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With more and more South African players across global online casinos, the need for operators to continuously add convenient payment methods for them keeps on increasing; that’s why many South African casinos have started accepting solutions like EFTPay. This is a method that allows players from the country to transact without the need to have a credit card, in their native currency. As such, it is increasing in popularity across many sites accepting players from South Africa. So, if it is a solution that would interest you, continue reading to find out more about it. What is EFTPay and why choose to use it as your payment method across South African casinos?

About EFTPay

EFTPay is, as introduced, a payment solution that emerged in South Africa when users needed it the most. It was launched by one of the leading financial companies in the country, EFT Corporation, located in Ebene, Mauritius, designed for those users who wish to pay online, but do not want to or simply cannot get issued with a credit card. It is not a new solution; in fact, it was launched almost a decade ago, in 2014. The company launched it in order to help users make swift and easy transactions and to help eCommerce sites interested in catering to South African users get a smooth integration and offer their customers a cost-efficient solution for their online payments.

Through its secure platform, the solution was designed to allow users to keep confidential information to themselves. And, partnering with some of the most powerful banks in the region, including ABSA, African Bank, Tyme Bank, Capitec, Nedbank, and Standard Bank, it managed to offer users further funds protection and a guarantee that it is completely safe to use.

As a citizen from South Africa, all you need in order to get started with it is an active bank account with any of the partnered banks, and that would be it. As you'll soon learn, the solution is not only incredibly safe but also easy and convenient to use. What's more, it was optimized for mobile use, so you can use it on any desktop or mobile device.

Being as amazing as it is, as soon as it was launched, the solution quickly got listed among the top payment methods across online casinos catering to South African users. Thanks to its offering, you can enjoy playing your preferred games on the go, via any tablet or smartphone, knowing that your funds are bulletproof-safe, protected by the top-notch security measures implemented by the solution, and the partnered banks’ security systems.

And if it sounds like a solution you’d like to try, you can sit back and relax knowing that you’ll find it offered across the top South African casinos. Continue reading to figure out what you’d need to do in order to get started with it and use it as your online casino payment method.

Getting Started with It

We mentioned already that the solution really shines in the fact that, with it, you won’t need to have or use a credit card for online gambling transactions if you don’t want to. All you need is an active bank account with one of the partnered banks. And since these are absolutely leading banks in South Africa, chances are you already have an account with at least one of them. Even if you don’t, opening one is extremely easy; visit the closest one to you right away, provide the needed details and the desk clerk will have your account ready in no time. While there, ensure the clerk also gives you the credentials to access your online banking profile, too, as you’ll need them.

Assuming you have your account and online banking profile ready, now it’s time to learn what you’d need to do to start using EFTPay. As said, no credit card is needed, so as long as you’re meeting the only condition to use it, which is to have a bank account, you’re already pre-equipped with everything you need.

First, you need to go to your chosen casino (or any other eCommerce platform for that matter) which caters to South African users and choose the solution as your default payment method. Next, you’ll be prompted to specify the amount you wish to have on your balance, and then you’d need to specify the bank you have an account with. Finally, you’d need to choose the account you wish the money to be debited from, and that would be it! As soon as all the details and the transaction have been confirmed, the specified amount will reach the final destination.

On that note, we should mention that the funds will reach the designated account in a completely safe manner. Thanks to the fact the solution is linked to leading South African banks through its own secure platform, all funds are handled in the safest way possible.

So, if convinced that this is a solution you’d like to try next time you visit an online casino, stay with us, as next, we’ll take you through the exact steps you need to make to successfully deposit with it. 

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with EFTPay?

It should probably be clear to you by now that the solution is available at most, if not all, South African online casinos. Global casinos that cater to South African players keep on adding it to their list of accepted methods, so you won’t have any difficulties finding a site you’d like to join, where you could use the solution. Since it is affordable for operators and players alike, plenty of sites are already at your disposal to check out. The minute you find the best one for you, register an account with it.

To make a deposit with EFTPay, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit your chosen online casino's Payment Methods/Banking/Deposits page.
  2. Locate EFTPay’s logo and press it.
  3. Specify the amount of funds you’d like to have on your balance in ZAR.
  4. In the new window, from the list of partnered banks, select the one you have an account with.
  5. Choose the account you’d want the funds to be debited from.
  6. Confirm the request and you’ll see the funds appearing on your balance instantly.

As a side note, you should know that your bank will notify you of the transaction once you confirm it, as an added layer of protection, making sure no one but you can use EFTPay to transact online with via your bank account.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

Cashing out winnings with EFTPay is not an option, unfortunately. While going through the casinos that offer it as a payment method, we could see that it is only offered on the Deposits page.

Therefore, if you choose to use it as a deposit method, you’d have to look for an alternative to cash out your winnings, as currently, this solution is not accepted for withdrawals. You’d need to check with your chosen online casino to see the other options you could consider, but there surely will be at least one eWallet or digital currency you could use to withdraw your winnings in the most effortless and cost-efficient way. 

Fees and Limits

For its remarkable service, EFTPay charges no fees whatsoever. You, as a user, hence an online casino player wishing to make deposits with it across casinos, won't have to pay an R1 when transacting with it.

Online casino operators, on the other hand, do get charged some low fees, but the solution is still one of the most affordable out there, compared to other South African methods. That's why many operators choose to offer it over any other, especially those who target players from the country and wish to give them the chance to make the most inexpensive deposits.

Allowed Countries

It goes without saying that, given the fact it was launched by an African company and works directly with South African banks, EFTPay only functions in South Africa. It is only available to users from the country, who have an active bank account with one of the partnered banks and that’s it.

So, if a player from any country other than South Africa, its services won’t be available to you. You’d need to look for a similar option that exists in your country, if any, or consider using some eWallets, prepaid cards, mobile payment solutions or cryptocurrencies, for instance, to get as smooth and safe transactions as possible.

Available Currencies

The South African rand is the only currency you’ll be able to use when transacting with EFTPay, of course. Given its history, nature, and purpose, it was designed with South African users in mind, so the rand is the only option, helping users make the most cost-efficient transactions by avoiding paying conversion fees.

Therefore, to fully enjoy this perk, you better find yourself a nice South African casino that offers the rand as a currency option; otherwise, if playing at a site with a foreign currency, you won't avoid the currency conversion fee.

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Does EFTPay offer Customer Support?

Yes, it does. The Support team is available via the email address info@eftpay.co.za and the on-site contact form. The address to its headquarters in Ebene is also available on its official website, so you have many options to get in touch with its team and get the answers you needed.

Will I be able to explore its official website in different official South African languages?

If you were looking for Afrikaans or Zulu, for instance, don’t get your hopes up. The site is, however, offered in English, and since this is also an official South African language, you can still navigate through it smoothly, without experiencing any particular problems.

Can I reverse a transaction I made via EFTPay?

Given its nature and the way it works, in collaboration with banks, you should be able to reverse a transaction you made with it. However, this is still a matter that only your bank could confirm, so make sure you get in touch with a bank representative to find out more details about whether funds are reversible when transacting with this solution.

Which are the other requirements I’d need to meet to start using the solution?

Assuming you’re a South African citizen, 18 or older, of course, with an account with one of the banks we mentioned earlier, you’re good to go. There are no other requirements to meet.

Do I need to download any app to use it via my mobile device?

You could download your bank’s app, but there is no requirement for doing so. The solution itself does not ask users to download an app to use it, so as long as you have your online banking profile up and running and you have your credentials with you, you can start using the solution via any browser, without having to download any apps.

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