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Players from different countries across the globe are joining international online casinos, and not all of them have convenient payment methods to use for seamless gambling; if a player from Japan, there’s an excellent solution you could use to get more value for your money. This is a payment processor, a wallet service, that has spiked the interest of millions of users nationwide, which has gone global, too, allowing anyone to use it for safe, quick and easy transactions. It is already offered across so many online casinos, but the list of sites that accept it will surely grow further. What is Vega Wallet and why choose to use it across online casinos?

About Vega Wallet

Previously known as Venus Point, which was launched back in 2016, Vega Wallet is a stored-value platform, allowing users to make easy and fast, but above all, safe transactions anywhere across the globe. Even though established in Japan, word got out of its amazing service and the solution first expanded all over the Asian market, to eventually spread its wings all across the world.

In June 2022, the solution announced its decision to rebrand and the new service under the new name was launched on the 27th of June, 2022. The migration end date was actually the 30th of September of the same year, so from then on, anywhere where Venus Point was accepted, Vega Wallet arrived.

It functions like an eWallet, but with a bit of crypto vibe, and that’s why the solution is a real hit. It allows users to purchase points using fiat currencies, meaning convert their money into points and move them anywhere across the internet, without interference from financial institutions. 1 point is worth 1 dollar, which is an easy equation to remember. You can receive and send points from and to anyone, and that’s why the solution is so easy to use; there’s a 2000 points per day withdrawal condition to remember, though. The solution is also quite cost-efficient; what’s more, it rewards you for your loyalty, too. For each transaction you make with it, you become eligible to get points back as part of its loyalty program! The maximum monthly point back is $20,000.

We mentioned that the solution is available to people from all across the globe; but keep in mind that some restrictions may apply; whether or not the company behind it finds you fit to use its services, it reserves the right to decide whether you will be denied or approved access to the service, at its sole discretion.

Should you decide to use it and you're allowed to, you should know that the Japanese yen is not the default currency; the US dollar is! That's why its availability and popularity all across the globe are huge! Add to that the fact that, for a currency conversion fee, even local currencies can be used, and there you have it, the perfect solution.

Finally, we should mention that even though its official website is set in Japanese (日本語) by default, you should know that an English version is available, too, for better navigation to global users. Having all of these pieces of information in mind, you probably understand why the solution has been welcomed by the online gambling industry. Over four dozen casino sites are already offering it, but this number will certainly continue increasing since more and more online casino players are interested in using it. If you want to discover more about it and learn how to use it, too, make sure you stay with us.

Getting Started with It

You won’t need to have a card to use this solution; all you’d need to do is visit its official website and initiate the registration procedure. Since this is essentially a stored-value wallet, you’d need to create an account with it.

Once on the official website, you’ll see the Log In field, to just enter your email and password if you already have an account, and you’ll see the Sign Up button if you're new to the service. Assuming you're new, press the Sign Up button and enter your email. Then, look for your country on the list of accepted regions where the solution is available.

Assuming you’re from an eligible country, and you’ve entered your valid email, you’ll receive a confirmation mail. Confirm it, and then create a password you’ll be using when logging into your wallet. Wait for the Book Registration mail to arrive, and press the link sent to you to get to the next step.

The next step would be providing basic info; no rigorous ID checks would follow, so just enter the needed personal details and wait for the Completion mail to arrive in your email. With that, your account will successfully be created; you'll receive further instructions on how the wallet functions, but basically, we already explained that you'd need to top it up with fiat currency that will convert into points, at a rate of 1 point equals 1 dollar.

Now that you know how to get started with it, let’s cover next how to make deposits and withdrawals with it across numerous online casinos.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with Vega Wallet?

The solution is getting accepted across new casinos left and right, especially those across those sites that accept Japanese players, but also those that offer their services to international players. There are over four dozen sites that certainly accept it at the moment, so you’d need to explore a few in your search for the most suitable casino to join. Register an account with your chosen casino and you’ll be ready to start using it.

To make a deposit at an online casino with Vega Wallet, you’d need to do the following:

  1. Locate Vega Wallet on the list of accepted methods at your chosen casino.
  2. Press its logo and in the pop-up, use your credentials to enter your wallet.
  3. Specify how much you’d like to deposit on your casino balance.
  4. Confirm the transaction and the money should reach your account in 15 to 20 minutes.

You should keep in mind here that, similarly to cryptos, transactions with Vega Wallet are irreversible. So, before you confirm the deposit, double-check whether the information you entered is correct; otherwise, your points/money will be lost for good.

Another thing to remember, if you haven’t topped up your wallet with money first, you’d need to go through an additional procedure. You’d need to transfer money from your bank account, fees included, before you request a deposit transaction.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

As mentioned earlier, you can both send and receive funds via this solution. You’d need to go through a similar procedure to withdraw your winnings with it.

You'd need to select the solution on the Withdrawal Methods list and log into your account using your credentials. Request the amount you'd like to cash out and wait for the casino's approval. Once the casino vets and approves your request, Vega Wallet will make sure the money arrives in the wallet account in no time.

Fees and Limits

Fees do apply when using Vega Wallet, but as said at the beginning, these are really insignificant. If using a currency other than the US dollar, a conversion fee would apply.

To fund your wallet account with money, fees would apply on the bank’s part, considering you’ll make the transfer from your bank account. So, before you do anything else, make sure you consult with your bank to figure out how big the fees involved are.

As far as limits go, remember the 2,000-point withdrawal limit. You won’t be able to withdraw more than that in a day.

Allowed Countries

Even though launched in Japan, as said, Vega Wallet is available all over the world. Sure, there’s a list of accepted countries which you can check out upon registration, but these are countries from all parts of the world.

Therefore, regardless of your country of residence, you can try creating an account with the solution. Remember that the company behind it reserves the right to deny or approve your account, at its sole discretion.

Available Currencies

The default currency when using Vega Wallet is the US dollar; the Japanese yen is also a popular option, of course.

However, as mentioned, you could also use some local currencies, for a currency conversion fee. Depending on your country of residence, if you’re eligible to use it, you’ll probably be able to use your native currency, as well, subject to a conversion fee.

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Who can receive loyalty points with Vega Wallet?

Any registered user can receive loyalty points, with no restrictions. As long as you are making transactions with it, you can rest assured that you’ll receive your points rewards. The max you could get back per month is $20,000.

Does the solution offer a Customer Support service?

Of course. There is a 24/7 Customer Support at your disposal, via an on-site contact form and the email address support@vegawallet.com. There is also a FAQs section to explore. Of course, if having doubts or issues with your deposits/withdrawals, you can always contact your casino’s Support team.

Will I be able to successfully fund my wallet via my mobile device?

Sure, why not> You can access your wallet via any desktop and mobile device. So, as long as you can get access to your online banking account via your Android or iOS-powered mobile device, you’ll successfully fund your wallet via any smartphone or tablet.

Can I make several transactions with Vega Wallet at one time?

No, actually, you cannot. Until your current transaction has been cleared out, you cannot request another one. Since funds are stored at banking institutions before you can access your other funds, you need the current ones verified and processed first; but once they are, you can immediately request a new transaction.

Will I find Vega Wallet on social media?

We couldn’t find any activities on social media, no. We couldn’t find any profiles on popular social media platforms, and the solution itself has not provided direct lines to any social media platform on its official website, so it is probably not available on social media. 

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