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The African online gambling industry grows at an insane rate, and that’s why the demand for convenient payment solutions keeps on getting bigger; with DusuPay, though, all the difficulties players used to experience when it comes to online payments have been solved. This is an online payment infrastructure which allows African users to make the most seamless transactions to and from international eCommerce sites, online casinos included. It has been around and used in the online gambling industry for quite some time, catering to African players in the best way possible. If interested in knowing more about it to eventually start using it yourself, stay with us, as we’ll take you through its history and tell you how it works. What is DusuPay and why choose it over any other payment method across online casinos?

About DusuPay

Launched back in 2015, functioning for almost a decade, DusuPay is anonline payment infrastructure designed from scratch by a company called DusuPay Limited. The platform was created with the purpose of serving both African users and global businesses, making it possible for the latter to receive payments from the former. Thanks to its infrastructure and its brokerage system, users can deposit funds instantly online, which is something they were seriously lacking before the solution appeared.

The team behind it managed to build this amazing infrastructure which later on managed to become a powerful B2B business, allowing numerous international businesses to set their footprint in Africa. That's why the solution is today spread across many other countries and continents, reaching its global status.

What it actually does is enables both businesses and users to use all kinds of payment methods to make all kinds of effortless online transactions. Via the payment methods offered on the platforms, they can make EFT transfers, and money remittances, among other services, and smooth online deposits across online casinos, too!

What’s more, not only it supports all kinds of fiat currencies, but also cryptocurrencies, so to complete your online payment or purchase with it, you could use leading global solutions like MasterCard, VISA, Mobile Money, Verve and even crypto!

The solution is fully customizable, and that's why many South African casinos have started offering it. It is particularly popular in South Africa, even though headquartered in Uganda. It never stopped evolving and innovating and offering new services and products, including the Octopus solution, the proprietary payout solution for money remittance and cryptocurrency businesses depositing in South Africa. With it, any business interested in serving South African users can implement it without much effort.

That’s the reason why you’ll find the solution across some of the finest online casinos catering to South African players. It has become one of the top choices for players, since it solved all the difficulties they were facing when frequenting online casinos. So, if you’d like to try it out yourself, stay with us, as next, we’ll tell you how to get started with it.

Getting Started with It

DusuPay is incredibly user-friendly and easy to get started with. It was designed to be one of the most effortless solutions to use, by both users and businesses, and that’s why you don’t have to register an account with it to start using it. Casinos that offer it, however, do need to go through the mandatory business registration procedure and integrate with it; but you, as a player or the end user, just need to choose it as your payment method at your chosen casino and start using it right away. And if you see its logo on your chosen casino’s homepage or Banking page, you can rest assured that it has integrated with it.

So, the steps you’d need to make a fairly simple and intuitive. You’d need to choose a nice South African casino to join which, of course, accepts the solution. Then, you’d need to go to its Banking page to press DusuPay’s logo. As soon as you enter the amount you wish to transfer, and the method/account through which the transfer should go, the solution will take it from there.

As mentioned previously, you can use leading brands like VISA and MasterCard, as well as bank wire/EFT, Mobile Money and Verve. Therefore, with so many options on your plate, all you have to do is choose the way you’d want the transfer to go and the solution will make sure the transaction is completed safely and successfully.

Now that you basically know all the steps you need to make to use the solution, let’s see how the procedure applies when making transactions across online casinos next.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with DusuPay?

We mentioned that DusuPay has become one of the most preferred methods by South African players for making online casino transactions. And we also mentioned that the solution is accepted across many South African casino sites; yet, it has still to get to the spotlight across the online gambling industry. So, while you’ll find it offered across the finest South African casinos, do not expect to find hundreds of sites that offer it. You’ll have plenty of good options to explore, don’t worry, when trying to find the right site to join. So, the first thing to do is to go through some options and find the proper casino for you to register an account with it.

