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While the Internet has certainly brought about a number of benefits, it has also been known to feature some shortcomings. On the one hand, people all around the world were finally able to communicate, exchange ideas and increase potential for growth and development in all areas of life. However, at the same time, it further introduced the matter of globalization, a phenomenon that was rapidly encompassing everyone and everything under a giant umbrella.

Despite it all, differences across borders and personalities managed to restrain the mass effect, and the same tendency was supported by a number of businesses. Some companies turned to specific countries, while others chose to focus locally on the territory of their own nation. No need to say that global brands provide just as quality products and services. The smaller ones are just better suited at identifying the needs of a smaller, niche group of consumers and act accordingly.

Finally, customer satisfaction has been achieved at existing and new industry segments. Some of the latter ones include the newly developed software and online solutions, services and product providers. Allowing for improved accessibility and further convenience, they facilitate many aspects of everyday life, such as finance management, time scheduling, business operations, various automation and the likes.

About Postepay

About Postepay

This solution offered by the Poste Italiane, the official national Postal service for Italy, is only one of the multiple it offers. This way, a practically ‘ancient’ service is able to stay competitive in their marketplace, grow and expand, and make the most use of all tech advances. Among their array of services, they offer financial optons – loans, credit and debit cards and the likes, cash transfers and online money management, mostly through their BancoPostale platform.

However, one of their most popular products released almost specifically for the Italian pool of online casino players and gamblers in general is Postepay. This is a digital prepaid card solution based on the model of regular Visa Electron cards that consumers have grown accustomed to using.

How Does It Work?

The Postepay card works just about the same as any other card you have been using so far. It is available at a growing number of online and land-based retail and merchant locations, and there are currently five different types of cards you can choose from.

Regardless of individual preferences, each card holder is likely to end up with an optimized payment solution that is supported by either Visa, i.e. Visa Electron, or MasterCard. All you need to do is apply for the card, get it funded with as much as you are eligible, and get ready to perform safe and secure payments, funds transfers and casino deposits and withdrawals.

Nowadays, there are all kinds of online and land-based retail locations, service providers and and POS terminals where card holders can perform purchases of all kinds. The same goes for online platforms, with an emphasis on online casinos looking to offer only top quality to their Italian-based player pool.

Apply For and Fund Your Postepay Card

Signing up for Postepay is available both at the postal offices spread across the territory of the country, as well as online through their official website service. One of the best things about this step of the process is that users enter information that they are generally identified with, instead of going in details and mandatorily entering credit card numbers, pin codes and the likes.

To register for an account and request for one or more (up to three) cards of the Postepay service, you will only need to input your personal details and tax identification number. The latter serves as an equivalent to social security numbers and ID numbers of other countries, and is required for legal and transparency reasons both.

Once you have applied and obtained the type of card that best suits your needs, you will only be able to use it once it has funds on it. For this purpose, choose from the following options to top up your card balance at:

  1. Post offices – just provide your card or its number, the amount you wish to fund into your card balance and some form of ID; funding is done through cash or other Postepay cards at one of the nearly 14,000 offices,
  2. ATMs – a network of almost 4,500 ATMs supporting Postepay, BancoPosta or the standard card companies are all able to perform card funding,
  3. At home – Postepay online, Postamat, the PosteMobile app and all other suitable online banking solutions can serve holders to fund their cards,
  4. Online banking – This is a specifically suitable option, just as compatible and available across devices as the previous one – the BancoPosta Click account is a great option,
  5. Sales points – Land-based sale points such as SISAL kiosks and tobaccos, authorized sale locations and dedicated Mobile SIM card services are all available locations.
Types of Postepay Cards

Types of Postepay Cards

  • Postepay Connect

The Postepay Connect card is more or less a cost-efficient solution, as the holders will not be subject to any activation, sign up or card issuing costs. At a single cost of €70, holders are able to enjoy payments and optimal connectivity with the Postepay Mobile app, and even a link to the Google Pay functionality. To further emphasize its name, the Connect card includes Mobile phone credit plans, packing credit, internet services and promotional offers.

  • Postepay Evolution

For more serious and widespread use of the card’s payment functions, Postepay Evolution is an option that comes with its IBAN code. This way, holders can perform much more than online casino transactions and retail purchases; they can pay bills, settle transactions, bank wires and charges, and perform P2P payments, with the card or through integration with Google Pay. All this is available for a €12 annual fee.

  • Postepay Evolution Business

For €3 more in the annual fee charge, the Business version of the card features an additional higher transaction cap of up to €200,000. Further capabilities that particularly suit business establishments include POS integration, online bank and wire transfers and the Mobile functionality, Google Pay transactions and more to come.

  • Postepay Standard

While Evolution is a match with MasterCard processing capabilities, Standard card holders are alternately directed towards Visa accepting platforms. They can shop and pay for all kinds of services in Italy and abroad, use it for online casino deposits and withdrawals, all free of charge. Just pay the €10 up-front fee and you are all good to go.

  • IoStudio Postepay

Also known as the Student Card, the IoStudio is a product of cooperative efforts between Postepay and the Ministry of Education, University and Research. It provides student card holders with a range of benefits for entrance fees, book and other educational materials costs, and at the same time promotes safe, healthy and substance-free living standards for the youth. Thus, the card still employs high-end security standards, but has banned tobacco, liquor and other merchants.

