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Looking for top online casino sites to join, you should not only focus on sites that offer the best games you'd like to try but also a site that offers safe and reliable payment solutions, like VISA Electron, that would allow you to make smooth deposits and withdrawals. This card, luckily for you, is accepted at most international online casinos, mainly due to the fact that it is easily accessible and allows for transactions in all currencies. As such, it is suitable for players from all over the globe, especially those who cannot find a local solution at their chosen casino to use to fund their accounts and cash out winnings from them. If such a player, hesitate no more and pick this card. What is VISA Electron and why choose to use it as your online casino payment method?

About VISA Electron

visa_electron_online_casinosAs a product launched by one of the world’s most well-respected and recognized card brands, VISA, VISA Electron is one of the most popular cards offered across all kinds of industries, the online gambling industry included. The brand itself needs no formal introduction; you’ve heard about it, you’ve used a credit card with its signature, and you’re probably satisfied with the service you got. But have you ever thought about using this particular VISA Electron card? Why should you?

Well, for many reasons you’ll soon discover. This card is a type of debit card issued by financial institutions and banks that are authorized to issue VISA cards. Now, it is different from the regular VISA debit card in two aspects. First of all, it is far more available and accessible than the regular debit card. And secondly, it does not allow you to spend more than what you have in your bank account, contrary to the regular card which does, in a pre-signed and settled limit agreement with the bank.

With that in mind, it goes without saying that VISA Electron is far easier to apply for and get approved for. You don't need to meet that many pre-conditions to become eligible to apply for the card and get issued with one. As such, it is the perfect card option for all those users who either cannot or do not want to use regular debit/credit cards but still would like to use a card that is directly linked to their bank account.

This also means that the card is perfect for all those online casino players who are in search of a solution that would provide them with improved bankroll management, since they can never spend more than they have on their bank account, meaning more than they can afford. With the regular debit/credit cards, that's an option, and that's not something many players can afford to have at their disposal.

Therefore, if you are one of those players who would like to try this Electron card, you're in for a treat. The card is offered across too many casinos to count and is accepted for both deposits and withdrawals across most of them, so you have no obstacles to giving it a try. And if that’s what you’re interested in, continue reading to figure out how to get started with it.

Getting Started with It

getting_started_with_it (1)The only pre-condition you have to meet in order to be eligible to apply for a VISA Electron card is to have an active bank account. The bank, of course, has to be authorized to issue VISA cards; if your bank isn’t, then you’d have to go through an extra step and open an account with one that issues VISA cards.

Assuming your bank is one of the former, you’re in the clear, and you can move on to the next step, which is applying for a card. Now, you can visit your bank to physically apply for a card or simply visit VISA’s official website, to fill out an application form, whichever suits you. The bank will review your application and probably approve it right away since you don’t have to attach credit record history to your application; you just enter some basic details about yourself. Once the card is approved, it will arrive at your home address in an envelope or you can claim it at the bank.

Nevertheless, once you have your card, you’d need to activate it using the needed verification codes sent to you alongside the card in the envelope. Once your card is active, you need to make sure you have money in your bank account, and with that, you can start using it right away. That's what makes this card so easy to get started with; there are no lengthy procedures involved, no credit record checks, no exhausting registration procedures, nada.

And once you start using the card, you are in for further treats. You get to enjoy VISA's world-class Support Center, available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. You also get access to safe and simple transactions, truly universal acceptance, and even access to the Emergency Cash Advance Service!

If all of this sounds like something you’d like to get, continue reading to find out how effortless the card is to use across online casinos to get even more convinced that it is the solution to go with for online casino transactions.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with VISA Electron

how_to_depositIt goes without saying that using VISA Electron across online casinos would be as easy as it gets; especially if you’ve already used a card, any card to fund a casino account. Even if you haven’t, you’ll see how effortless the procedure will be. But first, of course, you’d need to find a proper casino to join, which accepts it.

