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Payment processing...

... has been in the core of online businesses ever since the e-commerce industry came to life. With companies discovering the potential of the Internet and making their products and services that much more available thanks to it, arose the need to get paid for such an offering.

The first online payment processing solutions...

... were released by already existing banking and financial institutions. Credit and debit card issuers, as well as actual banks, were the first to build upon their existing plastic card products and regular bank accounts and make them suitable for online payments.

New models of online payment processing services appeared additionally during the last couple of decades, all in order to move away from the standard credit and debit card payments. People felt less safe when sharing actual card details with their e-merchant, which ultimately led developers to release a whole new set of payment processors.

As a result...

... the first online payment gateways, processing services and fully functional e-wallets became a much more common occurrence on these sites.

Nowadays, online customers, shoppers, players and the likes...

... are able to choose from a range of options. This allows them to weigh in on the pros and cons of each service, and make the best choice according to their banking needs. Surprisingly so, many still choose to stay with the familiar debit and credit cards of the days along with exploring the more modern options.

New models of online payment

About the Laser Card

The Laser card...

... is a plastic debit card that was first issued back in 1996, in order to service users from the Republic of Ireland. The endeavour was supported by some of the greatest banks in the country, including the Allied Irish Bank, Ulster Bank, Bank of Ireland and National Irish Bank.

The card was intended to serve...

... residents of Ireland much the same way as any regular debit card, only with its specific perks and benefits. In fact, both issuers and users considered it as a kind of electronic cheque option, with much speedier transactions and better security. On top of that, it allowed users to access the funds deposited on the card via ATMs, for even greater convenience.

In its peak years...

... around 2010-2011, the Laser debit card reached some impressive traffic, with more than 3 million users being registered and paying for goods and services with the help of the debit card. Naturally, around the same time, the service reached its highest payment traffic volume, with transactions reaching a worth of 201 million Euros in 2010.

While the debit card may seem to be a bit traditional...

... in its aim to replace the standard cheque, it is nonetheless equipped with the necessary features to provide up-to-date transactions. Card holders can freely use it as a point of sale solution, as well as a proper way to withdraw cash from ATMs. What is more, much like any other leading debit card company nowadays, the Laser card has also been adapted to serve and process online payments.


... after their peak numbers, the company has experienced a notable decline, both in transactions from current users, and in newly interested card applicants. This was predominantly due to the fact that the Laser card solely functioned on the territory of the Republic of Ireland. Interested holders outside the borders were not eligible for the service.

In order to remedy this...

... the company decided to partner up with Maestro, one of the established leading debit card companies. Maestro is, in fact, part of the MasterCard credit card company responsible for payments processing all over the world, all with the help of their plastic credit and debit cards. This way, Laser remained the same for its Ireland-based holders, while anyone looking to use the Laser card for its benefits, and still be eligible to apply from other parts of the world, was able to get the same card issued under the Maestro brand.

Soon afterwards, even the regular Laser card started declining, and the company partnered with financial institutions the likes of Maestro for all its operations. They added the logo to the Laser cards in an attempt to revive their popularity and improve operations, but ultimately ended up with no other choice but to phase them slowly out of the market.

Nowadays, no new Laser cards...

... are currently being issued, although existing card holders have been properly addressed. Their old cards were returned to the issuing banks and replaced with new ones, bearing the logo of Maestro, or another partnering financial processing institution.

Regardless of their decline, the Laser card remains known as one of the most widely used payment methods on the territory of Ireland and beyond, later on. It used to new chip technology and PIN primary protection, allowing holders to go through their funds without the risk of getting stolen, lost, or scammed out of their cash.


Laser Card Online Casino Payment Method

Speaking of uses of the Laser Card...

... apart from its initial purpose to replace and improve the standard cheque transactions, it was available as a payment method at a range of other venues. As technology progressed, this came to include online merchants and other e-commerce platforms, online casinos included.

Online gambling sites, especially those oriented towards the Irish player pool...

... were more than willing to accept Laser payments on their premises. Around the time these businesses took off, the debit card brand additionally partnered with Skrill (known as Moneybookers back in the days) in order to make such operations possible. Since then, Laser card holders have been able to process their online casino deposits anywhere the e-wallet logo is featured.

Laser Card Online Casino Deposits

Step 1: First thing you ought to do if you’re looking to gamble with the Laser payment method is to check for its availability. The service is only scarcely available at a handful of casino sites due to its limited user pool, so you may be better off focusing on international or Ireland-dedicated sites in order to get the most results.

