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What's New with Online Poker at the Wizard of Odds

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Apr 25

3 Card Brag: Playtech game similar to Three Card Poker.

Mar 23

Online video poker survey: House edge compared by software.


Aug 15

Chase the Flush: New poker variant seen at the Luxor.

Aug 11

6-Card Bonus: Side bet found on several poker derivatives.

Jul 28

Lucky 8's: Pai gow poker side bet by Ace Gaming.

May 26

Three Card Poker -- Florida Variant: How Three Card Poker is played in card clubs in Florida.

May 8

What States Might Go, 'All-In,' on Online Poker: An Overview on Current Poker States and States that May Legalize Online Poker.

Apr 26

Online Poker Guide: Information about playing poker online.

Mar 15

Caribbean Stud Poker Game and trainer: The new game also let's you know when you make the wrong moves.

Jan 13

Poker with a Joker: Poker variant seen at the Green Valley Ranch


Nov 27

Raise 'em Poker: Poker variant seen in Africa

Nov 9

Pokerjack: Blackjack game with two poker-based side bets by Arrow's Edge software.

Sep 21

Joker Poker (German rules): Can a 29% player advantage in a land casino be true?

Sep 17

Wheel Poker with Quick Quads: The title pretty much says it all.

Sep 8

Bet on Poker: Game with betting on which hand will win and its poker value.

Aug 25

Silver Dollar pai gow poker house way: How the dealer's sets his hand at the Silver Dollar casino in Washington.

Jun 23

Guts Poker: Description and strategy for three-card Monte Carlo guts.

May 24

Trade Up Poker: New and improved page.

May 18

Texas Choose 'Em: Simple poker-based game by Dragonfish.

Apr 30

DJ Wild: Poker-based game with deuces and joker wild.

Apr 5

Bet Voyager Hold 'Em: Poker variant similar to Casino Hold 'Em.

Mar 24

Pai Gow Poker Hand Calculator: Will analyze any Pai Gow Poker hand in moments.

Mar 16

6 Card Poker 1-2-5: Poker variant similar to Lunar Poker

Mar 16

Caribbean Advanced Poker: Caribbean Stud Poker variant where the dealer exposes two cards.


Dec 29

Lunar Poker: Updated page based on the new rules.

Oct 21

Four Card Poker: Intermediate and advanced strategies added.

Oct 20

Poker Keno: Game combining the rules of poker and luck of keno.

Oct 13

Poker Dice: New game found at Internet casinos using Wager Gaming Technology software.

Oct 12

Dazzling Dice: Poker dice game found at Internet casinos using Wager Gaming Technology software.

Sep 21

RTG House Way: Pai gow poker house way used by Real Time Gaming casinos.

Aug 29

Criss Cross Poker: New poker variant seen in Atlantic City

Aug 8

MGM Grand house way: The pai gow poker house way for the MGM Grand.

May 27

Double Draw Poker: New poker variant seen at the Cromwell and in Atlantic City.

May 1

Simple Pai Gow Poker Strategy: Convenient one-page strategy (PDF)

Apr 9

New Gambling Videos: Four new videos on blackjack, Mississippi Stud, Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em, and Three Card Poker.

Jan 26

Wizard Strategy for Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em : Finally, a simple strategy for lazier players

Jan 15

Pai Gow Poker Strategies: Pai Gow Poker strategies for use against the Foxwoods house way under various scenarios

Jan 13

Big Raise Stud Poker: New game seen at the Golden Nugget.


Dec 1

Heads Up Hold 'Em: Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em variant seen in Washington state.

Oct 2

Poker Tournament Calculator: Tool to determine each player's equity according to stack size and prize schedule.

Sep 30

Commission Free Pai Gow Poker: New version of pai gow poker without the commission.

May 7

Side bets in Caribbean Stud: Four different prop bets seen at the Palms casino in Nicaragua.

Feb 20

Three Card Mulligan: New poker variant (invented by me) seen in Calgary.


Dec 26

Crazy 4 Poker practice game: Enjoy playing here for free!

Oct 25

One Card Poker: New game by the Wizard.

Oct 11

Super Video Hold 'Em Multi-Strike: Level-based Texas hold 'em game.

Sep 21

Raise it Up: Poker-based game seen at the Pala casino.

Sep 2

Ten Commandments for Game Inventors: If you think your table game idea could be the next Three Card Poker, this article is for you.

Aug 5

High Five Poker: A poker-based table game

May 31

Lunar Poker: Some information on a very difficult game to analyze.

May 17

3 Card Hold 'Em: Poker variant seen at the Golden Nugget

May 6

Rabbit Hunter: Poker-based game seen at the Sunset Station.

May 2

Six Card Poker: Stud Poker using the best 5 out of 6 cards

Mar 1

Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em Game: Practice for free and learn from your mistakes while you play.


Aug 28

Break Poker: New poker variant seen at the Orleans

Jul 20

Mini-Tex: Poker variant seen at the Red Rock.

Mar 17

EZ Pai Gow: Pai gow poker variant. I've written about the California version before, but this new page is based on a partially wild joker.


Dec 15

Texas Hold 'Em Calculator: Find the odds for each player winning in any Texas Hold 'Em situation.

Nov 29

Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em Advanced Strategy: When to raise on the second and third decision points.

Sep 2

Hi-Low Pai Gow Poker: Pai gow poker variant seen at the Luxor.

Mar 6

Ultimate Three Card Poker: Three Card Poker variant seen at the Silver Legacy.


Nov 10

Dealer Bluff: New poker variant at the Wynn, where the dealer acts first.

Oct 8

Asia Poker: You've been asking for this one for years. Finally, here you go.

Jun 30

EZ Pai Gow Poker: Commission-free pai gow poker variant, available at the Barona and Pechanga casinos.

Apr 23

Pai Gow Poker Game: New and improved pai gow poker game.

Apr 19

Two Card Joker Poker: New table game seen at Foxwoods.


Aug 7

Pai Gow Insurance: Side bet in pai gow poker.

Jul 8

Three Card Second Chance: New card game invented by me, and offered exclusively at WagerWorks casinos.

Jun 16

Play World Poker Tour 10X: Practice and learn strategy at the same time on my new game.

Jun 16

Play World Poker Tour 3X: Practice and learn strategy at the same time on my new game.

Mar 3

Mississippi Stud: Poker-based table game popular in Mississippi.

Jan 16

Mini Pai Gow: My analysis of this six-card pai gow poker variant.


Nov 21

Texas Hold 'Em Dominated Hand Probabilities: What is the probability an opponent has similar, and better, hole cards?

Oct 18

Absolute Poker Investigation: This is a case of alleged cheating I have been following for over two weeks. I am finally ready to go on record with what I have discovered, so far.

Aug 13

Q Poker: Three Card Poker game seen in Macau.

Jul 18

Oasis Poker - Belgium Variant: Addresses the rule in which the player may not fold after switching.

Jul 16

World Poker Tour 3X Raise Hold 'Em: Poker variation seen at the Bellagio and Mirage.

May 8

California Three Card Poker: A variation of Three Card Poker, played in Los Angeles County casinos.

Apr 29

Mulligan Poker: This is new poker game invented by yours truly, available for play at Odds On casinos.

Apr 1

Oasis Poker: