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Last Updated: October 11, 2018

Wizard Of Odds Weekly Update October 11, 2018

Today is the middle of Global Gaming Expo week, the largest trade show for the gaming industry in the United States. It is always a fun, exciting , and exhausting week for me. No interesting stories based on the first day, I'm afraid.

For this newsletter I'll write about three field trial games currently underway here in Clark County.

Super Easy Aces This is indeed a "super easy" game, using a modified deck of aces to fours, plus two jokers. A single Player card will be dealt and the player may bet what it will be. There is a also a single Dealer card and a bet that wins if they will match in rank. It is on field trial at the Primm Valley Resort.
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Dragon Poker This could loosely be described as a version of Three Card Poker, using a modified deck with Chinese symbols like dragons and pandas. The optimal strategy is easy -- raise with phoenix, panda, rabbit or better. The game is on field trial at the Rio.
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Casino Dominoes Here is yet another game with a modified deck. The cards feature images of dominoes. The rules are hard to explain briefly, but the goal is to get a total of points evenly divisible by five using the Mexican train method of connecting the pieces. It is currently on field trial at the Plaza.
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From the perspective of the game inventor, it is very difficult to get a patent on a game that is simply a way of playing with conventional gaming equipment like a standard 52-card deck. There is nothing new physically there. I think this is why we are seeing customized decks in new games.

That is all I have time for this busy week. If you see me at the show, stop me and say "Hey Wiz!"