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paypay_online_casinosEven though online gambling in Japan is illegal, there are still plenty of international online casinos that accept Japanese players, and across many of them, you’ll find PayPay as one of the most convenient payment methods to use. This is a mobile payment app that allows you to connect your bank account and bank-issued cards, to make the most effortless online casino deposits in your native currency. True, it is not widely offered, but you’ll still find a decent number of casinos that accept it. Being so convenient to use, you might want to learn more about it and locate the sites that offer it, to experience the smoothest online casino banking. What is PayPay and why decide to use it as your online casino payment method?

About PayPay

PayPay Corporation is a company established in 2018, with headquarters in Japan. It is a joint venture between Yahoo Japan and SoftBank Group, through their holding company Z Holdings, which develops electronic payment services. Soon after it was established, the company launched its first product, the largest Japanese mobile payment app, that counts more than 60 million users in the country, PayPay.

While the company, along with the product, launched in Tokyo in June, by October of the same year, in collaboration with the Indian-based payment service company Paytm, launched the bar code and QR code-based payment service, to further facilitate the way Japanese users pay using the app. With that, it became even more popular for land-based purchases and payments, even though widely offered online, too.

The app basically works like any other mobile payments app, where you link your bank account or bank-issued credit cards to add money to your account. At land-based points of sale, you can either show a bar code on the app so the clerk can scan it, or you can simply scan the QR code provided at the store. Online, the process is pretty much automated, so the solution is incredibly easy to use and convenient for online payments and purchases.

And since online gambling in Japan is illegal and as a Japanese online casino player, you won’t be able to find casinos based in your country, if interested in joining an online casino, you’d need to look for international sites, which accept alternative banking solutions like this mobile payment app, to never have to share bank account details with the operator, but to never have online gambling transactions recorded to your bank account transaction history either. That’s why PayPay would be the most perfect solution to use as a Japanese online casino player, to avoid trouble and have the most effortless online casino deposits.

If you like what you’re reading so far, continue reading to find out how to get started with the solution to eventually start using it for your deposits across online casino sites that accept Japanese players.

Getting Started with It

getting_started_with_itAs you can notice, you'd need to meet several criteria in order to get started with PayPay. Don’t worry, though, as these are pretty straightforward. You’d need to be a Japanese citizen, for one, to get access to the app. Secondly, you’d need, of course, to have a smartphone. And three, you need tohave an active bank accountor credit card issued by your bank, to link to your account.

So, the first step would be downloading the app, naturally. Take out your mobile device, and depending on the operating system it runs on, iOS or Android, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, respectively. Type “PayPay” in the search bar and the app will appear. It is free to download, so just press on its icon and the download will start. As soon as downloaded, install it and you’ll be ready for the next step.

This may not be an eWallet, but it surely functions as such. You'd need to create an account with it, providing payment information. In less than 1 minute, you will go through the fee-free registration procedure, and soon you’ll be able to top up your account. You can do that, as said, by linking your bank account or credit card, cash (using Lawson Bank/Seven Bank ATMs), and several other local options. Then, you’d need to verify your identity, and with that, you’ll be able to start using your app.

Once your account is ready and funded with money, you can use it for utility bill payments, across many land-based stores nationwide, and online. You have a useful tool on its official website to explore all your options, both offline and online. When you go to the Internet Service tab, you’ll find online gambling sites like TipStar, TicketBook, Chari Lotto, and WinTicket at your disposal, among others. We mentioned that not many casinos accept it yet, but considering its growing user base and Japanese players' interest in online gambling, we expect that to change in the future. So, if you wish to give it a go at an online casino, follow our lead, as next, we'll tell you how to do so.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with PayPay?

As mentioned already, there are not that many online casino sites that accept this mobile payment app. However since hundreds of online casinos accept Japanese players, you should expect that to change. Users' interest in it continues growing, and the solution went from having 38 million to 60 million users in just a few years. Surely many of these are online casino players who will, sooner or later, demand online casino operators accepting Japanese players to include it in their payment methods offering; international operators, always wishing to get a more varied user base, will surely attend to their requests.

Nevertheless, you will find several sites that accept it already, so explore your options. After you’ve checked a few sites, register an account with the one that suits you most. To make a deposit with PayPay, you’d need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Head over to your online casino’s Cashier/Payment Methods page.
  2. Look for PayPay’s logo and press it, or select Mobile Payments.
  3. Enter your app and request a transaction.
  4. A QR code will appear; scan it with the app and the transaction will be completed.
  5. In an instant, the money will arrive in your casino balance.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

Sadly, you won’t be able to request a withdrawal at this point with this mobile payment app. The solution is not offered across that many casinos for deposits even, so do not expect it to be offered for withdrawals.

Although the functionality is there, and if you go to its official website, you may explore more about it, we have found no online casinos that accept it for cashouts. You’d need to look for an alternative to cash out your winnings, so you better have an eWallet prepared, or a cryptocurrency, if you like.

Fees and Limits

Depending on the services you’re using, and the way in which you top up your PayPay account, both fees and limits would apply.

You would need to visit its official website to find out more about them, but for instance, a daily limit is JPY500,000 and monthly JPY2 million with most solutions. Most methods come with no fees for topping up, but SoftBank and Yahoo! Mobile come with a 2.5% fee (tax included).

Allowed Countries

It goes without saying that this is a solution offered only in Japan. We’ve made that entirely clear, since we mentioned that it was launched there, by a Japanese-based company, and offers transactions in Japanese yen.

We also explicitly said that being a Japanese citizen is one of the criteria to get started with it. Therefore, if a player from any other country, you won’t be able to use it. If a Japanese, on the other hand, you’ll get plenty of perks deciding to go with it, that you’ll learn about as soon as you start using it.

Accepted Currencies

The Japanese yen is the only currency you can use when transacting with this mobile payment app. No foreign currency would be an option.

Even if you’re holding an account in foreign currency, the app doesn’t support other currencies, therefore, the yen is the only option. But luckily for you, online casinos that accept players from Japan also allow them to select the yen as their default currency, so you won’t have to pay conversion fees when making deposits with it.

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Can I explore PayPay’s official website in many languages?

The official website is offered in both Japanese and English, therefore, you could explore it in your native language, and discover everything there is about the mobile payment app in English if you want. The Language button is located in the left bottom corner of the homepage, but you can also use the Google Translate tool in the top right corner to have the website in either language.

Which are the supported banks that offer the service?

You’d be surprised, but the solution is offered by more than 1,000 financial institutions. Therefore, you must have an account with at least one of these banks, and even if you don’t, you will find useful information on the official website on how to register a bank account with any of these banks. Japan Post Bank, Simishin SBI Net Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, and Mizuho Bank are just some of the banks that support it, for instance.

Is there an age restriction to use PayPay?

Yes, of course. You must be an adult to use the solution; and if you’re a minor, you must obtain the consent of your legal representative before using the balance. But, since you cannot be a minor to join an online casino, you still need to be of legal age to use the solution for online gambling purposes.

Is the solution active on social media?

Yes, it sure is. You will find its profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, so if you wish to be up to date with all the developments and novelties it introduces, make sure you follow any of these profiles.

Which documents can I use to verify my identity to start using PayPay?

The standard identification documents are your option, so you have a My Number Card, driving record certificate, or a driver's license. Even if you have any trouble confirming your identity, you can always check its thorough FAQs page on the official website, and you'll be instructed on what to do to complete the identification procedure.