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Fire and Ice


Fire and Ice is a pai gow (tiles) side bet found at the Borgata in Atlantic City. The bet wins if all four tiles in the player's hand are the same color.



The following table shows my analysis of Fire and Ice. The lower right cell shows a house edge of 14.50%.

Fire and Ice

Bet Pays Combinations Probability Return
All red 1000 5 0.000139 0.139043
All white 35 715 0.019883 0.695912
Mixture -1 35240 0.979978 -0.979978
Total   35960 1.000000 -0.145022
  1. Pai gow is played with 32 tiles, colored as follows:
    • 5 all red tiles
    • 13 all white tiles
    • 14 mixed color tiles
  2. Wins are based on the player's four tiles.
  3. The Fire and Ice bet pays 1000 to 1 if all four tiles are red.
  4. The Fire and Ice bet pays 35 to 1 if all four tiles are white.
  5. Otherwise, with any other event, the Fire and Ice loses.

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