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Bitcoin in Swedish Casinos

If you take a look at the countries that have embraced crypto, Sweden is one of the crypto-accepting countries. In fact, not only has Sweden welcomed digital currencies but also encouraged their use. And since online gambling is duly regulated in the country, too, you have no obstacles to joining any of the available Swedish online casinos that accept Bitcoin. Since you're probably on our page because you wish to try exactly that, let us tell you that here, we'll guide you every step of the way, from crypto regulation to obtaining some BTCs and using them across Swedish online casinos. Why decide to use Bitcoin across Swedish online casino sites?

Cryptocurrency Regulation in Sweden

Sweden is definitely a pro-crypto country, even though it hasn’t introduced any crypto regulations. Swedish citizens are free to purchase, store, and use crypto as it suits them, and basically, Stockholm has been unofficially proclaimed as the crypto capital of Europe. Bear in mind, though, that Swedish banks do not process crypto transactions, of course, due to its decentralized nature, so you’ll be trading crypto on your own responsibility. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that you won’t ever be prosecuted or fined for doing it since there are no laws that forbid the use of digital currencies in the country.

On the other hand, there are laws put in place when it comes to online gambling. Don’t worry, these laws do not forbid you to gamble online either; on the contrary, gambling online is completely legal in Sweden. The country legalized it a few years back, publishing license application forms for interested operators on July 10th, 2018. The Spelinspektionen was put in charge of licensing and overseeing online casinos. The Swedish Gambling Authority is actually quite well-respected in the industry, a regulator that issues licenses to both local and offshore operators, of course, who meet the criteria to operate on the market. Plus, these operators must adhere to the rules regarding online gambling services in Sweden, so when they don't, their license is revoked.

Sweden is serious when it comes to player protection, especially because previously, the gambling scene was monopoly-based, so when offshore operators obtain a license to operate on the market, they are overseen at all times. And that’s exactly why, as a Swedish player, you can enjoy a completely safe and regulated online gambling atmosphere.

On that note, since both online gambling and Bitcoin are offered in Sweden, you’ll find hundreds of Swedish-licensed online casinos where you could place bets in BTC to choose from. The country offers a legal framework for online games of chance, so whenever you want to, you can use BTC to place bets on any of the games offered. So, if this is something you’d want to engage in, stay with us as, next, we’ll take you through the steps you need to make to start playing across Swedish casinos that accept BTC.

Using Bitcoin Across Online Casinos

Since you are free to start gambling online with Bitcoin in Sweden, it is time to learn how to obtain some BTCs and use them across online casinos. The first thing to do, naturally, is to get some coins, so that’s what we’ll focus on first.

If you know anything about crypto, you know that there's this mining process as an option to obtain BTCs. And if you know a bit more about it, you know that mining requires a lot of energy consumption, funds, and patience. So, the easiest and safest way to obtain coins is by purchasing them, meaning exchanging fiat currency for digital currency. In other words, you can use Swedish krona to purchase your BTCs, at afiat-to-crypto exchange platform.

Do your research and you’ll see that there are many such platforms operating in Sweden, such as eToro, Bybit, and Binance, for instance. You’d need to explore their offerings and choose the one to go with. Once you do, you’d need to fill out a form and create an account with it. Next, you’d need to choose a payment method you’ll use to purchase your BTCs using SEK.

You should know here that so many local and international solutions would be your option for the purchase to be completed. So many modern eWallets, local options like Nordea and PugglePay, international card brands like VISA and Maestro, you name it. Therefore, whichever suits you, whichever you have an account/card with already, use it.

You'd need to select the amount you wish to purchase next and complete the purchase. With that, you'll have obtained your coins. So, the next decision to make would be whether to keep your coins on the exchange platform or easily transfer them to a separate crypto wallet account. You can do either, but the second option is way safer, as you’ll get the adequate, unique keys (addresses) that you’ll need when transacting with your coins. If you go with the second option, you should know that once you transfer your coins successfully, you can start using them right away, by providing the needed keys.

