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Knowing how to choose the right online gambling website that meets industry standards and your player requirements goes a long way to ensuring an enjoyable online gambling experience. This doesn’t take a lot of time or effort, and you should be able to learn to do it in no time. Just glimpse at the key sections of the casino, poker, bingo, sports betting or other online gambling platform and you’re good to go.

The first thing to check is the site operator’s licensed status, as well as the security applied on the website. Most reliable platforms tend to provide this kind of information openly, at a visible location on the website, or clearly stated in their Terms and Conditions page. Anyway, if it is licensed and legally compliant, you won’t too much trouble finding out.

Once you’ve cleared the air with the official requirements, pay attention to the entertainment content. Online security boosts fun, but there is nothing like a well-equipped selection of game titles from the top software providers to get the fun going. Player bonuses and promotions should also be a matter of interest when reaching to achieve top gameplay. These boost your bankroll, and at the same time guide your way through the platform’s game portfolio.


Ultimately, yet another key segment that should be considered during a thorough inspection is the banking section. The top online casinos are recognizable by a balance between quality an dquantity when it comes to this, and the top standard credit and debit card processors, leading e-wallets and online payment services, as well as some new, top modern solutions make up the best option.

About Solo Card

Speaking of debit cards, Solo has practically established itself as a must-have in this category. It is a debit card payment option owned and operated by the UK-based company Switch Card, first issued back on July 1st, 1997. The Solo payment processor is a debit card solution that functions on the basis of the Maestro network.

It was primarily purposed…

… to cater to the portion of interested users that somehow failed to qualify for a Maestro card. These normally included minors under the age of 18, as well as those with a bad credit history, due to the Solo card’s specific properties. It was eligible for users well below the legal age, and only allowed transactions after communicating with the issuer bank and ensuring that there are sufficient funds in the respective account.

As you may have guessed,…

… the Visa Electron debit card, which is modeled more or less around the same provisions, is bound to be Solo’s greatest rival. Still, the age difference has managed to retain Solo in the lead for a longer period of time. The Royal Bank of Scotland as well as the NatWest Bank have issued Solo debit cards to holders minimum 11 years of age, while the NSBC bank has set the limit at 13 years of age as the youngest a Solo cardholder could be.

With more banks…

… issuing the Solo card to interested clients, there has been a significant expansion of the Switch network. While it is not as common across land-based retail locations, there is a vast number of e-commerce merchants readily accepting purchases processed with this payment method.

This Solo debit card is obtained by addressing your nearest banking institution that is authorized to issue this card option. Here, you are given an application form that opens a current account at the bank under your name, and links it directly with your Solo card. That way, you can make use of the funds present in your account when making purchases or depositing funds at your chosen online destination.

Solo as an Online Casino Payment Method

Among the many online retailers and e-merchants that have recognized Solo’s potential to process transactions easily and securely are the numerous online gambling platforms. Nowadays, you can find the Solo debit card among the rest payment processing methods in their Banking/Cashier sections. In order to make use of it, just follow the few simple steps as explained below and enjoy smooth and seamless online deposits and withdrawals.

Withdrawing from Solo

Depositing at Solo Online Casino Sites

Step 1: First off, head straight to the online casino site of your choosing and make sure it accepts Solo transactions as a deposit method. Regarding the card’s association with Maestro through their processing network, it has been adopted by numerous top online casino sites, thus allowing players to choose from a wide range of gameplay destinations.

Step 2: Considering you have logged in, or just registered at the online casino platform, head straight to the Banking/Cashier section. Here, players are required to fund their player e-wallets at the given platform. For this purpose, they need to choose one of the deposit methods provided – just click on the Solo symbol and get the fun started.

Step 3: In order to fund your card via the chosen Solo debit card payment method, players and card holders will need to input its details. A new window on the screen will require you to enter the card number, expiration date and code – all information necessary for security purposes, so that the payer is undoubtedly holding the card. After entering the specific amount you would like to deposit, the transaction confirmation will electronically contact the bank regarding the balance in your current account.

Should the amount entered for depositing exceed that present in your balance, the transaction will not go through. Otherwise, players only have to wait for the bank to authorize the transfer of the given account and they are likely to see the funds credited to their player account in a day or two.

