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Most eWallets found across online casinos are global, giving players from all around the world the chance to experience seamless online gambling, and one such solution at your disposal across hundreds of casinos is STICPAY. This is a global solution that is available literally to any player from any country across the world, offering them the chance to use their native currency when transacting online, to enjoy inexpensive and instant deposits and withdrawals. If it sounds like a method you’d like to try, stay with us to learn more about it. What is STICPAY and why choose it as your online casino payment method?


When looking for global eWallets to use, STICPAY might not pop up right away, since it was launched only in 2017, and it is yet to receive the recognition it deserves. Although not as well-known as PayPal, for instance, this eWallet is offered globally, allowing users from any country across the world to make transactions in multiple fiat and digital currencies. Expectations are that it will reach the spotlight in no time, mainly thanks to its unrivalled speed. That's what makes it stand out from the crowd of global eWallets, the fact that it allows for transfers to clear in just a few minutes, compared with the three days it takes other similar services.

What’s more, this is one of the most inexpensive solutions to use for international transactions. The fees it charges are super small, and you’re getting an incredible service, pioneered by the company behind it, which provides the quickest money transfers across the world, but also the most cost-efficient ones. In addition to the money transfer service, the solution offers the local payout service in several countries, such as Malaysia, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and China. So, users from these countries can receive and send money in their local currency within minutes, paying affordable fees for the transfer.

But it mostly shines in its functionality that allows users to fund their accounts with all kinds of payment methods, like VISA, MasterCard, local bank wires, and even cryptocurrencies. In April 2020, it even introduced a card you can use in conjunction with your eWallet. You can actually cash out your winnings with this STIC Card prepaid card at any local ATM! Yes, that’s possible!

It goes without saying, having read what you have so far, that this is one of the most convenient methods to use across online casinos; that’s why it is offered across hundreds of online casinos already, with plenty more to add it any time. It is extremely popular with players, thanks to its global availability but also to the so many benefits it offers. So, if you’d like to use it yourself, stay with us to learn how to get started with it in just a few simple steps.

Getting Started with It

Just like with any other eWallet, you’ve probably gathered that you’d need to visit its official website to create an account with it. You’d need to locate the Sign Up button and press it, and you’ll be redirected to a page where you need to fill out the registration form with basic personal details like full name, date of birth, nationality, email and password and currency you’d like to use from the available ones. You’ll notice that the site is extremely user-friendly and intuitive, so in case you have any questions about where and how to use it, make sure you explore it to find your answers.

Considering you’ve managed to create your account, in less than three minutes, you’ll be ready to top up your account with the already-mentioned payment methods offered, to start using the eWallet. We must mention here that if you're intending on making transactions higher than $150, you'll need to go through an approval process, compliant with the AML rules.

You'd need to attach a government-issued ID document as proof of identity, like a passport, a driver's license, and proof of address. You can scan these and upload them if using a desktop device or snap a photo of them directly via your smartphone, and upload them.

Finally, if you wish to have the prepaid card we mentioned previously, you should know that you should have at least $110 in your wallet account to be able to apply for the card. That’s how much it actually costs for the delivery charge and the initial card top-up. An approval process will apply here, too, meaning you’d need to provide the needed documents, and once you get your card, you need to activate it. But with it, you can pay both online and offline with it, literally wherever cards are accepted, and even cash out money from it at ATMs. So, if interested in using either the eWallet or the card for online gambling purposes, continue reading to figure out how!

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with STICPAY?

You’ve probably gathered by now that STICPAY is a real hit among players across hundreds of online casino sites. We mentioned that it is really popular due to its global availability, but also due to all the perks it offers to players. So, don’t be surprised to find it at sites like CobraBet, 1xBet, and SG Casino, to name a few reviewed here on our site. Find others if you’d like, too, and explore them, to find the most suitable online casino for you to join.