Step 2: Once you find a suitable casino that offers the payment method, make sure to have your Laser card nearby. Next thing you need to do is log in or register for an account with the casino operator, and head to the banking page. Here, you will need to select the Laser card logo – it may come attached with a partnering company logo, such as Maestro or even Skrill. In the former case, clicking to select the specific payment method will allow you to proceed as with any other debit card payment.

Step 3: Otherwise, if you are left with the Skrill-related banking method, upon clicking the icon, you will first need to log into your Skrill banking account. In case you don’t have one, there is a link to redirect you to the registration form. If you do have it, simply log in and choose to fund it using the Laser card. At this point, you will need to enter the Laser card details (number, expiration date and code) and specify the amount you would like to deposit.

Step 4: As soon as you confirm this transaction, the Laser card mechanisms will instantly fund your Skrill account with the designated amount. After that, you are free to use the funds as you please in order to make an online casino deposit. In this line of thought, don’t forget to check for any specific minimum and maximum deposit amount limits, as well as the specific qualifying deposit amounts for any deposit-match bonus offers. If you are interested in benefiting from a bonus bankroll boost, make sure to pay attention to this before confirming the transfer.

Laser Card Online Casino Withdrawals

If accepted at your specific casino platform...

... withdrawals through the Laser card are performed much the same way as with any other debit or credit card option. Players will need to head to the banking section, choose the payment method out of the list of cashout options and click on it to select it. Afterwards, all that is left to do is enter the card details as the funds’ final destination, specify the amount and submit the request.

Most casinos will need...

... to get your request authorized by support representatives to make sure you have redeemed any offers or promos that have been claimed beforehand. As soon as this is done, all you need to do is choose how to spend your casino winnings as soon as they land on your debit card balance.

laser_card_online Advantages

Advantages & Disadvantages of Laser Card Online Casino Banking

  • Security – The Laser card has been founded and supported by the top four banking institutions in the Republic of Ireland. Furthermore, as it expanded its user pool thanks to rising interests, the Laser card additionally partnered with other leading financial institutions, which further proves its credibility. Its transactions are compliant with the legal regulations of the country, as well as the security requirements of the industry.
  • Convenience – One of the top reasons for its rising popularity was its convenience – the Laser card was largely accessible, and accepted as a payment method virtually everywhere. Card holders used it to process cash outs, cashless point-of-sale transactions, contactless and online payment processing services, all through a single plastic debit card solution.
  • Dedicated Service – The fact that the service has been exclusively available in Ireland has contributed to its quality. Laser card has been specifically designed to meet the needs of card users in the country, with a fitting range of features and benefits.
  • Benefits – Speaking of benefits, one that is most highlighted by users of the debit card is the speed of transactions. It processes funds transfer as soon as requested, which is particularly useful to online casino players looking to get started on their favourite roulette, slots, blackjack or other casino game titles as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, the card also has some notable drawbacks which have pushed many potential users away from the service:

  • Country Restrictions – Many interested users have been unable to experience the benefits of the debit card due to its country restrictions. More specifically, residents of Ireland were the only ones eligible to apply and get the card from their chosen issuing bank. Others, however, were later provided the option to get the card through one of their partnering financial companies such as Maestro.
  • Limited Availability – Even if you were eligible to be a Laser card holder, finding a casino that supported your chosen method could still be a drawback. Most of these casinos catered to the Irish interactive gambling market, although you could find international platforms boasting the option as well. Either way, players still needed to consider a range of additional options, such as the game software featured on the platform, their security certificates, bonus offers and even currencies available.

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Would I be able to use the Laser card for deposits to mobile casino sites?

Considering the fact that it is a regular debit card like any other available on the market nowadays, online casino players should not have a problem depositing into their mobile casinos. Still, they are best off checking for the payment method’s availability beforehand, just to be sure they will be able to start gameplay as desired.

What is a suitable alternative to this debit card for online casino gameplay?

Other debit and credit card brands such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club should serve as suitable alternatives to the Laser card. E-wallets, online processors and even cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have also become available to online casino players nowadays.

Is there any customer support service I can turn to in case of a problem or inquiry?

The issuing bank of your choice that provided the holder with the debit card is responsible for handling issues or answering questions. These are all reputable banking institutions, so players shouldn’t have too much trouble getting the necessary information.

Does the card charge any fees for transactions made to and from online casino sites?

No, there are no fee charges for transactions made to or from online casino sites when using this banking method.

Can I apply for a Laser card and use it at the suitable casino site?

Unfortunately, the official Laser card is no longer issued by the supporting banks, and interested holders will see themselves redirected to a different card processing company when asking for this card.