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Pai Gow Tiles House Way from the Casino Canberra


The following is the Casino Canberra house way for pai gow (tiles). If more than one rule applies, use the one listed first.


Play a high-9 (high tile 2 or 12), gong, or wong whenever possible.

Given the choice of the 2 or 12 tile, use the 12.

Given the choice, play high-9 first, then gong, then wong. However, if doing so results in a low-3 (where high tile is less than high-6) or less, then maximize the high.



Play 3-wong with teen, teen, 9 and 11.




Play 7-9 with high-8, high-10, 11 and 7.




Play 7-9 with gee/joon, 6, 5, and teen/day.





Play a 9 with gee, 4, 5, and another tile not making a pair.





Play high-7 & low-8 with high-8, low-8, 9, and low-10.




Play high-3 & low-9 with high-6, low-6, gee/joon, and 7.





Play 3-gong with 12/2, 8, 9, and low-4.





Play low-1, high-7 with 6, 11, low-6, and 5.




Play low-2, high-7 with high-8, low-8, 9, and low-4.



  1. Pair Rules


    Never split the following pairs (4, 5, 6, 10, 11, gee-joon).




    Split 2's and 12's to make 6/8 or better.





    Split 9's to make 9-9 or higher.





    Split 8's to make 7-9, or 8-8 or higher.






    Split 7's to make 7-High Nine or higher.



  2. Finally, never split a pair if the alternative would result in two lower hands. For example, rule B above would suggest splitting 12,12,gee,4 to make 6/8. However, retaining the pair results in 7-pair, higher low and high hands.


  3. Wong, Gong, and High Nine Rule
  4. All Other Hands
    1. Never play any hand that does not maximize the point count (total points between the two hands).
    2. If the maximum low hand is at least a high-3 (high tile is high-6 or better), then play that.
    3. Otherwise, if the maximum high is at least a 7, then play that.
    4. Otherwise, maximize the low hand.
  5. As long as the two point totals are not altered, given the choice:
    1. If the high hand is 7 or less, then play high tile in the low hand, otherwise play the high tile in the high hand.
    2. Do not play two tiles of high-6 or higher in the same hand.


  6. Exceptions