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1voucher_reviewWith land-based gambling flourishing in South Africa for decades now, it should come as no surprise that there’s an ever-growing number of players interested in playing their favorite casino games online, and they do that with one of the most convenient payment solutions for South Africans, 1Voucher. As its name suggests, this is a voucher system that has been successfully operating in the country for years, allowing users to make the smoothest and most effortless transactions in their native currency. As of a few years ago, the voucher became quite popular across online casinos catering to South African players, too, so if interested in knowing more about it to eventually start using it, make sure you stay with us, as we’ll tell you all about it. What is 1Voucher and why decide to use it as your online casino payment method?

About 1Voucher

Launched in 2005, 1Voucher is a voucher system debuted and run by Flash Group, a subsidiary of Pepkor, a leading holding and investment company. The latter boasts close to six thousand stores and rules over consumer retail and FinTech markets, having the most substantial retail footprint in South Africa. With a portfolio of brands like CODE, Shoe City, PEP, Buco, and Dunns, as well as activities in the cellular handset sector, the company based in Cape Town is one that is well-known to any South African.

Now, the former is a company offering world-class point-of-sale technology to businesses and entrepreneurs in the country, mainly in the IT market. With its proprietary technology, it aims to provide virtual products and value-added services offering unrivaled transaction access to various sectors, including entertainment.

Flash Group’s resources and reputation helped the voucher system become one of the most well-established payment methods in South Africa, one that users truly appreciate and have been using for years. With an immense partner network, the infrastructure it implements, and the popularity among users, the voucher is used for all kinds of services, gaming included.

The best part is, to purchase the voucher, you can either go to one of the retail partners in person or visit one of the platforms that sell it. Among the land-based stores that offer it, we can mention Shoprite, PEP Home, Flash, Usave, HiFiCorp, Ackermans, and Sleepmasters, among others. The online options would include its official website, of course, but also MoMo, TymeBank, MoyaPay, and NedBank, to name a few. The company launched a 1ForYou app in 2020, too, making it even easier for users to get access to their voucher online, and use it for all kinds of purchases and payments without ever leaving the house.

So, it should come as no surprise that 1Voucher is being used by millions of South African users daily, and why it has managed to get listed on top of the lists across online casinos catering to South African players. You will find it across many sites, so, if willing to give it a try, continue reading, as next, we’ll tell you how to get started with it.

Getting Started with It

We mentioned that you have plenty of options when it comes to buying the voucher. First, you should decide whether you wish to purchase it offline or online, of course. If you go with the offline option, it means you decided to get your voucher while on your way to work, while shopping, or even while taking a walk. The solution is offered across all kinds of shops, supermarkets, and stores all across South Africa, so it is truly easily accessible, and you can buy it while doing the usual activities when you leave your house.

But, since you’d eventually use it for online casino transactions, you may also consider the online option. Now, the easiest way to purchase the voucher would be to visit 1Voucher’s official website. You will find a black button that says Where to Buy. Press it and a new page will appear, with the voucher denominations at your disposal and the payment methods offered to complete the purchase. So, the denominations are R55, 5100, R150, R250, R300, R500, R1,000, R2,000 and R3,000. You can even enter your own amount, meaning the exact amount you intend to use at your online casino, of a minimum of R55 and a maximum of R4,000.

The funds you have on your voucher must be used at once, therefore, if you wish to deposit, for instance, R1,250, make sure you use the Enter Own Amount option. That way, you will deposit exactly that much and no funds will be void.

Now, the next step would be paying for your purchase. To do that, you can use bank-issued cards, powered by MasterCard and VISA. The purchasing process would go like this. You select or enter the amount you wish to have on your voucher, and a field will appear where you need to enter your mobile phone number, as the 16-digit voucher PIN code will be delivered via SMS. Then, you'd need to accept the Terms and Conditions and you'll be redirected to a page where you need to enter your card number, name as the cardholder, CCV number, and the expiry date. Finally, you need to press the Pay Now button and the purchase will be completed.

You’ll get your PIN via SMS on the phone number you entered and with that, you’ll be ready to start using the solution as your deposit method at your chosen South African casino. On that note, let’s go over the depositing process next, to know exactly what to do.

