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There have been advances in many aspects of everyday life, facilitating a number of regular processes for the average person. Starting from the first forms of automation, through some degrees of computing potential, technology has surpassed many boundaries throughout the years.

Yet, the aspect of security remains of primary importance, even more so nowadays as people worldwide are sharing their personal information on social media, gaming, workplace platforms and the likes. One key portion of this data is finance – consumers trade, transfer and pay for all kinds of goods and services online through the multiple e-commerce establishments developed by new businesses.

This practice, specifically, is available through a range of payment facilitation options, handling the background operation that sees funds moving from the sending party to the recipient one. Hence, users are extremely cautious in choosing a service that will handle their funds and banking details with due care, and just as importantly, in a timely manner.


Numerous payment processing services have since emerged in order to meet the needs and demands of the consumer pool. Some are based on the traditional financial management solutions people are familiar with – credit, debit cards and current bank accounts, while others propose their own inherent funds storage products known as e-wallets. Even with the appearance of Bitcoin as a new generation of cryptocurrency funding, banks and financial institutions have retained their dominance in the industry.

Nowadays, some improvements have been made to the existing systems and solutions in order to optimize processing power. With the help of intermediary services that serve as a bridge construction between a consumer’s personal bank account and their target e-commerce platform, data sharing has been minimized, alternately optimizing efficiency and promptness. One such solution is Entercash.

About the Company

Entercash is a financial institution that started off as a small brokerage company on the island of Malta, where it has retained its headquarters to this day. The establishment holds an official license to perform financial services, and quite well at that, especially considering it is supervised by the national Financial Security Authority. With regular reporting duties to the Central Bank of Malta, as well as their Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit, there is no room, nor intentions towards malpractice.

The company dates back to 2011, and has since worked to affirm and widen their network of collaborations. On the one hand, they are working towards collecting partnerships with as many banking and financial institutions as possible. Thus, they are able to cater to their whole client pool, increasing exposure, confirming their brand name and establishing market share dominance.

About the Company

On the other hand, merchants, retail and similar e-commerce platforms are working to add it among their banking methods in order to provide their users with greater choice of options. This has been said to increase customer attraction, retention and finally satisfaction, all of which are key to running a successful business.

Different Types of Entercash Merchants

The online platforms providing this payment processing service among their banking methods differ in terms of their own offering. While some provide goods, and others are more service-oriented, it is best that interested users are aware of all possible applications of the said funds transfer facilitation tool:

1. E-commerce: Generally, the e-commerce industry has recorded a rapid and continuous rise in popularity over the years, mainly due to its power to prompt new markets into joining the pool. It is only natural that those platforms experiencing the greatest traffic will aim to serve as many individuals, which is why they tend to offer top payment solutions with maximum coverage. In today’s estimates, consumers from 18 EU countries, i.e. account holders at over 4,300 banking institutions will be able to pay at your e-commerce platform.

2. iGaming: Interactive gaming, as well as gambling, is a rather new and not as much explored area of online entertainment. Nevertheless, its attractive, convenient, and ultimately rewarding model has allowed such establishments to achieve great results in practically no time. After all, they function on the basis of player deposits that fund the action, and withdrawals of their consequential winnings. Considering that prompt funds transfer is of key importance here, the real-time processing capability of the Entercash mechanisms is sure to be a favourite.

3. Digital Goods: Specialized online platforms intended to sell digital goods worldwide will be more than happy to include this payment processor in their list. While it is applicable in less than two dozen countries, the benefits compensate for any such complications. In other words, such geographical restrictions only further allowed the payment facilitator to adjust and customize their service to each local user pool’s needs and preferences. Thus, should one EU nation generally tend towards higher amount limits per transaction, another could be genuinely solely interested in extra security layers and authentication procedures.

4. Travel: In regard to the matter of amount limits mentioned above, interested users should be aware of the fact that Entercash already has some of the highest and most consumer-oriented restrictions in place. Due to such policies, precisely, the travel, booking and online checking industry has been able to benefit greatly. With high and varied price ranges and attractive destinations spread across different parts of the globe, having the service at your disposal could do wonders for any such business venture.

Using the Payment Processing

Using the Payment Processing Service

The best thing about employing such transactions at all of the above-listed types of platforms is the simplicity of using it. As explained earlier, the service is solely an intermediary, a mediating channel between a bank account held by the consumer, and the online merchant.

In order to start off the actual process, there is no need for specific registration at the Entercash platform – the service is a background transfer channel. Hence, users are prompted to access their regular online banking option. Considering they have chosen the security method of preference, the log in process should be as smooth as usual. Once inside the platform, all you need to do is choose the specific current account with the funds that are intended for the specific online transaction. Select the account, sign the transaction – authorize its veracity through the standard procedure, and confirm it. With a real-time capability, merchants should be informed of new incoming funds within seconds, prompting them to respond accordingly (send the goods, provide the service, book the vacant holiday spot, etc.).

