Play Online Bonus Video Poker for Real Money or Free

Wizard of Odds Approved
$3,000 Welcome Bonus
$777 BONUS

One of the most available video poker games in any casino, the game itself needs no particular introduction or overview. Sharing similarities in basics with other members of bonus family, the goal is the same: use five cards dealt from a single 52-card deck, hold the good ones as you try to build the best hand, and beat the dealer. What separates Bonus Poker from the rest of the pack is the expected return of 99.17% when the optimal strategy is played well.

Thus, it comes quite handy to have the chance to play it either for free or for real money while enjoying the support of the Personal Game Advisor training tool.

Packed with such attractive and useful features, it becomes even better when you take into consideration our Bonus Poker introduction page, written by Wizard of Odds, which in detail takes you through strategy, how to correctly play difficult and conflict hands, in addition to statistical estimations on probability and return for each hand!

Once you founded or fortified your theoretical knowledge, all that’s left to do is to play and train!

A rather clean and traditional layout, with a straightforward structure and intuitive controls, gives you enough space to play 10,000 free credits in a focused and prudent manner, leaving you plenty of time to evaluate each decision you make.

Everything about this version of Bonus Poker is made with simplicity in mind, which in turns allows patrons to take care of their playing business!

Paytable sits atop of the screen, clearly pointing out to wagering option selected (it ranges from 1 to 5 credits). Dealing cards, branded in Wizard of Odds visuals, are right below, as control strip sits at the bottom of game layout.

Short of info on credit balance and betting level, controls consist of options to increase or decrease speed of cards dealt, to slide through wagering value incrementally (by clicking on BET ONE button) or to go for the highest bet at once (by pressing BET MAX), and to command your deals and draws; by hovering above dealt cards and pressing the mouse you select which cards to HOLD.


The true value of this Bonus Poker comes via the Personal Game Advisor, an in-house developed tool to be used for improving poker knowledge no matter the skills level of player. As such, it comes with two key features.

First, there is a “Warn on strategy errors” option right above the game layout. By activating it, you enable a pop-up window which appears whenever there is a better move to make or more proper option to select. It serves as your free and personal advisor on strategy errors.

On the second level, particularly useful for developing advanced skillset, the button ANALYZE appears after the initial five cards are dealt (right before you select which ones to hold). By using it, yet another pop-up window appears empowering you with…

Full, real-time statistical overview of all the available options at your current hand in line with selected wager and paytable.

So, not only you can decide on your next move through educated guess (while learning something in the process), but you also only have to click on the option you want to pursue and the game resumes. If you opt to go with your call, you can simply press RETURN TO GAME and continue.

The Personal Game Advisor is indeed a helpful tool for aspiring poker players, looking to increase experience levels without having to play for the real money. Seasoned patrons, on the other hand, can use it to thinker on their strategies and, perhaps, tweak and adjust details they deem proper.

Simple and conventional though vested with useful and entertaining features, our Bonus Poker is a rather popular choice among players around the world.

It’s fast, easy-going, with a friendly user-interface on any given platform (thank you, JavaScript!), rewarding when it comes to better hands, exciting, and engaging…

While at the same time providing for quick surf through other poker games by simply clicking MORE GAMES button and switching while remaining in the same field of play.

As a consequence, the only things required from players are responsibility and a relaxed approach to this game with a lot of potential for great fun. Good luck!