Play Online Double Bonus Video Poker for Real Money or Free

Wizard of Odds Approved
250% Welcome Bonus
$3,000 Welcome Bonus

Rarely can you find video poker variant with the expected return of 100.17% when the optimal strategy is played properly, but that’s exactly what you can get here. To no surprise…

The 10/7 Double Bonus Poker is difficult and rare to find although it’s present at some Las Vegas’ and online casinos. Therefore, it may come in handy to play it for free (not to mention for the real money) plus to utilize custom-made training tool, delivering…

...balanced pack of playfulness, fun, and useful features to improve your poker skills!

Of course, to play this popular game with conventional rules — build your top hand and beat the dealer by holding best cards dealt from a 52-card deck — you first need to introduce yourself to Double Bonus Poker and strategy, correct plays, demanding and conflicting hands, as well as analytical overview of estimated combinations, probabilities, and returns.

Afterward, the traditional layout with straightforward controls and 10,000 free coins awaits you.

As is the case with Bonus Poker variant, Double Bonus Poker paytable — situated neatly atop of your screen, present for the whole duration of the game, visibly informing you about wager value you opted for — incrementally rewards Four of a Kind in three tiers (2s to 4s, 5s thru Kings, and Aces).

Cards, with the neat visuals of Wizard of Odds at their backs, are in the middle of your screen while the control strip (including info on credit balance and betting levels) takes the lower portion of the game layout with only a few controls needed to govern your moves.

The SPEED button lets you increase and decrease the swiftness of cards dealt. By using BET ONE button you can select your wager (ranging from 1 to 5 credits), but if you want to go for the highest bet you can click on BET MAX too (the hand is dealt automatically when you use this option).

Buttons DEAL and DRAW will give you the new cards while you select the ones you’d like to keep by pressing HOLD.


The simple strategy for beginners and aspiring poker players is rather upfront, but the advanced Double Bonus Poker strategy requires time and training to be perfected.

That’s where the Personal Game Advisor comes in play, with two useful features.

Right above the Double Bonus Poker layout, you can see the “Warn on strategy errors” box.

When you click on it, you allow for a pop-up window to warn you when there is a better option to be played. Acting as a free mentor on strategy errors, it may be a useful tool to improve your overall poker knowledge regardless of your expertise level.

Then, there is the ANALYZE button — helpful hand in developing advanced poker skillset. This option can be used once you’ve been dealt your hand and you have to select cards to hold.

If you click it, a new pop-up window appears giving you analytical overview with available options at your disposal mapped on your current hand and paytable selected.

Whenever you decide to base your next move on such educated guess and (probably) learn something new in doing so, you can only click on the option you wish to execute and the game deals you with new cards. If you want to return to game layout and pursue your call, you press RETURN TO GAME button.

The Personal Game Advisor is available to you in any of poker game you want to play, thus when you feel like going for some other option, you can click MORE GAMES button.

One way or the other…

Double Bonus Poker is a great game and training playground to increase poker knowledge and gain valuable experience without having to use the real money, particularly if you're a beginner or aspiring poker player; if you're a seasoned patron, the Personal Game Advisor might help you fine-tune your strategy and practice improvements for free, giving you that extra edge in your game.

As the game flows with an equal dose of simplicity and fun, the only remaining thing for a poker player to bring to this game is…

Responsibility and sound decision-making process as prerequisites for fun and relaxing experience in any gambling. Good luck!



Hand Prize
Royal Flush 4000
Straight Flush 250
Four Aces 800
Four 2s, 3s, 4s 400
Four 5s through Ks 250
Full House 50
Flush 35
Straight 25
Three of a Kind 15
Two Pair 5
Jacks or Better 5
All Other 0

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