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Across online casinos today, you’ll find a variety of online payment methods that offer speedy transactions, and NodaPay is one of them. This is a solution that helps you leverage the power of the internet to make the easiest and most prompt online transactions. It will allow you to experience the most seamless online banking, even though it is a fairly new solution available across online casinos, compared to long-operating methods. And though it is yet to reach its peak across the online gambling industry, thanks to all the perks it has to offer, it won’t be long until it gets there. If interested in using it, stay with us to figure out how it works. Why choose NodaPay as your online casino payment method?

About NodaPay

NodaPay, as introduced, is an open banking solution allowing for instant, seamless and most importantly, cost-efficient transactions. Thanks to the open banking tech it uses, it allows both users and online banking merchants to manage their transactions better. Its collaborative banking framework allows both users and businesses to have full control over their activities.

The company behind it, NAUDAPAY LIMITED, is based in the UK, with headquarters in London, and works under the regulation of the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, so it is an entirely authorized payment institution, functioning under the Payment Services Directive in the UK. Therefore, you can rest assured the solution is completely legit and you can put your trust in it to keep your sensitive data and money safe.

And while it is extremely popular in the UK, it is also offered across several EU countries, but with intentions to expand to ASEAN, Canada and Australia. So far, it has offices in Madrid, Riga, Nicosia and Prienu, but more are to be opened across the world. Its team works tirelessly in making the solution top-notch and provide users with the best service possible.

On that note, the solution gives you the opportunity to pay directly from your bank account or use any of your debit credit cards, processing your transactions in a matter of seconds. What’s more, for its intermediary service, the solution charges no fees. Therefore, all you need to start using it is to have a card issued by or a bank account with any of the participating banks. Among the over 500 banks that offer it, you’ll find giants like Deutsche Bank, Santander, Revolut and UBS.

Even though the company started creating the product in early 2020, it first put it in beta test mode by the end of the year, making its first live payments in October. By 2021, 10 countries were connected to the project and by 2022, over 90% of EU and UK bank users were connected. The solution in the meantime launched new reseller programs and products, and today, it is trusted by millions of users and businesses.

Plenty of online casino operators joined in, too, considering the solution is completely customizable and offers integration in under 15 minutes, with convenient tools, offering a user-friendly interface and account security. You'll find it across the finest online casinos because it offers both players and operators full control over their transactions. That's why it is becoming more and more popular with players, so if you're interested in getting started with it, continue reading to figure out how.

Getting Started with It

NodaPay is super-convenient to use because you don’t have to register an account with it. As long as you have a card issued by or a bank account with one of the over 500 participating banks, you’ll be making seamless transactions with it within seconds. And even if you don’t have a bank account or a card, getting one would be extremely easy and would require only one visit to a chosen bank. In a few minutes, your account/card will become active and you can start using the solution right away.

As mentioned, though, online casinos need to integrate with it in order to start offering it to their users and enable direct payment on the app/web. So, if the casino you chose to register an account with it offers it, you can rest assured that it has integrated with it; otherwise, it won't offer its services.

From there, all you’d need to request a transaction with it would be to enter your card/bank account details in the designated fields. If all is in order on both your and the casino's part, the transaction will be successfully processed within seconds. To see it in action, stay with us, as we'll cover the actual depositing/withdrawing processes with it next.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with NodaPay?

Even though only launched a few years ago, NodaPay is getting offered across top online casinos. And even though it is yet to reach its peak, you will find a decent number of sites offering it, to explore and find the one for you to join. Do not expect to find it across hundreds of sites, though; just search for the ones that offer it at the moment and decide on the right one for you to join. Register an account with your chosen casino and you’ll be ready to make the next step.

To make a deposit with NodaPay, you’d need to do the following:

  1. Go to your online casino’s Payments/Payment Methods/Deposit page.
  2. Locate NodaPay’s logo on the list of accepted methods and press it.
  3. In the pop-up, enter your card/bank account details.
  4. Specify how much you’d like to transfer to your casino balance.
  5. Confirm the transaction and within seconds, the money will arrive in your balance.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

Quick withdrawals with the solution are also possible. You’ll need to go through pretty much the same procedure, only this time specifying how much money needs to be transferred to your card/bank account from your casino balance.

The casino will go over your request first, making sure you have cleared all wagering requirements if you used a bonus, and then approve it if all is in order. The money will instantly be processed after the casino confirms the withdrawal and will arrive on your card/bank account.

Fees and Limits

NodaPay is completely fee-free for you as the end user. You won't ever have to pay a fee for using it, as the solution comes with no hidden fees and it is completely transparent in its service.

The casino operator, however, will have to pay some integration fees; but these would be really insignificant since the solution is incredibly cost-efficient for everyone. That’s why, despite the fee, many operators are eager to integrate with it and start offering it to their user base. And that’s why the number of casinos that offer the solution keeps on growing.

Allowed Countries

The solution went global after its initial release in the UK and Europe, so you’ll find it across many countries. We said that it is offered in all countries part of the European Union, so you can rest assured you’ll be able to use it if a player from any of these EU countries.

If you’re a player from Austria, Lithuania, Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, France and Hungary, for instance, you’ll certainly be able to use it.

Other EU countries that offer its service are Denmark, the Netherlands, Romania, Luxembourg, Sweden, Bulgaria, Norway, the Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Finland and Portugal.

As said, the solution plans on expanding to ASEAN, Canada and Australia, too, so players from all of these countries have access to it.

Available Currencies

Having in mind all the accepted countries and the fact that the solution is offered by over 500 leading banks, you have probably gathered that many currencies will be your options to use when transacting with NodaPay.

Among them, we can mention the UK pound, the euro, the Canadian dollar, the Australian dollar, the Philippine peso, the Vietnamese dong, the Singapore dollar, the Cambodian riel, and the Thai baht, among others.

Basically, since banks are involved in the transaction, and NodaPay provides an intermediary service, all currencies in all of the accepted countries and beyond are offered; you’ll be transacting with the currency linked to your bank account/card, so whichever that one is, the solution will be able to process the transaction in it.

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Is NodaPay’s official website available in many languages?

While at the beginning it was only available in English, today, its official website is also available in German, French and Spanish; these are also some of the most globally-used languages, making it easy for all users to explore the site.

Does the solution offer a Customer Support service?

While on its website, you will see that the site and the information on it are more focused on merchants, or in our case, operators. If users need support, they have to contact its team via the email address [email protected], but you can also always contact your chosen online casino’s Support agents in case you need help with your deposits/withdrawals with the solution.

Is it possible to use cryptocurrencies when transacting with NodaPay?

No, not really. Since this is a solution that works with banks and financial institutions, thanks to the banking framework of over 500 banks, and banks cannot process crypto transactions, because digital currencies are decentralized, transacting using crypto with this solution is impossible.

How can I know if NodaPay is accepted at the casino I want to join or not?

As said, the casino needs to have integrated with it in order to offer the solution. You can check the casino's official website and look for its logo on the homepage. If you cannot find it there, then look it up on the casino's Banking/Payment Methods page.

How many casinos approximately offer the solution at the moment?

We cannot say one number for certain, because, as mentioned, the solution is getting accepted across many new sites each month. But, we can say that at least a dozen sites offer it now, so you still have plenty of choices to consider before you choose a casino you’d like to join to use the solution.

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