Once you’ve registered an account with your chosen online casino, to make a deposit with STICPAY, do the following:

  1. Head over to your online casino’s Deposit/Cashier page.
  2. Find STICPAY’s logo on the list of offered methods and press it.
  3. Decide whether you’ll go with the eWallet or prepaid card product.
  4. In the new window, either enter your eWallet account or enter the needed card details.
  5. Specify how much you’d like to transfer to your casino balance.
  6. Regardless of the product you chose to go with, the money will arrive instantly!

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

You could notice that the depositing process was incredibly easy and quite intuitive, regardless of whether you used the eWallet or the prepaid card service.

Now, withdrawals are as simple. You’d need to request how much you wish to cash out, and then wait for the approval on your operator’s part. It can take 24 to 72 hours for the operator to approve the withdrawal, having in mind the fact that it needs to check whether you have any wagering requirements left unmet, in case you played with a bonus. If all is in order, your request will be approved and soon after, the money will become available on your eWallet address. You can, from there, transfer it directly to your STIC Card and cash it out at any ATM in your vicinity.

Fees and Limits

You know that we said STICPAY is one of the most inexpensive eWallets out there, but we also mentioned that it comes with fees. While we’ll explain the basic ones next, do not hesitate to visit its official website to learn all about them there.

So, for overseas purchases and payments, hence, deposits across online casinos, no fees apply; neither do fees for getting issued with the prepaid card. A 1.3% fee for funding your card and a 1.5% fee for cashing out money at ATMs apply, too. A $1.30 to $16 fee applies for card renewal, replacement, and account management.

A 10% fee applies if sending money to other STICPAY users, but not to eCommerce/merchant sites, meaning not when depositing at an online casino. Money out and money in transfer fees apply when using the eWallet, of 2% for local and of 5% for international bank wire transfers.

Allowed Countries

We said that STICPAY is a global eWallet, accepted all over the world. But we must mention that, throughout our research, we found out that it was particularly popular and one of the best options for players from South Korea, actually, giving them the chance to frequent international casinos and make transactions with it effortlessly.

Nevertheless, it is an option for literally all players, from anywhere across the world, so regardless if you’re from Canada, the US, Finland or South Africa, you’ll be able to use it for the smoothest deposits and withdrawals across hundreds of online casinos.

Accepted Currencies

When we introduced the solution, we said that it allowed for transactions in multiple fiat and digital currencies; over 30 of them are at your disposal, actually.

Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, Swiss francs, UK pounds, Indian rupees, euros and US dollars are some of your options when it comes to fiat currencies. As far as cryptocurrencies offered, we can mention Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin. Cryptos are subject to fees from 1% to 1.8%, depending on the one you choose to go with. Make sure you visit the official website to find out all about how crypto transactions work.


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Are there any restricted countries at all when it comes to using the eWallet?

While the solution is global, there’s a really short list of restricted countries you should know about. These countries are North Korea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burma, Somalia, Eritrea, the Republic of Guinea, Cuba, Cote d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe, Iran and Iraq.

Does STICPAY offer Customer Support?

Sure thing. You’d need to visit its official website and on the FAQs page, you’ll find four different email addresses you could use to get in touch with its team, depending on the questions or problems you’re facing; but you’ll probably need the [email protected] address.

Is its website available in many different languages?

As a matter of fact, it is available in 19 languages, English included, so you can rest assured that all mainstream and globally popular languages would certainly be your options.

Can I cancel a transaction I’ve made with STICPAY?

You can only cancel a transaction if you haven’t confirmed it yet; once confirmed, you cannot retrieve the funds since all transactions with it are final and irreversible. Therefore, double-check all the info you entered before you confirm the transaction.

Is STICPAY a solution that has received awards for its services?

Yes, of course. A year after its launch, it won the Philippines Award for Best Trading Service, and a year later, the Future Digital Award for Best Digital Wallet and the Trades Awards for Best Service in Singapore. It was also shortlisted as the Best Online Payments Solution at the Payments Awards.

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