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A lot has changed...

... in the interactive gambling industry since its first casino and other gambling site launches, about two decades ago. From the website layout, design and mechanics, through the various games and features available on it, all the way to the payment processing page. Progress in tech inventions, as well as greater provider variety, are altogether responsible for such advancements in the industry.

Player preferences...

... have also undergone some changes during that time, considering that they have finally been able to enjoy more than a few options in their casino lobby destinations. Nevertheless, some factors have remained equally important regardless of how much things have changed with remaining aspects of the industry.

Account Signup

As such, funds safety and constant protection, as well as speedy and reliable transactions, are still some of the top priorities for online casino players and gamblers alike. They are constantly looking for the best way to fund their gameplay endeavors, and at the same time make the most of their hard-earned cash. Ultimately, these banking methods should be beneficial for bankroll withdrawals as well, so players additionally consider this a desirable feature.

All in all, payment processing...

... is a crucial part of the whole real money online gambling industry, for players and operators both. Hence, numerous banking and financial institutions have released their own solutions in hope to meet player needs and bank on the demand for such payments.


... this prompted existing banking establishments into adapting their existing land-based payment options. Later on, the public was additionally able to make use of dedicated online options, nowadays differing into a range of fully fledged processors. Hence, players today can choose between anything starting from the standard credit and debit cards, through direct online banking and dedicated online payment processors, to specially developed e-wallets (fiat and Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies too).

The QuickTender...

... online payment solution represents the newer generation of methods, yet boasts a long enough track record to maintain a reputation in the industry. The e-wallet service was released and is still operated by Easyspace Privacy, offering users all over the world a largely accessible and reliable method of transferring their funds to the desired destination.

The e-wallet service in question has quickly established its presence across a wide range of e-commerce platforms, allowing their customers to pay for all goods and services. Alternately, refunds have also been made available, so even if you are not pleased with what you get from the merchant, simply check their return policy and claim a refund of the fee through the same payment method.

As the name implies…

… QuickTender is dedicated to providing its users with a fast means of transferring the desired amount and getting what you are paying for. However, speed isn’t the only thing users are looking to find in such a payment facilitator, and this service has surely identified this need. As a result, account holders are nowadays able to transact in a range of currencies, including the ones listed here:

the QuickTender
  • US Dollars
  • British Pounds
  • Euros
  • Swiss Franks
  • Danish Crones
  • Israeli New Shekels.

Account Signup

In order to get started…

… with the QuickTender service, you will need to sign up for an account. Only after you are verified as a user will you be able to choose this payment method on all online platforms featuring it. Nevertheless, the process itself is hardly a hassle and should see you experiencing the benefits of the service in no time.

An added advantage for online casino players is the fact that the support team at your chosen QuickTender online casino will give you the first step of the process. Considering the established cooperation, users nowadays shouldn’t experience any delays and will likely get a personal account in no time.

Just make sure you follow the guidelines and complete all steps of the process:

  1. 1. Since interested users cannot access the registration page straight from the official website, they will need to visit their preferred merchant. For this purpose, it is best that you choose the casino site where you would like to use it and go from there. Access the site, sign into your player account, or register for one in case you haven’t done that beforehand, and head for the banking section.
  2. 2. Now that you are at the Cashier page, look for the QuickTender logo. Regarding this part, there is one key thing you need to be aware of - oftentimes, the operator will feature the service under a different name, UseMyWallet. Still, it is important to know that they are both the same service when it comes to payment processing, and creating an e-wallet account by choosing one or the other at your Cashier will not make a difference.
  3. 3. Hence, once you are certain that at least one of the two is available, contact customer support choosing a method of your convenience. Live chat is bound to work best for you in such cases when you are looking to deposit funds into your player account as soon as possible, and most reliable casino operators featuring this payment method tend to include it.
  4. 4. The customer service representative will then send you a unique, secure link to the registration form. Click on it to get redirected there and enter the required information. Bear in mind that this is an e-wallet, so you would definitely still need to choose one other payment method to fund it. Credit cards, as well as direct bank transfers, are both a possibility, although players will find a range of additional ones listed there.
  5. 5. Enter the personal information required, along with your banking details, and make sure to specify the amount you’d like to deposit into the e-wallet. Confirm the transaction, and you should see the funds instantly credited into your account.
QuickTender Online Casino Banking Method

QuickTender Online Casino Banking Method

From what you have learned so far about the service, it is evident that QuickTender is quite optimized to fit the needs of online players at casino sites and similar gambling platforms. Everything from registration, through funding your e-wallet and using it at the casino is smoothly integrated to perform the necessary operations.

Not only is it simple and straightforward…

… as well as completely safe, but the QuickTender online payment solution is also widely accessible. Interested players will be able to choose from a range of platforms, featuring latest releases from leading software providers as well as industry classics. With the entire game portfolio all wrapped up and available for real money gameplay straight from this single payment method, all that is left for players to do is follow the steps to get started and enjoy the prime service.