This brings us to the actual transaction, the deposit you’re about to make at a Swedish online casino. But, first, let us remind you that you’ll have hundreds of Bitcoin-accepting Swedish sites to explore to find the one that you’d like to join. Find it and register an account with it, and with that, you’ll be ready to make the next step – deposit with Bitcoin. To do that, you’d have to follow these steps:

  1. Visit your chosen casino’s Banking page and find BTC’s logo on the list of offered solutions.
  2. Once you press the logo, a pop-up will appear with the casino’s key, which you’ll need to copy.
  3. Enter your crypto wallet next, paste the casino's key, and specify how much you'd like to deposit.
  4. Before you confirm the transaction, check all the details, and then instantly, you’ll receive the coins on your casino balance.

Bitcoin is usually players’ favorite solution for withdrawals, mainly due to the quick processing times, so whenever you find it as a withdrawal option, select it right away. This time, upon withdrawal request, you'd need to specify how much you'd like to cash out and then paste your wallet key. As soon as the operator reviews your request and eventually approves it, the coins will immediately arrive in your wallet.

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Top 3 Methods Offering Bitcoin at Online Casinos

Sure, this is one way to get started with Bitcoin, the normal way these days, if we may add. However, you should know that you have the option to do it in a different way, too. No, we’re not talking about mining here, no; there are plenty of innovative, alternative payment solutions that actas direct fiat-to-crypto providers you could explore. Thanks to this option they are offering, these solutions will greatly facilitate your entire crypto online gambling experience. In case you have an account with at least one of them, immediately choose it as your default payment method at your chosen casino, as with it, you’ll get to purchase BTCs on the spot and use them right away for your deposits and withdrawals! The following are the top 3 methods offering Bitcoin across Swedish online casinos:

  • PayPalPayPal is the world’s most famous eWallet, particularly popular in Sweden. It originates from the US, but its availability is global. As a Swedish player, you can enjoy making all kinds of purchases and payments with it, in both Swedish krone and Bitcoin; but so many other currencies, too. What's more, PayPal is also a player-favorite payment method across online casinos and offered at most, if not all, global casinos, so the first chance you get, give it a go.
  • Quickbit – Quickbit is a local solution, an eWallet based in Sweden but accessible to users from across the globe. It allows you to convert your SEK to BTC in a split second as it offers direct fiat-to-crypto conversion via its platform. All online casinos catering to Swedish players offer it as its popularity is increasing, therefore, if you've already been using it, try it across online casinos to make smooth Bitcoin transactions with it.
  • Neteller – Another eWallet worth your consideration if in the search for a SEK to BTC conversion is Neteller. Even though the solution introduced the functionality not that long ago, it is being used by users in full steam. Via its app, you can instantly convert your Swedish krone to BTC but also your BTC to SEK! Add to that the fact that Neteller is one of the most popular methods offered across all Swedish casinos, and there you have it, the perfect solution to use for deposits and withdrawals in crypto!


Since Sweden is a pro-crypto country where online gambling is legal, you are absolutely free to get started with your crypto gambling whenever you want. You’d need to obtain your coins the way we explained or use one of the eWallets we mentioned to start your crypto gambling journey; either way, you can rest assured that your experience will be flawless, and your transactions instant. Therefore, make sure you give BTC a try across Swedish casinos, to enjoy effortless deposits and withdrawals.


Is Sweden a crypto-friendly country?

Yes, indeed, it is. As mentioned, the country has embraced crypto and its principal city has unofficially become the capital of cryptocurrencies in Europe.

Is online gambling legal in Sweden?

Yes, it is. While Sweden used to have a monopoly-based gambling scene previously, as of a few years ago, the country opened its doors to foreign operators and now, anyone licensed by the Spelinspektionen can provide Swedish players with all kinds of online casino games, legally.

How can I be certain my online gambling experience at Swedish casinos will be safe?

The Swedish Gambling Authority keeps an eye on all operators offering online casino games to Swedish players, making sure to revoke licenses if any irregularities are spotted. So, as long as you're playing at an online casino that holds a license from the Spelinspektionen, you can rest assured your experience will be safe.

Can I gamble online using Bitcoin in Sweden?

Yes, sure. Sweden has embraced crypto and most, if not all, online casinos licensed by the Swedish Gambling Authority offer BTC, therefore, you are free to gamble online using the crypto whenever you want to.

How many online casinos licensed to operate in Sweden accept BTC?

As said, most, if not all, Swedish online casinos offer BTC; just do your search and you’ll see that you’ll get all kinds of options, sites that offer different games to choose from, so just find the one that would work best for you and join it.