment solutions to use to make safe and cost-efficient deposits and withdrawals, but when XanPay appeared on the market, it solved all of their problems. This is an alternative payment gateway allowing cross-border transactions to be completed in a cheaper and way faster way compared to other solutions of its kind. It does that through one single platform, allowing you to use many of your everyday-used payment methods through a single account. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that it quickly got to the top of the list of favourite payment methods for Asian players across online casinos. What is XanPay and why use it as your payment method across online casinos?

About XanPay

Even though launched only a few years ago, in 2019, the solution already has a big fat record behind it. A private company operating in finance, headquartered in Hong Kong, created it with the purpose to cater to users across 15 Asian markets. With an office in Singapore, the company made sure to integrate over 100 local Asian payment methods into its platform, allowing users to experience seamless online banking, and that's why over 1 billion of them have chosen to use it over any other.

Offering users the chance to process cross-border payments via its single platform, it is an alternative payment gateway you can use to make effortless and cheap transactions via one single account. Being such a convenient solution, it quickly gained recognition and built a spotless reputation with businesses and users alike, both giving feedback on how seamless transactions are with it and how satisfied they are with how it works. On that note, top local investors have given it their support, like Valar, CMTDIGITAL, Antler, OKGROUP, HASHKEY and GumiCryptos, among others, further adding to its integrity.

Essentially, the solution offers a routing service, allowing underserved and unbanked users in the Aria Pacific to get automated payments, and giving them the financial access they needed, mainly because the over 100 local payment solutions integrated are not credit card -based, but local direct debit methods. On the other hand, it gave global merchants and payment providers a shortcut and better access to Asian markets, allowing them to connect alternative local payment methods via one platform.

Since global businesses are enabled to accept payments instantly via over 100 fast payment methods and banks in the Asian region, transactions with it are some of the cheapest and fastest, in over 10 currencies. That’s due to the fact that middlemen, like clearing houses and credit card processors, have been eliminated from the process, hence, no transfer or intermediary service fees are charged.

With all that you’ve learned about it, it goes without saying that XanPay is a solution offered across many international online casinos that cater to players from the Asian markets. In Asia Pacific, especially South Korea and Malaysia, the authorities do raids constantly trying to eliminate illegal gambling, so players are turning more and more to online gambling, and with this solution, they’ve found a way to do so in a cost-efficient and convenient way. If you’re one such player interested in discovering how to get started with the solution, follow our lead.

Getting Started with It

We’ve been mentioning that once you decide to use it, with XanPay, you get over 100 payment methods via one single platform. We never mentioned the creation of any new accounts, and that’s because to get started with it, you won’t have to create an account. In fact, as you’ll soon learn, most of the integrated payment methods are either eWallets or bank-related solutions that you already have an online account with. And that’s basically all you’ll need.

Among the methods offered, we can mention the Malaysian DuitNow, the Philippian Instapay, the South Korean Toss, the Singaporean PayNow, the Thai PromptPay and bank transfer, the Vietnamese ViettelMoney and the FPS in Hong Kong. Businesses from Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, and India that have integrated with the solution can use the bank transfer options offered.

Once you decide on the method you’d want to use, depending on your country, you’d need to choose XanPay as your payment method at the chosen platform. Let’s give you an example. Let’s say you’re from Vietnam, so you have ViettelMoney as your option. Once at the chosen platform, or in our case online casino, choose XanPay as your method, and then specify how much you’d want to send, or in our case deposit, enter your email and phone number. The solution will generate a verification code through its system and send it to the phone number you entered. Enter it in the designated field and go through the confirmation procedure. Press Pay and either scan the QR code or enter the recipient’s details. That’s basically it.

As you could see, it is no rocket science. You just need to follow these simple steps and in no time, your transaction will be processed. Let’s check now how to choose a proper casino to join to start using the solution for deposits and withdrawals.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with XanPay?

The online gambling industry in the Asian region is booming, with new operators and developers going after the Asia Pacific as part of their expansion strategies, getting their PAGCOR authorization to offer their online gambling content on the market. And, XanPay has already reached the list of accepted payment methods across many international online casinos catering to Asian players. Many new ones are adding it to their lists; therefore, you’d need to do your search to find the casino that would suit you most to join it and enjoy seamless deposits and withdrawals with the solution.

To make a deposit with XanPay, you’d need to go through the following steps:

  1. Head over to the Cashier/Banking page at your chosen online casino.
  2. Locate XanPay’s logo and press it.
  3. Log into your online banking profile or eWallet, depending on the method you’d want to go with from the over 100 offered.
  4. Specify how much you’d want to deposit, enter your phone number, and wait for the generated verification code to arrive.
  5. Enter it in the designated field and confirm the transaction.
  6. In real-time, the money will arrive in your online casino balance.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

Withdrawals with XanPay are possible and requested pretty much the same way. Only this time, on step 4, you’d need to enter the amount you’d want to cash out. Wait for the casino operator to confirm the transaction and in no time, your winnings will arrive on your chosen payment method.

Bear in mind that not all casinos that accept the solution for deposits will also accept it for withdrawals. You’d need to check whether it is a withdrawal option beforehand; if not accepted, you’d need to look for an alternative, like another eWallet or a crypto solution, for instance, to cash out your winnings safely and fast.

Fees and Limits

We emphasized several times that XanPay is incredibly cost-efficient to use. What we’re saying is that basically, it comes with no fees.

While you won't be charged any fees, the casino operator needs to pay integration and transaction fees. And while these are basic, small fees, this is one of the reasons why the solution is not as widely accepted as many other fee-free solutions are for operators.

Allowed Countries

We said that the solution was launched with the aim to cater to users from Asia Pacific and that it processes cross-border transactions. That means that it is available in several Asian countries.

The total of allowed countries is 15, among which we can mention Vietnam, the Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong, among other Asian countries, but also New Zealand, India, Indonesia and Australia.

Available Currencies

Considering the allowed countries, you’ve probably gathered that all their local currencies are accepted with XanPay.

You can use the South Korean won, the Thai baht, the Malaysian ringgit, the New Zealand dollar, the Singapore dollar, the Hong Kong dollar, the Vietnamese dong, the Indian rupee, the Australian dollar, the Philippine peso and the Indonesian rupiah.

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Does XanPay offer Customer Support?

Yes, indeed, it does. There’s a well-equipped Contact Us page, where you’ll find several options to contact its Support representatives. You have the on-site contact form and the Help page with the Frequently Asked Questions answered thoroughly to attend to all your questions, among other options.

Is its official website available in different languages?

The website is, believe it or not, only available in English. You’d expect from it to be available in most Asian languages, however, English is all you get to explore its website.

Does XanPay do refunds and reimbursements?

Yes, sure. You’d need to request a refund and as soon as the casino approves it, the solution will take it from there and ensure the money goes back to your eWallet or online banking account. Reimbursements are done pretty easily.

Will I find the solution on social media?

You will, of course. This is a modern alternative payment solution, available on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, so if you wish to be on track with any news regarding its services, make sure you follow its profiles.

Will I need to pay currency conversion fees when using different accepted currencies?

No, not at all. If you’re using any of the accepted currencies, which are default, you won’t need to pay any conversion fees. However, if you decided to use an entirely different foreign currency that’s not on the list of accepted currencies, like Canadian dollars, for instance, conversion fees would apply.

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