QuickTender Online Casino Deposits

Step 1: Players interested in depositing with QuickTender have already enrolled at the casino for a player account. After all, they need to ask for the registration link from the respective casino customer support representatives, so it is safe to assume these players have also found their preferred casino as well as the banking method. With that in mind, there isn’t anything standing in their way from signing up at the casino and simply heading to the Banking page.

Step 2: Here, as explained in the earlier paragraph, players will only need to seek out the QuickTender or UseMyWallet logo. Since both services are interchangeable, basically operating as one and the same under two different names, you wouldn’t have a problem with your transactions regardless of which one you choose. Locate one in the deposit section of the Cashier and click on it.

Step 3: Next off, you will be redirected to sign into your e-wallet account with the username and password of your choice. Once you are in, complete the transaction with the necessary details, and don’t forget to input the amount you would like to deposit into your casino account. Afterwards, all you have to do is head back to the casino, check out for any exciting bonus or promotion features you can qualify for with the deposit, or get started on your favourite games directly.

QuickTender Online Casino Withdrawals

QuickTender Online Casino Withdrawals

Due to difficulties…

… with the legality of the industry, many banking methods refrain from processing player withdrawals and stick to deposits to online casino accounts. Due to this, large portions of the player pool have been left without their preferred method when requesting for their winnings.


… this isn’t the case with QuickTender users, as this e-wallet will definitely provide players with the functionality to perform withdrawals as well as deposits.

Head to the list of withdrawals banking options at your chosen casino, select QuickTender/UseMyWallet and complete the cashout form with the necessary details. Afterwards, simply confirm the transaction and wait for the casino to fund your e-wallet account, after which you can make new deposits or other online payments with the received money.

Advantages of QuickTender Online Casino Payments

  • Security – All transactions and online platforms are fully encrypted and secured through the industry standard SSL. What is more, the service has been authorized and legal as a banking method in multiple countries worldwide, with all users benefitting from suitable terms of use.
  • Availability – Another factor that makes up for the advantageous nature of this payment method is its widespread availability. This is more than just in geographical terms, as QuickTender has also spread to cover the banking segment of different types of e-commerce platforms and merchants alike. Especially when it comes to casinos, QuickTender is continuously establishing itself as a popular method, and increasing the number of sites where it is available.
  • Dedicated Service – There is no denying the dedicated level of service provided to online casino player pools by the QuickTender e-wallet, especially considering how tightly connected together these two options are. With the registration starting from casino premises, it is only expected that the e-wallet would be able to focus and identify key needs of this user base, and they have definitely met all expectations.
  • Customization – In terms of user freedom, there isn’t much that users can practically ask to do through the service but send and receive cash. Still, there are some features that could help make it an all the more enjoyable experience – available currencies, funding methods, cashout options and more.

Disadvantages of QuickTender Online Casino Payments

  • Country Limitations – Even with the large area where QuickTender is available, there are still numerous country limitations that partially or completely bar the company from catering to particular markets. The former see it as an even greater shortcoming, especially since this is one of players’ greatest concerns.
  • Wait Times – As you may well find out from testimonials, a slight delay in the wait period for withdrawals has occasionally been experienced by its users. This still means that they would see the funds wherever they require them, but within a lengthier timeframe.
  • Fees Policy – The whole process of registration with the service is free of charge, but when the time comes to fund the e-wallet with some money for your online payments, users may experience some fees. More specifically, direct bank transfers are free of charge, but depositing into a QuickTender e-wallet account through your credit card will get you charged 5% of the amount. Alternately, when it comes to withdrawals, players that have cashed out their casino winnings to the e-wallet can additionally choose to have then withdrawn to a standard banking option – card, account, or keep them stored online for future purchases. If you choose the former, however, bear in mind that a withdrawal to a bank account costs a flat fee of £30.

QuickTender Casinos

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Are there any alternatives to QuickTender e-wallet payments?

Alternative to QuickTender include other e-wallet services – PayPal, Skrill and Neteller, as well as a range of other banking options – Paysafecard, or regular credit and debit cards from Visa and MasterCard.

Does the service offer a dedicated customer support?

Yes, in fact, the company prides itself on the world-class renowned team of customer representatives, offering support to users at all times.

Will players at US and Canadian casinos be able to use this banking method?

Yes, despite talks about delays in some cases, players from less clearly defined marketplaces are able to enjoy online casino gameplay through QuickTender, including the top US casinos, as well as Canadian online casinos.

What is the real distinction between QuickTender and UseMyWallet?

The only distinction between these two is the name, as both services are actually one and the same. Registering for an account with one will see you registered with the other as well, and players have all but to find one of their logos to enjoy top gameplay.

Will I be able to qualify for any special deposit-related offers at the QuickTender casino where I have registered?

Yes, you will be able to benefit from all the deposit-related offers where your deposit amount qualifies.