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Another Mediocre Playtech Casino Victimizes Player


Another Mediocre Playtech Casino Victimizes Player

For years we have heard stories about unscrupulous casinos that have predatory terms and conditions that prevent players from receiving money that should legitimately be theirs after a big win. Unfortunately, many of these cases either stem from sites that offer action to unregulated markets such as the United States, or offer games from software developer Playtech. On more than one occasion we have heard of punters at Playtech powered casinos winning big progressive jackpots only to find out that they will have to wait years to receive the full amount of their winnings. Unfortunately for a punter named Natalia, Playtech powered Casino Bellini joined the growing list of casinos that penalize big winners.

Casino Bellini

Natalia was spinning the reels on the Spamalot Holy Grail video slot at Casino Bellini in August when she set off the game's random progressive jackpot for a whopping $2,973,077. The win is no doubt a life-changer for Natalia, and she had every right to be thrilled, as that much money can go to a lot of good uses. Unfortunately for her though, Casino Bellini has a strict set of terms and conditions that limit withdrawals from the site to just $9,990 per month: progressive jackpots included. Because of this, Natalia will be waiting nearly 25 years to receive the full share of the money she is owed.

Ridiculous Terms and Conditions

While it would be understandable for the casino to pay out that money to the winner if they were receiving installments on the money from the developer, Playtech actually pays the jackpot in one lump sum to the casino that hosted the win, giving no legitimate reason as to why they should withholding the full prize amount from the player. Unfortunately, sites like Casino Bellini are able to skirt these rules and hold on to the money due to clauses in the site’s terms and conditions, which read:

"8.4.4 You are aware of and agree that players are allowed to withdraw not more than $9,990/£9,990/€9,990 per month. If the amount to be withdrawn is greater than $9,990/£9,990/€9,990, the remaining amount will be placed back to the player's account, allowing the player to withdraw additional funds the following month in accordance with this term. The foregoing applies also to Withdrawals of progressive jackpots. Withdrawals depend on all conditions specified above and the verification of all required documents as set forth in clause 9.4 below."

Joyland Casino

This is not the first time that a big jackpot winner from a Playtech powered casino has fallen victim to shoddy terms and conditions. In 2009 a Canadian woman named Sylvia won a huge $4.1 million prize at Joyland Casino on the Beach Life slot, but that casino also restricted her wins: in this case $9,000 per month. Feeling like she should get her money in full Sylvia complained, only to be offered half of the money in an effort to get her to go away. Eventually feeling like she was getting nowhere, Sylvia ended up taking the deal.

Jackpots and Playtech Casinos

While there are numerous excellent casinos that offer Playtech games to their customers, it is still very concerning to see a publicly traded company dealing with sites that can put large sums of money like this at risk with no repercussions should the casino go bankrupt or close its doors. The casinos themselves are also hurting themselves in the long run by the bad publicity they get when they hold onto money that is not rightfully theirs. Furthermore, operators with low withdrawal limits such as Casino Bellini have failed to answer exactly what it is that they do with the jackpot winnings while they hold onto the cash. Does the money stay in a safe and secure location, or is it used to fund marketing and operational costs of running a website? Nobody knows, and it is likely that no casino will ever answer the question unless they are legally required to.

Select the right Playtech Casino

The lesson going forward is that punters who play at Playtech powered casinos need to be dutiful in carrying out their research on the site they plan to deposit at. Players should look into an individual site’s terms and conditions in order to gauge whether or not there is a clause that could prevent you from collecting the money that is rightfully theirs.

Because there are some sites that limit your withdrawal amounts when you score a progressive jackpot win, it is very important to play at Playtech casinos that don't limit withdrawals. We have compiled a list of casinos that don't limit your progressive jackpot withdrawals, which can be found below:

Playtech Casinos that pay jackpots in full

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