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Online gambling is incredibly popular in Canada, and there’s one Canadian payment solution that is perfect for players frequenting online casinos, called PremierPay. This is a payment processing service allowing players to use both alternative and traditional payment methods through its platform, hence capable of making online casino players’ experience the smoothest ever. Other than offering a wide range of methods, the solution offers fast transactions for really low fees. What is PremierPay really and how to use it across online casinos?

About PremierPay

As introduced, PremierPay is a Canadian payment processing service, based in Toronto, which has been offering a seamless service to users across the nation for over five years. It was launched in 2016, by a private financial company, with the goal to revolutionize the way Canadians pay online. As such, it is an entirely user-focused and user-driven solution, with the aim of making users' online payments quicker, safer and more pleasant. 

The solution achieved precisely that by offering users the chance to connect most, if not all, of their preferred, everyday-used alternative and traditional payment methods into one single place, its secure platform. And with that, it allowed them to use these methods at their convenience for all kinds of different payments and purchases. 

The obvious convenience it offers users is not the only thing that attracts Canadians. The fact that it comes with pretty low fees and no hidden fees whatsoever has also gained users’ trust. Since the solution is committed to always stay at the forefront of innovation and developments in online payments, it ensures players get the very best service and treatment. On that note, to ensure players are always put first, it gives them access to an impeccable Customer Support service, with an expert team always at their disposal. 

Now, we’ve come to the most important part about this solution, the methods you can actually connect to your PremierPay account. Of course, you have other popular Canadian methods like Interac eTransfer, Interac Online and Interac Request Money. You also have global brands like VISA Direct, and you have options like directDebit Plus, directDebit and directCredit. Solutions like smartPOS, Alipay, SEPAdebit and WeChat are also your options, so if you’re already using at least two or three of these, you can easily link them to a single PremierPay account and pay with them interchangeably whenever you want to. 

Since this solution is super-powerful, as you could see, naturally, it has been welcomed by the online gambling industry. All online casino operators targeting Canadian players are already offering it to their players, and many more are adding it to their lists of accepted methods. So, you should have no issues finding the perfect Canadian casino to join and use this incredible solution for seamless deposits and withdrawals. Continue reading to figure out how to get started with it first, though. 

Getting Started

You would need to go to PremierPay’s official website to get started with it. Of course, the first step would be creating your account. You can do that by pressing the Sign Up button on the right top corner of the homepage. If already a registered user, you know that you would need to use the Log In button to access your account. 

As a non-registered player, after you press the Sign Up button, you would need to fill out the application form with your mobile phone number, full name and email address. The solution will review the form and vet the information you’ve entered and will contact you to explain the steps you need to make next. And these steps would involve the adding of the payment methods you’d like to use.

As said, you can use the Interac services, and this needs no special introduction. It is one of the most trusted solutions in the country, collaborating with more than 70 banks and leading financial Canadian supported institutions online gambling. Thanks to its automated eTransfer solution, it can process transactions in real-time via phone or email. 

You can also use the directCredit, which allows you to pay directly to Canadian banks, directDebit, where you can make payments using your bank account and transit number, and directDebit Plus, where payments are made using only your online banking credentials. 

With VISA Direct, you would only need to use the name of the cardholder, address and 16-digit number to send payments directly to a recipient's reloadable prepaid card, VISA credit or VISA debit card. 

WeChat and Alipay are popular solutions in China, so if needed to pay there, they could be a great option. smartPOS and SEPAdebit options will become available soon. The former allows you to take advantage of land-based and online hosted apps features, while the latter is allowing you to use the SEPA network to make direct-from-checking purchases. 

How to Deposit at Online Casinos

Deposits with this solution, as you would assume, would be a piece of cake, since you’ll already have all of your favourite methods linked to your one PremierPay account. So, to start using it across online casinos, you would first need to find an adequate Canadian casino to join, which accepts the solution. Since you’ll have many options to explore, over a dozen casinos that are already accepting it and more adding it each week, go through this task the soonest you can.

After you’ve found the one for you and joined it, to make a deposit with PremierPay, do the following:

  1. Go straight to the casino’s Banking/Deposits/Cashier page. 
  1. From the list of offered methods, find PremierPay’s logo and click or tap on it.  
  2. From the available traditional and alternative methods which are linked to your account, choose the one you’d like to use to request the transaction. 
  3. Enter the amount of money you’d like to deposit on your online casino account and confirm the transaction.  
  4. Wait a few seconds and the money will arrive on your casino balance right away!

How to Withdraw

The withdrawal process would be the same one. Of course, instead of requesting how much to deposit, just request how much you’d like to cash out. You’d be glad to hear that you can also choose any of the methods that can be linked to the account for cashouts, meaning your winnings will arrive on whichever method you select. 

Keep in mind that the solution won't be accepted for withdrawals by default, even if accepted for deposits. So, make sure you check with the casino whether it is before you even join it. 

Fees and Limits

PremierPay is all about the users, and that’s why it is completely transparent when it comes to the fees users would need to pay for using its services. There are no hidden fees whatsoever, but you would need to pay the fees corresponding to the methods you’ll be using. 

For each transaction you make with the solution, in our case, for each deposit and withdrawal, you would need to pay the following fees:

  • directCredit – $5.00
  • VISA Direct - $5.00
  • Interac eTransfer – 1.9% plus $0.50
  • directDebit – 1.95% plus $0.50 
  • Interac Online – 2.0% plus $0.60
  • Directdebit Plus – 2.49% plus $0.60
  • WeChat Pay – 2.9% plus $0.30
  • Alipay – 2.9% plus $0.30

Allowed and Restricted Countries

It should be clear to you by now that you can only use PremierPay if you’re a resident of Canada. The solution is based in Toronto and one designed to serve Canadian users only. 

So, if an online casino player from any other country across the globe, you won’t be able to access its services. Except if using WeChat Pay and Alipay, the Chinese solutions, which are available on the platform as accepted payment solutions to all Chinese travellers wishing to pay in their country while in Canada. 

Available Currencies

It goes without saying, considering this is a Canadian solution, that the default currency you would need to use for making deposits and withdrawals with it is the Canadian dollar

However, you should know that other currencies would also be your options! In fact, you can also use US dollars, the euro and the British pound, as these are mainstream currencies, but more currencies are to be added to the list, as stated by PremierPay on its official website. 

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Is its official website available in English only or in other languages, as well?

The official website is available in English only, since the solution is, at the moment, only available to Canadian users.

Can players from Europe use it, considering the euro and the British pound are currency options?

At the moment of writing, no. However, you should not be surprised if the solution becomes accessible to European players, considering SEPA transfers would be accepted soon.

How can I be certain the solution will keep my money safe?

Considering this is a PCI compliant solution, you can rest assured that its system is incredibly secure, plus protected with further SSL encryption, the latest one, to ensure your transactions are encoded, hence, your money is safe at all times. 

Should I expect it to become available across many more online casinos?

Sure! The solution is still rather new, considering it was launched in 2016, and it has yet to gain momentum in the online gambling industry. Give it time, and you'll see that soon, it would become available across hundreds of casino sites targeting Canadian players.

Should I expect any other fees to apply when using the solution?

No. Other than the transaction fees as described earlier, you won’t need to pay any other fees. As mentioned, the solution is completely transparent and no hidden fees apply. 

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