How to Deposit at Online Casinos with 1Voucher?

how_to_deposit_at_online_casinos_with_1voucherThe purchasing process was pretty intuitive, as you could see, but as you will see, so is the depositing process. First things first, though, you must make a careful selection of sites to explore, to find the one that would work best for you and join it. 1Voucher has partnered with many gaming sites, so you’ll certainly have a lot of choices to consider.

After you’ve checked out several sites and found the one you’d like to join, register an account with it. Here, you'd need to enter some basic personal details and as soon as the account is created, you can proceed to make a deposit with 1Voucher, following these steps:

  1. Go to your chosen online casino’s Banking page and navigate to the Deposits section.
  2. Find 1Voucher’s logo and press it.
  3. In the pop-up, just enter the PIN code you received via SMS.
  4. Confirm the transaction and the money will arrive in your casino balance instantaneously.

Important note: Remember that partial redemptions are not possible with the voucher, so make sure you enter the exact amount you have on your voucher when depositing. You don’t want to lose your money, right? So, the wisest thing to do would be to use the Enter Own Amount when purchasing the voucher, the amount you plan on depositing at the casino, to not lose any funds.

How to Withdraw Winnings with It?

In early 2023, 1Voucher made the impossible possible: it started offering the cashout functionality. With most vouchers of its kind, withdrawals are not an option, but the solution made sure to provide users with the chance to get paid with it, too.

The withdrawing procedure would be practically identical to the depositing one, except this time you'd need to look for the voucher's logo in the Withdrawals section and enter how much you wish to cash out. Provided you entered a withdrawable amount, meaning you have enough on your player account to cash out, and the casino approves your request, the transaction will be processed. The 16-digit PIN code will be generated immediately after the casino requests it and sent to your cellphone via SMS.

Important note: even though you’ll practically receive a new voucher, with a new PIN code, containing your winnings, the voucher cannot be exchanged for cash. You must use it for further purchases and payments, but you cannot get your winnings in cash with it.

Fees and Limits

No getting started or subscription fees apply when you’re purchasing the voucher or getting its app. No transaction fees apply either, therefore, you’d get a completely fee-free experience with it.

One thing to remember, though, is that if you're purchasing the voucher via one of its partners, some extra charges may apply, so make sure you do your due diligence and explore the most cost-efficient way to purchase your voucher.

Allowed Countries

It goes without saying, having read what you have so far, that South Africa is the only allowed country. We have mentioned not even once any other country, therefore, the solution is only accepted in South Africa and offered to South Africans only.

In case you’re desperately looking for a solution that would offer a similar service but you’re not South African, Paysafecard may be the prepaid card to turn to. It is globally accepted and offers just as smooth transactions.

Accepted Currencies

By default, since the solution is only offered in South Africa, it is evident that the default and only currency you could use with it is the South African rand.

You cannot use a foreign currency to transact with it; you cannot even buy it in foreign currency. Since the South African rand is your native currency, though, and offered across the online casinos that accept South African players, you will avoid paying conversion fees, so that’s great!

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Which are some of the online casinos that accept 1Voucher?

When you go to its official website and press the Where to Spend button, you're redirected to a page with all the partners that offer it. In the Gaming & Betting section, you'll see that the solution is offered across sites like BetWay, InterBet, YesPlay, BetFred, EasyBet, and Vegas Bets, among many other sites.

How do I get in touch with 1Voucher’s Support team?

While on its official website, you’ll find the Contact Us page. Go to it and you’ll see that the team is there for you, no matter what, via the email address [email protected], the Call Centre at 086 169 3333, and the on-site contact form.

Is 1Voucher active on social media?

Yes, sure! You will find it on all major platforms, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Just follow its profile on your favorite platform and you'll get daily news on its activities and developments.

Is there a FAQs page on its official website I could explore?

Yes, of course. The website itself is pretty informative, so just by exploring all the pages, you'll learn most of the details. But in case you wish to learn more, make sure you go to the See Our FAQs page, as it is thorough and informative, too.

Where can I get the 1ForYou app?

You can get the app on Google Play and download it on any of your Android-powered devices for free. The app is not yet offered on the Apple App Store, hence, it is not available for iOS-powered devices.