Using Postepay as an Online Casino Payment Method

The hardest part about using this digital card payment solution is deciding which option suits you best. While holders can get up to three different cards, they will subject themselves to unnecessary charges should they choose a less suitable option before making their top choice.

A characteristic of the card service which is generally mentioned in the context of advantages, as you will see below, is its all-too-familiar way of operations. Considering its affiliations with Visa and MasterCard, it functions in all the same steps throughout the online casino banking procedure.

Depositing at Online Casinos

Depositing at Online Casinos

Step 1: Finding a casino that supports Postepay payments is not at all hard for Italian players. However, those looking to maximize their choices of casino software games and bonus offers, card holders can turn to Visa Electron or MasterCard-supporting casino platforms. Depending on the type of card you have, just click the option and follow the transaction process.

Step 2: Choosing a casino platform that supports such debit card deposits is a prerequisite, but so is knowledge of how to properly handle your card. Make sure you have all the details available at hand, as the platform will ask you about the card number, card holder name, expiration date and the CVV code at the back. Even if you opt for a fully digital solution, the card details provided along would still feature all the key information.

Step 3: Fill in the field with the amount you would like to transfer to your online casino player account balance and confirm the transaction. For security purposes, the service has recently started requesting a dual-factor authentication through one-use passwords – it sends a code to the holder’s phone number linked to their account and will only perform the transaction once it is input.

Step 4: The convenience and familiarity of the well-known credit and debit card payments have been replaced by speed, security and accessibility of the newer payment service formats when it comes to Postepay cards. Funds should be immediately available at the specific destination, so players can get started with their top real money online casino experience.

Withdrawing from Online Casinos

Hitting a win at the online casino of your choice can end up being a troublesome matter if your payment processing options fail to meet the specific player needs. Postepay is particularly dedicated to Italian-based players, and thus allows impeccable and real-time funds transfers from any and all operators.

The transaction process is more or less the same as the deposit one, with the funds being the only ones moving into the opposite direction. Players can simply choose Visa Electron or MasterCard and get the cashout deployed at the linked Postepay card, after which they can be withdrawn from ATMs, used for further transactions or simply kept there.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Postepay

  • Free of charge – While not all card types are free of charge, the ones particularly directed at catering to specific user profiles can obtain it without any payment necessary. If you ever want to use it for more complex transactions, you can upgrade to a different card type – as for casino payment purposes, all you need to do is make sure you don’t lose it or that it gets stolen and you will be good to go.
  • Credit/Debit card replacement – Sharing credit and debit card information, as well as bank account details has always been a prime concern for online merchants and customers alike. Many security standards, measures and encryption have been employed throughout the years, but cards such as Postepay are still a preferred option, considering they are offer completely independent funding options.
  • Multiple access points – In order to allow players and customers generally an access to their services anywhere on the go, the Postepay cards can be accessed, refilled and used in practice at a number of brick-and-mortar and online platforms.
  • Security – The service boasts with impeccable track record and credibility, as the entire Italian Post Office is backing up the card solution in question. Plus, they employ encryption and security standards that match banking institutions, and even encourage users to provide ID proof at all times – through the tax number at registration, any document during cash funding your card, or a one-time-use factor for verification.

Despite such benefits for all card holders, there are bound to be some shortcomings which make some users’ experiences less enjoyable:

  • Country restrictions – The restrictive policy of this service dictates that only residents of the country will be able to use it. While the holders can only come from Italy, they can use it at a number of countries and their retail points – online and land-based. All you need to do is make sure they offer Visa or MasterCard. A recent announcement by the Italian Post Office put several countries on a list of restricted destinations, for security purposes: Congo, Pakistan, Nigeria, Uganda, Iraq, Democratic Republic of Laos, Afghanistan, Guyana and Vanuatu.

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What are some alternatives for players who aren’t eligible to use Postepay cards for online casino transactions?

Players that will need to look for an alternative to Postepay can first research the local services in their country. Many Russian, German, Scandinavian-dedicated casinos feature payment processing companies of the same nature, and yet the remaining player pool are able to perform real-money gambling through the global services – PayPal, Neteller, Bank transfers, Skrill and the likes.

In which currencies can I perform the transactions?

Transactions are available in Euro only, considering that only Italian residents can make use of them. However, at foreign sites, currency conversion is mostly provided, at a cost charged for the operation processing.

Will I be able to find enough variety of casino destinations offering this payment method?

Yes, as the list of casinos on this page suggests, there are a large and ever-growing number of casino operators including this option in their Banking/Cashier section.

Will I be able to claim online casino bonuses and promotions when depositing with Postepay?

Yes, players that want to claim general deposit-related bonuses at Postepay casinos will be able to do so with no trouble. Just make sure the offer is not specifically dedicated to a single banking option and players should be good to go.

Is there a customer support segment I can turn to in case of inquiry or emergency?

Yes, players and other concerned individuals can turn to the customer support contact channels at the official website of the Italian Post. The Postepay option has a well-equipped FAQ base, contact phone and an email with a 24/7 responsive team of representatives.