To make a deposit you’d need to do the following:

  1. Go to the online casino’s Banking page.
  2. On the list of accepted methods, look for DusuPay’s logo and press it.
  3. In the new window, enter the amount of funds you’d like to transfer to your casino balance.
  4. Confirm the transaction and in just a few seconds, the money will reach your balance.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

While our research showed that the solution supports payouts, meaning withdrawals with it are theoretically possible, we couldn’t find any casinos that do offer it as a withdrawal option. As it seems, casinos only offer it for deposits, and we couldn’t find a single one that offers the solution for cashouts.

Whether this would change or not, we cannot say. All we can do is stay alert and check out sites to give you an update if withdrawals ever become possible. From what we could gather, operators probably don’t want to offer it as a withdrawal method probably due to the fees involved; whether some would change their minds, we’re yet to see.

For now, you should know that you’d need an alternative for withdrawals. Since you can use both fiat and digital currencies when transacting with DusuPay, why not use cryptocurrencies for cashouts as well? Other options and recommendations would be eWallets since they are also great for withdrawals.

Fees and Limits

We just went through the possible reason why operators might not offer the solution for cashouts; the fees. Even though you, as the player, and the end user, have to pay no fees when using it, operators need to pay rather significant ones to integrate with it.

Operators need to pay a 3.5% processing fee for bank wire/EFT, Mobile Money and Verve and a 3.9% for VISA and MasterCard. If they choose to go with the Octopus service, fees start at $1 or the currency equivalent.

Speaking of currencies, in case you wish to use a currency that’s not a default one, you’d need to pay currency conversion fees. While those are really unnoticeable, you should know of them.

Allowed Countries

Even though based in Africa, Uganda, it is popular across many other countries, like South Africa. But it has expanded its reach to other African countries, as well, like Cameroon, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Burundi, Zambia and Nigeria.

However, the solution has gone global, so it is not only offered across African countries but also Europe, the UK and the US. So, if a player from any of these countries, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to use the solution.

Accepted Currencies

Having read what you have so far, you’ve probably gathered that the solution accepts all kinds of fiat and digital currencies since it is offered all over Africa but also across many other countries in the world.

So, the currencies you could use are the Rwandan franc, Ghanian cedi, Tanzanian shilling, Central African franc, South African rand, Kenyan shilling, Ugandan shilling and Zambian kwacha. Among the mainstream currencies offered, we can mention the euro, the UK pound and the US dollar, but you also have Bitcoin at your disposal, if interested in using cryptos. Other may be added in the future, but you’d need to stay tuned for more.

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Is the official website available in different languages?

Even though offered all over Africa, we thought we would find its website available in many of the spoken languages in Africa; but no, the site is only available in English. That's understandable, though, since English is among the official languages in all the African countries where the solution operates, and the universal language users from all around the world speak.

How can I get in contact with its Customer Support service?

You have three options to use to get in touch with its Support team, from Monday to Friday from 09:00 am to 04:30 pm (EAT): you can schedule a call on Calendly, reach them on Skype or send them an email at [email protected].

Is there a mobile app I could download to use the solution?

No, there's no app you could use since you never have to register an account with it. If you wish to use it on a mobile device, though, you can rest assured that you'll be able to, since the solution was optimized for mobile use and its website's mobile version works perfectly on any Android and iOS device.

What are the preconditions one must meet to be able to use DusuPay?

We could not find any preconditions you need to meet, except, of course, to be a player from an accepted country. As long as you are, you can use it right away. You don’t even need to necessarily have a bank account; you can use the offered alternative methods and cryptocurrencies to transact online via this solution.

Can I reverse a transaction I made with it?

In theory, yes. However, it would all depend on the method you used to complete the transaction. Each of the supported methods comes with its own policies and rules when it comes to reversals. So, while you’ll probably be able to reverse a transaction with an EFT, you won’t possibly be able to do it with Bitcoin, for instance, since transactions are i

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