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Banking has progressed greatly since the early days of handwritten notes and checks. After all, handling one’s personal finances has always been of pivotal importance, so it is no surprise that financial services globally are constantly working to improve the methods and channels used for such purposes.

All contemporary advantages considered,…

…the tech environment nowadays has provided greater maneuvering opportunities. Standard institutions such as banks and similar establishments have invested great efforts to progress their existing service formats. What is more, new services have additionally appeared in order to meet the market demands and facilitate payment processing in the newly created sphere – the Internet.


Online banking services

… are an instance of this new generation of inventions, particularly oriented towards the online marketplace. These predominantly function as e-wallets, online storage solutions for users’ funds, providing secure, yet safe channels for transactions in both directions.

The QIWI e-wallet…

… is an example of these payment facilitators, nowadays functioning as a possible option for e-commerce platforms of all kinds.

About Visa QIWI

The QIWI payment processing service was initially founded back in 2007, in Russia, under the ownership and operative authority of the Qiwi Group Plc. Within this timeframe, the service focused on making people’s lives easier by allowing them to handle all kinds of transactions in a more straightforward and available manner.

Users across Russia…

… were able to performs QIWI payments through over 150.000 terminals, as well as kiosks and affiliated agencies. They funded their prepaid mobile phone cards with credit, paid their utility bills, government expenses and performed all kinds of banking transactions including paying off loans with through this method. As the service gained popularity, its officials recognized the potential for expansion into other markets, and across a range of additional territories.

By 2009, the QIWI…

… online payment service had become a standardized means of online funds transfer for Russian residents. As soon as the company became associated with Visa, a major conglomerate in the field of payment processing, it was able to offer a new format of e-wallet payments across a range of countries. Moreover, the QIWI banking service offering both a plastic card option, as well as an online banking solution gained support and was made available at all Visa-approved locations.

The matter of security…

… was practically absolutely resolved through Visa’s official affiliations with the QIWI banking institution. Visa had already been established as a secure and reputable payment processing service provider, supported by a track record spanning across more than half a century of operations.

The iGaming industry…

… had already started establishing itself by that time, and online casinos, poker rooms and similar online gambling destinations had identified the e-wallet’s possibilities. As a result, Visa QIWI is nowadays included among a number of other first-rate banking options.

How to Get Started With Visa QIWI?

Online purchases, casino game players and other interested parties, both individuals and corporate, can make use of the Visa QIWI e-wallet option. However, in order to do this, they first need to make sure that they belong in the group of countries eligible for it. Considering that it was originally invented in Russia, the e-wallet is readily available for Russians, as well as residents from most countries belonging to the former Soviet Union, as well as about 20 other different countries around the globe.

The full list…

… of eligible countries whose residents can use the e-wallet service includes the following:

How to Get Started
  • Russia;
  • Canada;
  • United States of America;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Estonia;
  • Lithuania;
  • Armenia;
  • Moldova;
  • Ukraine;
  • Latvia;
  • Romania;
  • Belarus;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Thailand;
  • Turkey;
  • Panama;
  • South Korea;
  • Japan;
  • China;
  • Azerbaijan;
  • Iran;
  • India;
  • Israel;
  • Tajikistan;
  • Kyrgyzstan;
  • Uzbekistan;
  • Georgia.

Of course, Russian residents are further privileged regarding the range of services, as they can use the full range of QIWI solutions, including plastic cards and online banking.

In order to access QIWI…

… any interested user from the afore-listed countries needs to go through a kind of registration and funding process. It consists of a few simple steps, explained below:

Step 1: Access the QIWI official website in order to create your user account. Should you belong to an eligible jurisdiction, all you need to do is directly proceed to the page for new account creation. Unlike other e-wallets such as PayPal and Skrill, QIWI does not require a standard username/password signup. Instead, all you need to do is enter your mobile phone number.

Step 2: Your mobile phone number functions as your username equivalent, whereas a password is automatically generated by the service for each user session. Once you enter it, you will be able to access your QIWI account.

Step 3: In order to use the e-wallet account, any account holder will need to fund it with a real money deposit. The service allows this transaction through a number of methods – a direct or online bank transfer, credit and debit card payment, or funding through any of the various accepted e-wallet options, such as PayPal. Bear in mind that, due to the origin of the establishment, the Russian currency Rubles is the only accepted on this e-wallet, and users will see their funds automatically converted to this legal tender.

In regard to funding the Visa QIWI e-wallet, existing kiosks, ATMs and terminals, as well as authorized agencies across Russia are still available for the relevant residents.

Using Visa QIWI as an Online

Using Visa QIWI as an Online Casino Payment Method

The e-wallet format of the service allows users to enjoy a number of benefits, such as instant transactions. With the added security benefit from Visa’s association with the company, online casino players recognize it as one of the top choices in terms of payment methods.

It is readily available at a growing number of top online casino destinations as a deposit option, although not most operators are yet to offer it as a withdrawal method. Nevertheless, it is essential that interested players are aware of the proper procedure of using it for any of these transactions.

Online Casino Deposits Using Visa QIWI

Step 1: The first thing to do when interested in online gambling using this payment method is to choose the proper casino platform. Players can choose from the list of QIWI online casinos provided here, and decide based on their gameplay preferences, as well as the jurisdiction where they are located. Still, with the method’s growing popularity, they should have no problem finding a casino that meets their needs.

