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Many online casino players still distrust operators with their banking details and prefer making deposits and withdrawals across online casino sites without sharing their credit card information. If you’re such a player, who wishes to keep your credit card details to yourself, but still use a credit card to make a deposit or withdrawal at an online casino, Click2Pay is the solution for you. This is an electronic payment gateway designed for that exact purpose, by major card companies, VISA, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard. You link your cards to it and wherever you see its logo, you make immediate payments without having to share any card details. You won't even need to remember any new usernames and passwords to make transactions with it, as you'll soon learn, so keep up with us to find out more about it. What is Click2Pay and why decide to use it across online casinos?

About Click2Pay

In a world where online transactions mean a great deal to people and businesses alike, a solution that offers safe and convenient ways to move money online is much appreciated. VISA, Discover, American Express and MasterCard, the leading card companies, knew that when they developed Click2Pay, to facilitate users’ online banking and make it safer.

They first rolled out new tokenization protocols in 2018 as a foundation for what was about to be developed. The electronic payment gateway was launched in late 2019 and has certainly made online payments and purchases for users far simpler and safer than before, as you as a user, never have to share or store sensitive card information with eCommerce sites you wish to pay at or purchase something from.

What these four card companies did was combine their strengths, teams, and resources to design a safe electronic payment gateway, which would allow users to link their credit cards and pay online effortlessly, without having to remember any new credentials when at an eCommerce site. eCommerce sites agreed that the checkout experience needed to be simplified for users, and they embraced the solution immediately. That’s how the solution took off. The solution works in such a way that, when you see its logo displayed on an eCommerce site, you simply press it, enter the payment details, and confirm the transaction, without having to remember a single password.

It is incredibly easy to set up, and amazingly available across eCommerce platforms, meaning that it is incomparably accessible to users from the US. Yes, on that note, the solution being designed by US-based credit card brands, is only available to US users, across half a million online stores, wherever VISA, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard are accepted.

Of course, among the half a million eCommerce platforms that accept the solution, you will also find online casinos. A great number of casinos catering to US players are already offering it, considering its popularity with US citizens, therefore, you won't have any trouble finding a nice site to join to experience seamless online banking with this solution. If you're interested in learning how to set up and start using it as your payment solution across US casinos, we'll take you through the getting started procedure next.

Getting Started with It

You have two ways to get started with Click2Pay, so choose the one that would suit you better. We’ll take you through both procedures in detail, so bear with us.

The first option is to go directly to your online casino site, select the solution, and then you’ll be redirected to a Click2Pay login page, where you need to authenticate yourself. Then, you need to select a card (credit, debit or prepaid) that you wish to link to its platform, which you’ll want to use for the payment. Next, you confirm your details on the confirmation page and return to the operator's payment confirmation page. With that, the transaction is completed without your card details ever being revealed to the operator.

The second option is to go to your VISA, Discover, American Express, or MasterCard's official website, depending on the card brand you intend to use for the transaction. If you're using VISA, for instance, you need to go to its official website, find the Click to Pay with VISA page and scroll to find the Set up your VISA cards button. Press it, and you'll be redirected to a page where you need to enter your full name, and email address and select your state/region. Press the Set Up button and continue by selecting the card type you'd want to use and entering the needed card details here.

Either way, when you are at the online casino’s Deposit page, you’ll be able to make an instant deposit without sharing your credit card details. As soon as you press Click2Pay's logo, you skip guest checkout and bypass form fields, as well as eliminate the need for remembering passwords and simply make a payment in just a few taps on your device. In fact, let's go over the actual depositing procedure with the solution, so that you know exactly what to do when you're about to use it across online casinos.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with Click2Pay?

Regardless of the way you decide to get started with the solution, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to make smooth and above all safe transactions with it across many US casinos. The solution is accessible across a decent number of sites that cater to US players, thanks to its popularity among US users. You will have many options to consider, so explore a few options, check their games selection, their bonuses and then decide on the one to join.

The minute you make your decision, create an account with the chosen casino. After you provide the needed personal details and your account has been successfully created, you can proceed with the payment. To make your first deposit with Click2Pay, do the following:

  1. Head over to the Banking page on your registered player profile.
  2. Find Click2Pay’s logo in the Deposit Methods section.
  3. Press it, and in the new window, just select the card you wish to use, out of the ones you linked.
  4. Specify how much you want to deposit and confirm the transaction.
  5. Without sharing any card details, your transaction will be successfully processed and your funds immediately available on your casino balance.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

Considering this is a solution that works both ways, the operator can also use it to send you your winnings to your card, meaning that you will be able to request a withdrawal with it.

The procedure will be done in reverse, meaning that the operator will have to do all the work, and you’d just need to select the solution as your payment method and specify how much you’d like to cash out. The casino operator will first check your request, making sure you have sufficient funds on your balance to cash out, and then go through the procedure and send you your winnings. In no time, expect the funds to arrive on the card you selected.

Fees and Limits

Click2Pay is a fee-free solution, but you probably expected that, considering it was designed by card companies to facilitate your online banking experience.

You won’t need to pay extra when using it, except maybe the basic transfer fees charged by the card providers, as they normally apply for all card transactions.

Allowed Countries

This amazing electronic payment gateway is available to users from the US only. The four card companies that designed it are all based in the US and wish to make US citizens' online banking experience better and easier.

Unless you are a US player, therefore, you won't be able to use it across US casinos that accept it. You would need to check whether the card providers offer a similar service for users from your home country, and if not, you'd need to sort for some alternative ways to keep your card details away from prying eyes, yet still make card transactions, like eWallets maybe.

Accepted Currencies

Considering you’ll be using this solution only if you’re a US citizen, the US dollar, naturally, would be the currency you could use.

If you're using a card in foreign currency, you should expect conversion fees, depending on the supported currencies on the site you've joined. On the other hand, if you're playing at a US casino that supports the US dollar, you won't pay any conversion fees, since you'll be playing using your native currency.


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Who do I get in touch with in case I have issues with my Click2Pay transaction?

You would need to get in touch with your chosen card brand's Support agents. Go to the respective official website, look for the Contact Us page, and select the way in which you get in contact with the agents; all of these card companies offer unrivaled, world-class Customer Support, and they are trained in assisting users with the Click to Pay solution, so you will get the answers you need with certainty.

Is Click2Pay a secure payment solution?

Indeed, it is. You can rest assured that the card companies use advanced tech and multiple payment security layers to help protect your card details and funds against unauthorized use. The solution is a safe gateway that ensures your funds are handled with the utmost security.

Will I find Click2Pay on social media?

Considering this is basically a service offered by the four card companies, VISA, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard and not a standalone product, you would need to visit their respective social media platforms if you wish to find posts about Click2Pay on social media.

Can I use the solution via my mobile device?

Sure. You can use it on all internet-enabled mobile devices, wherever you see the solution's logo, and wherever the card brand you're using is accepted. You'd need to make sure the casino you've joined is optimized for mobile use, but considering most US casinos are, you can rest assured that you'll get a hassle-free mobile banking experience with this solution.

How can I be sure whether the casino I want to join offers the solution?

In theory, all online casinos that offer VISA, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard should also offer the solution, however, you would need to double-check whether in addition to the card companies' logos the Click2Pay logo is also available or not; if not, you won't be able to use the service. So, when choosing a site to join, make sure you find both its logo and the logo of the card company you have a card with and you wish to use for your transactions.