Withdrawing from Solo Online Casino Sites

Step 1: Assuming you have enjoyed and profited from your online casino gambling experience, it is only expected you would like to cash in on your loot. For this purpose, players are even more careful when choosing a payment method in order to make sure the transaction will go through and make their funds available. The Solo debit card is widely available as a withdrawal method, across most casinos that accept it for account funding purposes primarily.

Step 2: Selecting this method from the list of options will once again open the window where you need to input the card details. Make sure to get them right in order to receive your funds properly. Double-check the card number and code before confirming the transaction and simply wait for the funds to be credited straight onto your current debit account.

Step 3: Due to the fact that the Solo card is an actual plastic object rather than just a virtual payment method, you will be equally eligible to use the withdrawn funds at land-based locations. Just wait for the transaction to get verified and processed to your account, and pay for all kinds of products and services at any merchant of your choice.

Solo Card Online Casino Payments

Advantages of Making Solo Card Online Casino Payments

  • Security – The Solo card, issued by Switch bears a reputation of providing secure and protected transaction processing services to users in the online gambling and e-commerce industry in general. It protects funds transfers using high-end security certificates, while at the same time applying an extra layer of protection by checking users’ account balances prior to going through with the transaction.
  • Associates and partners – The Solo card has additionally made use of the Maestro card processing network, as mentioned above. Issued by MasterCard, it is basically a reputable and popular service, thus boosting Solo card’s credibility among the online casino player pool.
  • User eligibility – Unlike most debit cards that are solely able to accept users of age, the Solo card is contrarily tailored to cater to minors in particular. As a result, it has much greater potential user pool, regardless of their purpose for applying for the card service/
  • Bankroll management benefits – Another key feature of the Solo debit card is its balance checking procedure. As explained above, whenever card holders wish to make a purchase or deposit, they send off the request for the funds transfer. However, this is solely authorized once this has reached the bank and it has confirmed the presence of enough funds to go on with the transaction.

Disadvantages of Making Solo Card Online Casino Payments

  • Availability – Despite its association with leading online casino and generally payment processing brand names, the Solo card is most easily substituted by its sister card Maestro. After all, credit and debit cards are established standard cashless payment methods for online and offline transactions, and the pioneers in this area have managed to maintain theri leading roles despite such newcomers.
  • Risk of rejected transaction – What is more, the benefit of checking your balance before authorizing the funds transfer does prevent card holders from overdrawing funds. However, at the same time, it places them at the risk of getting their transaction rejected. After all, credit cards and debit cards with overdraw limits are precisely invented to help users on such occasions, while the Solo card does not offer its holders the same convenience.

Solo Casinos

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Can I claim any bonuses when playing at Solo online casino sites?

Yes, online casino sites which accept Solo payments tend to make their bonuses and player promotions available across all payment methods. Some may include dedicated offers for specific game titles, or players using a certain banking service, but generally speaking, they should have top bonuses and promotions as it is.

Are there any amount limits when it comes to making Solo payments and deposits?

The Solo card service allows users a broad range when it comes to the amount of deposited and withdrawn funds. However, make sure to check for the same limits imposed by your respective online casino platform, as they are known to restrict the minimum and maximum for the players’ good, and their own.

Does the service come attached with certain fees for payment processing, registration or the likes?

No, the registration and use of the Solo card come free of charge, just like with most top notch online casino debit card options, Visa and Maestro. Specific circumstances may include some kind of fee, but these mainly revolve around currency conversions and the likes. Speaking of which, the Solo card, due to its international character, accepts more than just its home country British Pound currency, among which are the US, CAN and AUS Dollar, Euro and the likes.

Can users from all over the world make use of the Solo online casino banking method?

The Solo card as such is available in most countries where the banking institutions issue it, and its sister card Maestro. However, when it comes to online casino banking purposes, the Solo card’s applicability is reduced, particularly when it comes to legal regulative on the matter in specific countries.

What are some alternatives to the Solo online casino payment option?

The card’s sister service Maestro, as well as its greatest rival Visa Electron are bound to be most suitable alternatives, mainly due to the similar way of operations. Nevertheless, current advancements of existing and novel financial establishments have introduced a range of online processors, e-wallet services, gift cards and virtual prepaid card accounts as top popular online casino payment methods.