Step 2: Once you access the chosen casino and register for an account at the platform, all you have to do is go straight to the Cashier/Banking section. From the list of e-wallet methods, choose Visa QIWI as your deposit payment processor. This will open a login window, as players will then need to access the e-wallet account they have created.

Step 3: Just as the registration process, players will once again need to enter the phone number they use for as a QIWI username, and afterwards input the generated password received via SMS. Once players are in their account, what is left to do is to specify the amount of funds they wish to use as online casino bankroll.

Step 4: Upon completing the deposit procedure, players are again redirected to their online casino account, where they should see the funds immediately available for gameplay. Depending on their residence, they can additionally use the QIWI online banking or plastic card options. These methods function much like any other direct bank transfer or credit and debit card deposit, where players need to input their personal banking information or card number, with the associated PIN in order to deposit the funds.

Step 5: Considering the funds are present on the player online casino wallet, you can move straight to the game selection, or appropriate deposit-related bonus you wish to claim, and start playing.

Online Casino Withdrawals Using Visa QIWI

Step 1: Provided you accumulate some winnings from your online casino endeavors, and your casino of choice allows you to make QIWI withdrawals, you should be able to request a cash out with this e-wallet. Just head over to the Cashier section once again, and choose it among the list of available options.

Step 2: Players will need to log into their e-wallet for withdrawals too, using the same phone number and text messaged password pattern. Once you are in the account, all you need to do is specify the amount of your desired withdrawal before confirming the request. After that, all it takes is for the online casino support team to clear your transaction, and the funds should be available in your e-wallet just as promptly as during deposits.

Step 3: After the funds transfer has been cleared by casino officials, players can get them as readily available cash in a number of ways. They can be transferred to the player’s bank account, their cards, or another e-wallet they use.

Advantages of Using Visa QIWI

Advantages of Using Visa QIWI as an Online Casino Payment Method

  • Security – The e-wallet service uses top encryption certificates and security protocol to prevent intrusion from malicious third parties. Their unique user profile access adds yet another layer of protection, as players will not be required to share any information they wish to keep private. On top of it all, Visa’s affirmed reliability further contributes to the security aspect, ensuring players get prime protection of their funds and data at all times.
  • Transaction speed – Transactions made through QIWI are instantly processed via the service channel. Unless there is a delay within the casino request approval, players should see their funds credited directly to their chosen destination.
  • Lack of fees – Another popular feature of the QIWI e-wallet option is the lack of fees charged when using it to make online payments. The company has managed to sustain itself through partnerships with the various e-commerce platforms where it is featured, and thus provides a free payment option for online casino players.
  • Widespread dedicated service – With over 20 countries, including former Soviet Union member states, the USA and the UK, in its list of authorized jurisdictions, Visa QIWI has a wide coverage range. Still, due to the precise eligibility of territories, it is able to offer dedicated payment processing services to the respective residents.

Disadvantages of Using Visa QIWI as an Online Casino Payment Method

  • Country restrictions – The country restrictions do allow the provider to constantly improve its services based on the specific needs of their player pool. However, on the other hand, it limits the size of the pool, and interested players from excluded jurisdictions need to look for alternatives when funding or cashing out of their online casino player accounts.

Visa QIWI Payment Method Fees and Facts

Available accounts
1 account
Available currencies
Account management fees
Deposit fees
Credit card
no commission form 1,000 RUR
Withdraw fees
Prepaid card at the ATM
2% + 50 RUR
Fee to order
free - 249 RUR
QIWI Priority Package 799 RUR/year
Costs for cash withdrawals at the ATM
2%+50 RUR
Cash withdrawal at ATM limits/24h
100,000 RUR
Delivery time
5-30 days
Available currencies
1-5 years
Two Factor Authentication
3D Secure

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Can QIWI be used as a payment method at mobile casino platforms?

Yes, the e-wallet Visa QIWI payment method has been optimized to operate on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets alike. That means that players can use it to fund their online casino accounts and withdraw their winnings from any chosen QIWI mobile casino websites.

What are some suitable alternatives for players who aren’t eligible to use Visa QIWI as their online casino payment method?

Similar to Visa QIWI are the remaining top reputable e-wallets known for their online casino payment purpose – Neteller, Skrill, POLi, PayPal among others. Should you wish to opt for a different processing format, you can turn to more conventional options such as credit, debit and prepaid cards from major financial companies MasterCard, Visa and the likes, or a standard bank transfer.

Is there a standard exchange rate for the conversion of other currencies into Rubles when funding and withdrawing from the QIWI e-wallet?

The player funds transacted using the QIWI e-wallet are converted into the Russian Rubles currency on the basis of the set exchange rates of the market. Thus, they are just as subject to shifts as the rates at any local land-based exchange office.

Will I experience some fees when making QIWI transactions at online casinos?

As stated earlier, QIWI has found an alternative way to sustain itself whilst still offering their individual users a free payment processing service. However, players may incur some expenses, as specific online casino operators could charge players for their QIWI transactions. A greater portion of the casino sites, however, tend to offer exclusive bonuses and promotions that prompt the use of this fast, secure and rather convenient payment method.

How widespread is the QIWI user network nowadays?

Nowadays, QIWI is making efforts to further expand its coverage. According to the most recent estimates, it has a network of over 15 million users spread across the 20+ countries where it is eligible.