Luckily for you, the card is incredibly popular across international online casinos, mainly due to the fact that anyone can get issued with one and it allows for transactions in all currencies. Meaning, you’ll have hundreds of online casinos at your disposal, so select at least a dozen candidates and explore them nicely, to decide on the one to join.

Create an account with your chosen casino and you’ll be ready to make your first deposit. To successfully make your first deposit with VISA Electron, do this:

  1. Go to your chosen casino’s Cashier/Payment Methods page.
  2. In the Deposits section, locate VISA’s logo and press it.
  3. In the pop-up, enter the needed card details (16-digit card number, your name, and the card's expiry date, plus if necessary, the CVV code).
  4. Specify how much you wish to deposit.
  5. Confirm the deposit and watch the money arrive on your balance in a few minutes.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

You will notice that VISA Electron is accepted across a decent number of casinos for withdrawals, but not across all of the sites that accept it for deposits. That's because operators may choose to accept cards for deposits only, not for withdrawals.

Nevertheless, the card works both ways, so you still can find a casino to join where you can make withdrawals with it. Assuming yours accepts it, you’d need to go through basically the same steps, this time specifying to the operator how much it needs to be sent to your bank account. After the approval procedure, the money will arrive in your bank account, but this whole process can take 3 to 5 banking days.

Fees and Limits

Like with any other credit/debit card, fees apply for transactions made with VISA Electron. These fees, as is the case with other cards, depend on the issuing bank.

So, before you decide on the bank to go with to apply for your card, make sure you explore several to find out more about their fees. Go with the one that offers the lowest fees for transactions with Electron.

Allowed Countries

As you've probably gathered by now, VISA is a globally recognized brand with universal acceptance. By default, so is Electron.

However, there’s still a list of countries that do not accept it, explicitly. Some US states, Ireland, Argentina, Australia and Canada are on the restricted countries list, so you won’t be able to use Electron if a player from any of them.

However, there might be another obstacle in your way, since VISA is no longer available in Germany and certain other gambling jurisdictions. So, players from specific gambling markets may also be impeded from using it. To be on the safe side, make sure you check what its status is in your country.

Accepted Currencies

Being global, with a few restricted country exceptions, VISA Electron is offered in all currencies. If is offered in your country, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to transact in your native currency whenever you’re using it.

All applicable currencies offered by your bank, your native one included, will be at your disposal. Bear in mind that, using a foreign currency, your transaction will be subject to a conversion fee. Fortunately, you won’t need to use a foreign currency, especially if playing at a casino that caters to players from your country, since your native currency can be chosen as the default currency while playing at the site.

Visa Electron Casinos

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Is it possible to review the transactions I made with my VISA Electron card?

Yes, sure. You’d need to log into your online banking profile the usual way and see your transaction history; any transactions you’ve made with the card will be displayed there.

What do I do if I lose or my Electron card gets stolen?

As you would do with any other lost/stolen card, you first have to report the issue to the issuing bank. VISA, too, will receive the report and the card will be blocked, so your funds will be safe. A replacement card will arrive at your issuing bank or home address, as arranged by VISA itself.

Should I assume that VISA Electron is offered for withdrawals automatically if accepted for deposits?

On the contrary, never assume that. The card may be offered for deposits across hundreds of casinos, but not all of them will decide to accept it for withdrawals. Double-checking would be the wisest thing to do. Join the casino that you’re certain accepts the card for both.

Do any limits apply at the casino when depositing with Electron?

Each operator has the right to set limits and ground rules when it comes to banking, but to add to that, due to responsible gambling reasons, they all have to set limits when it comes to how much can be deposited and withdrawn by a player in a day/week/month. So, yes, expect limits when depositing with Electron, regardless of the casino you’ve decided to join.

How many casinos exactly offer the card for deposits and withdrawals?

To put it in simple terms, wherever you see VISA’s logo displayed, you can expect for VISA Electron card to be offered. To go into detail, however, even though you'll notice hundreds of casinos that offer the logo, double-check whether the Electron card is an option, and triple-check whether it is an option for withdrawals.

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