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📌 Jurisdiction Curacao
💰 Min Deposit Please visit website for more information
💸 Min Withdrawal Please visit website for more information
⏱️ Cashout Time E-wallets: 24-48 hours; Credit/Debit Cards/Bank Transfer: 3-5 business days
🤑 Cashout Limit € 2,000 Weekly


Below is a list of promotions currently being offered at 1bet2bet Casino.


Punters in Europe are given no shortage of sportsbooks, given the regulated nature of a large portion of the market. With that being said, some sites are definitely better than others, and sometimes sites appear to run into difficulties regarding their operations. This is the case with 1Bet2Bet, who recently had their Curacao gaming license suspended and players have begun complaining of slower payments than usual. This is a bit of a shame, as 1Bet2Bet has been in operation for quite some time, and had previously held a good reputation for solid payouts and good management. We are hoping that 1Bet2Bet resolves its issues and comes back to being the operator that has kept itself near the top of the market for the past fourteen years.


1bet2bet offers a wide range of sports to bet on. From this Americans point of view, their emphasis seems to be European sports but they do cover American sports as well.

As I write this, the first regular season NFL game on Sep 10, 2015, is four days away. Here in Las Vegas there is a ton of hype, and bets, leading up to week 1. Meanwhile, here is a screenshot of what 1bet2bet is offering on the game:

What is wrong with this picture? Where should I start?

First, where is the point spread? Four days away from the game and they haven't posted it yet?! Please don't write to me saying that the game is "circled" because the courts lifted Tom Brady's four-game suspension. That should have nothing to do with it. First, 1bet2bet doesn't offer point spreads on any of the other NFL games the following Sunday either. Second, the suspension was lifted three days ago as I write this, which is plenty of time to adjust the line. Everybody else has adjusted it to the Patriots as a seven-point favorite. Finally, everybody else posted week one NFL point spread weeks or even months ago. As evidence, I'm posting a scan of a ticket on one of the Sunday games I bet in Las Vegas on August 1, over five weeks ago. The reason I made this flea bet, by the way, was to get my parking validated (shhh! -- don't tell everybody this trick or they will start demanding larger bets). I do give 1bet2bet proper credit for offering money line bets on all the week one games, but much more money is bet against the spread than the money line.

Second, look at the various over/under bets you can make, at all about the same price. For example, you can bet over 50.5 at -110 and over 54 at -111?! In other words, you have to lay more for a worse number. I know that such errors are good for players but they have such disparities in every game. I show that by middling the over 50.5 and under 54 the player has a 5.6% advantage. Normally I jump at opportunities like this but something tells me that something just isn't kosher. I'd test it with real money but I'm just looking at the numbers with no money in my account.

Finally, let me say that I love prop bets. Maybe I shouldn't fault them for that odd/even bet but it seems very weird to offer that bet and not a point spread on the game. Also, this is a very easy prop to throw out there. It doesn't matter who is playing, the probability of an odd number of total points is very close to 55.5% for fair lines of of -125 on the odd and +125 on the even, so no advantage here at -137/+105. How about something a little more interesting as a prop bet?

Let's say that you don't care about betting the NFL. What about the other sports? I must say that they do seem to have a good variety. As I write this on Sep. 6, 2015, they have lines for: soccer (which they call football), basketball, tennis, American football, rugby, ice hockey, baseball, handball (what's that?), motor racing, boxing/UFC, futsal (again, what's that?), darts (people bet on that?), golf, badminton (I haven't seen that game since the 1970's), cricket, winter sports, table tennis (I prefer to call it ping pong), and "special bets." The special bets were on the elections for London mayor and the party to win the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

I looked at various sports to see how competitive the odds were. Based on sports with two or three possible outcomes (in soccer there are three -- both teams and a tie) the house edge was pretty consistently between 5% and 6%, with an average of 5.4%. By way of comparison, the standard practice of laying 110 to win 100 has a house edge of 4.6%. So, I would say that the juice they take out of their lines is fairly standard. I neither praise nor criticize their overall lines on events with two or three possible outcomes.

Futures, where there are lots of possible outcomes, are another story. I looked at their NFL futures on the 2016 Super Bowl winner. The overall house edge on these bets was 23.3%. This is also about the industry norm. Not great but not awful.

Electronic Casino

This section shall refer to the electronic casino games, as opposed to those with a live dealer. To find the casino games, click on "slots" (regardless of what you want to play), and then click on either video slots, video poker, or table games.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you much about 1bet2bet's casino product. I can say that the games are by Realtime Gaming. They do not offer all the RTG games but rather just a small subset. To be specific, only six video poker games and seven table games. They do offer a nice number of slots at 38.

However, it doesn't make any difference how many games are on your menu if nobody can play them. I signed up for an account and have been trying to play the games in demo mode for three days. Every single time I try I get an "application error" a few seconds later. I'll keep checking back to see if the casino games are working but for now, for me at least, I have never got through the casino door.

Live Casino

1bet2bet offers not one but two live dealer casinos. One is identified on the menu as the "live casino" and the other as "live games."

I can't tell you much about the "live casino" because when I click on it I get an error message saying "bad user name/password combination" with the opportunity to enter them again, despite already being logged in. When I try to log in again I get a message saying that I'm already logged in. So, much like the electronic casino, I can't even get through the front door.

After being rebuffed in both the electronic and "live casino" I was happy to actually see a working casino game under the Live Games option. This is another live dealer casino with lovely ladies dealing a very unusual set of games. Specifically, the games are:

  • Lucky 7: This is a lottery game based on a 7-42 lottery game.
  • Lucky 5: This is a lottery game based on a 5-36 lottery game.
  • Dice: This is a Yahtzee kind of game based on the roll of five dice.
  • Wheel of Fortune: This is a game with a large vertical wheel with stops numbered 1 to 18.
  • Bet on Poker: This is a Texas Hold 'Em based game where the players get on which of six positions will have the highest hand. Please click the link for my full analysis.
  • Baccarat: This game follows standard baccarat rules but allows for in-state betting and lots of prop bets.


Poker is listed on the main page menu. As near as I can tell it is for tournaments only, which run about once an hour. I don't have any money in my account so can't comment on any of the details.

Software Providers

1bet2bet’s casino is powered by , which allows players access to the sports book and casino through their web browsers. The company also offers up a mobile site that allows punters the chance to bet on their smartphones and tablets.


1bet2bet Casino offers dozens of video slots to their customers, but it appears that there are not any classic slots on offer. There also appear to be no progressive jackpots being offered at 1bet2bet.

Comp Point Program

1bet2bet does not offer comp points to their customers at this time.

Licence Information

1bet2bet Casino recently had its gaming licensed suspended through the jurisdiction of Curacao, and as of the publication of this review even the customer support staff at 1bet2bet were not sure of the status of their gaming license.

Other Products

1bet2bet Casino also offers poker, sports betting, and live dealer services to their customers.

Player Issues

Players at 1bet2bet Casino have complained of slow payments, but it appears that these issues have been resolved, and there are no current player issues at 1bet2bet Casino.

Wizard Endorsement Status

1Bet2Bet has not earned endorsement from the Wizard of Odds.