Entercash as an Online Casino Banking Method

The sphere of online casino establishments has largely benefited from Entercash services. This payment facilitation platform combines both payment initiation services and bank-provided method in order to customize their approach to different portions of the player pool. What is more, the company features a 80%-100% coverage across practically 18 EU countries, especially finding application among operators oriented towards the Sweden, Finland, Netherlands and Germany marketplaces, among others.

Depositing & Withdrawing at These Online Casino Sites

For an optimal player experience, it is recommendable to go through the steps of the process even though the service is intuitive enough on its own:

Step 1: Before going forward with your Entercash online gambling experience, make sure your casino destination of choice has it among their list of payment methods. Considering you live in one of the EU member-states that are eligible to perform transactions with this payment processor, it is hardly unlikely a casino operator should fail to include it in their own list of offerings.

Step 2: Once you have located the best operator to fit your online casino gambling needs, register at the platform or simply sign up at the existing account. From the casino lobby, head towards the Banking/Cashier section and select Entercash as a payment method. It may be under bank wire transfers, or as a separate service – either way, all you need to do is click on it.

Step 3: Choosing it from the list will direct players straight to the banking and financial institutions partnered with the service, from the respective player’s country of residence. Fear not, as this capability is fully allowed for geolocation and legal purposes, and does not invade players’ privacy nor does it misuse any of their personal information. Select the bank where you hold an account and the following window will direct you to your familiar online banking platform.

Step 4: Through the regular online banking process, you can log in, set up a transaction, verify and confirm it, bringing the deposit process to an end. You should see the funds credited to your player account within seconds from the transaction, and use them for any of the gameplay content, player perks and other features at the casino site.

As for withdrawals, there have been no specific information so far regarding the Entercash functionality in this aspect of online casino gambling. While refunds are a common practice for merchants and private consumers employing this payment option, it is best to check with each casino operator separately to make sure it’s available for cashout purposes.


Advantages & Disadvantages of the Service

  • Integration – The Entercash banking method uses API integration which allows it to fit in a wide and varied number of online platforms, explaining the diverse range of merchant types.
  • Retention and conversion – Due to their contributing presence at the banking methods section of any specific online platform, there is greater variety for the user pool. Such an approach that allows consumers freedom of choice is optimally considered to result towards greater customer conversion and retention.
  • Refund policy – Users who have been left dissatisfied with the service or item purchased through this payment processor will be eligible for refunds. As long as the practice is part of the specific merchant’s terms of use, Entercash should be able to allow direct return of funds from the online platform to one’s bank account, without any breach in security.
  • Customization – The platform may not require separate logins and account setups, yet it still provides a fully customizable layout. Different colour patterns and iframes allow personalization, whilst the flexibility of the entire interface guarantees it can fit across multiple devices with varying screen sizes.

Naturally, there are more benefits as you go towards a more in-depth user approach. Just as well, there are shortcomings:

  • Country restrictions – Even though the EU is a considerable territory to service, other major markets such as US online casinos, Australian operators and the likes are deprived of its benefits. However, considering that it has only been operating for less than a decade now, it could go a long way from its currently successful position.

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Are there any fees attached to transactions made with Entercash?

No, Entercash transactions are free of charge, regardless of the platform or purpose of any given transaction processed through this intermediary channel.

What are the top suitable alternatives to this payment method?

Each user chooses a payment method that fits their preferences the most, which is why it is hard to suggest a direct alternative to any one of them. Still, users can go with other instant banking options they may be eligible for, as well as the wide range of e-wallet services available.

Is there any type of customer support and contact options for concerned parties?

Yes, both merchants and consumers have separate customer support segments answering their inquiries respectively. These can be accessed via regular mail, on their land-based address, the specific emails, as well as through an instant contact form.

How will this type of transactions be portrayed on my bank statements?

The bank statements you will get from the respective bank account you are using as a source of funds will solely read Entercash Ltd., meaning the transaction reports will not affect your credibility by revealing online gambling platforms as your destination. In fact, this is considered classified information, and only users holding all details of the transaction can inform themselves of the recipient party’s information through a customer support representative.

Will I be able to claim any bonus offers and player promotions when depositing via this payment facilitator?

Yes, players can claim all the top offers that are related to their deposits, as well as any other promotion they may be eligible for. What is more, some casinos may turn to offer dedicated benefits for those choosing this deposit method, as a tactic towards greater recognition.