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JB Player Way - Pai Gow Tiles Strategy


The following is the JB Player Way strategy for Pai Gow Tiles. Follow the first rule that applies.


Identify whether one setting is superior to both alternatives (or equal to one and superior to the other), and if so, set the tiles that way.


Play a pair in the high hand whenever possible, except as follows:

  • Split Gee Joon with 4-6, 5-6, and 6-6.
  • Split H2's or L2's to make 6/8 or better. Also split with 9-11. Do not split with H8-9.
  • Split 5's to make 7/7.
  • Split 6's or 7's to make 7/8 or better.
  • Split 8's to make 8/8 or better. Also split with 9-11.
  • Split 9's to make 9/9 or better.


This rule applies to tile combinations that contain H2 and/or L2 with one or more 7, 8, or 9.

Play the best high hand if the tiles include both H2 and L2, or if the best high hand's corresponding low hand is worth less than 2 points.

Play the best low hand if the tiles include an 8 and 9, or if the best low hand is worth 6 or 7 points and one of the tiles is a H10 or H8.

With all other combinations, play the first hand that applies:

  • Gong with L8
  • High Nine
  • Gong
  • Wong


Play the best low hand if it ranks between 4H8 and 8L10 inclusive, or if the best high hand ranks lower than 6H6; otherwise play the best high hand.


Combination Rule
H2-L2-5-GJ play 7/high 8
H2-L2-5-6 play 7/high 8
H2-L2-4-GJ play 6/high 8
H2-L2-4-6 play 6/high 8
H8-11-10-L8 play 8/high 9
H8-11-H10-7 play 7/9
H8-11-H10-GJ play 6/9
H8-11-H10-L6 play 6/9
H8-11-H10-5 play 5/9
H10-L10-L8-9 play 8/high 9
H10-L10-H6-9 play 6/high 9
H10-L10-H6-L8 play 6/high 8
H10-L10-H6-7 play 6/high 7
2-5-6-GJ play 7/9
H4-L4-5-GJ play high 7/9
H4-L4-5-9 play 3/high 9

Note that a 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, or 10 with no H/L qualifier means the exception applies to both the high and low versions.

House Edge

The following table shows the house edge of this strategy under various conditions:

House Edge

Condition House Edge
Dealer Banker, 5% commission 1.8654%
Dealer Banker, 4.76% commission 1.7955%
Player Banker, 5% commission 0.0392%
Player Banker, 4.76% commission -0.0328%