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Industry progress has always been known to instigate other businesses into growth and development. This is mainly due to the companies’ dependence on one another when it comes to conducting their operations successfully.

Over the years, technologies...

... changed and developed in order to make people’s lives easier. As a result, modern-day customers are provided much better service, customer support, reaching much higher levels of satisfaction.


The rise of the Internet was certainly an invention that boosted the growth and development of businesses and whole industries. Some existing ones simply turned digital, while others originated from the basic principles of this novelty. Either way, it paved the way towards a number of conveniences that ultimately brought about new entertainment formats, employment opportunities, business models and thus, economic growth.

Still, all of these require funding...

... of some kind in order to keep being sustainable and profitable. Therefore, the same progress was noted in the sphere of financial management and funds transfer. This has been of crucial importance since the very onset of employment in society, and all previous attempts led to today’s innovative and highly advanced banking systems and payment methods.

Online services appeared in many different variants, ranging from new payment processors, e-wallet apps and sites, through to completely new cryptocurrencies. Some of the older methods managed to stand their ground as well, and one example of this type is definitely money orders.

About the Payment Method

This method of making payments and money transfers...

... from one place to another has originated all the way back in 1792.

Money orders were created by three British postal workers who noticed the need for a safe and reliable method of funds transfer created by the industrial revolution. More specifically, English sailors and other ship workers were looking for a way to send their money back home. However, there had been no safe way of doing so, up until the invention of this type of payment service.

In the following decades...

... this way of making payments largely grew in popularity, establishing itself as a reliable way of funds management. Thus, by 1838, the service was officially adopted by the British Post Office, and people were able to make their order at any of the representative branches.

Fees & Timelines

Considering the fact that there is an intermediary involved in the transaction, it is normally accompanied with some fee charges. When it first came out as a postal service, senders were charged a flat fee of 10 cents for any transaction up to £10. For larger transactions up to £25, the post would charge a different flat fee of 36 cents. This was the largest paper currency in the UK at the time, and thus the maximum one could send using a money order.

Due to the simple, straightforward...

... and rather precise format of the payment method, it quickly expanded to other businesses. Nowadays, apart from the national post offices, money orders can be made from all kinds of financial and cash institutions, and even convenience stores and groceries.

The fee structure also changed over time, along with the minimum and maximum amount limits. This was mainly done in line with processes of inflation, cost of life, price of basic products and other general economic factors.

In the USA...

... the Post Service allows money order transactions of up to $1000 if you are sending within the country, or $700 for international payments. Thus, they have suitably adjusted the fee charges based on the amount - $1.25 is charged for transactions up to or equal to $500, while transactions amounting from $501 to $1000 are subject to a $1.75 fee.

Other companies offering the service may take a different approach, both due to their country of operations, and the specific economic situation.

Either way...

... people use precise sums of their own money to make the transfer to the correct person by providing basic personal info and maintaining financial security. Taking all that into consideration, there is still one inconvenience that accompanies this type of payment – transfer time.

In most cases, once the money order has been placed and paid in full, the transfer process can last up to 10 business days on average. Basically, as long as it takes for the postal officer to reach your address and deliver the funds.

Other Money Order Businesses

Other Money Order Businesses

Due to the wide acceptance of this payment method, and its ability to handle the passage of time, financial companies that were already involved in the money transfer service in one way or another additionally included it as part of its offering.

Western Union is one such cash transfer service with offices and representatives all over the world. It has a history of reputable and trustworthy funds processing on the principle of going to your nearest office and requesting the transfer in person. With time, they have additionally made such services available online, directly through their website or inherent app.

Similarly to these transactions, they additionally offer money orders to their clients – you can visit their office and get an order of your preferred amount.

MoneyGram is yet another money transfer service that has expanded further from its primary type of payments. Nowadays, they offer money orders, facilitate utility bill payments, healthcare charges and p2p transactions.

How to Make a Money Order?

Initially, money orders were a postal service, as mentioned earlier, and these establishments have retained the same principle of executing the payment.

For starters...

... interested individuals should direct themselves to the nearest post office. There, they can request the money order service, for which they will be provided with a specific piece of paper. Due to its format, this type of payment transfer is often associated with checks – the main difference between the two is in the fact that checks are linked to the person’s bank account and use the funds available in it.

Anyway, once you determine the exact amount...

... of your money order, all that’s left is to reach the counter, fill in the necessary information and pay the amount. You will not need to expose private information or financial details in the transaction; practically, all you’re sharing with the service is your and the recipient’s mailing address of residence.

The funds for the transfer are most often paid in cash, plus the specific fee charge for the given situation. This allows you greater control over your spending, especially when you’re using this banking method to pay for goods or services.

Finally, the recipient will receive their money order by mail or directly at the office of the company used by the sender. Bear in mind that recipients may be asked to provide some form of identification in order to confirm that the funds are intended for them.

Using Money Orders for Online Casino Banking

Paying for various goods and services, as mentioned earlier, is a large part of the uses found for money orders. Numerous retailers and e-commerce platforms have adapted their business to receive and send funds using this method, allowing their customers more choice and satisfaction.

Some of the most popular online platforms using this method to transact funds include online casinos and poker rooms, and sports sites along with other gaming operators in general. Their audience could be local as well as global, and this type of payment method fits perfectly when it comes to meeting most of their payment needs.

Depositing at Online Casinos

Depositing at Online Casinos

Step 1: Find a suitable online casino that includes your preferred games and bonuses out of the top Money Orders casino lists. Create a profile through their registration page, or sign into your existing account in order to check for the banking method’s availability in the Banking/Cashier section. If it offers the option to deposit funds, you can simply click on the given icon and get the process on the way.

Step 2: Often, when you select this as your deposit option, the casino will instantly generate all the information you need to execute the payment. However, with some operators, you may be required to contact customer support separately and get the address and transaction details from them in order to conduct an accurate and straightforward transaction.

Step 3: When you have obtained the necessary details, head to the nearest Money Order access point you like. They will provide you with the specific paper, and you are simply supposed to fill in the blanks. Pay the amount you want to deposit to your online casino account, and don’t forget to cover the precise fee amount charged for the transaction. That way, you will be able to use the full amount of your planned bankroll for any online casino endeavors you have planned.

Step 4: Open your online casino once again and log in with your credentials within the given time period for the service to process the transaction. Getting the money to the casino’s recipient address shouldn’t take too long, even though it may depend on the country and the specific business handling the money order.

Withdrawing Funds from Money Order Online Casinos

Aside from the ones mentioned so far, another strong suit of this banking method is its ability to be used for casino withdrawal purposes. The process is practically the same, only with the funds going in the opposite direction.

What is more...

... players simply provide their own personal details instead of worrying about the casino. After they have requested the withdrawal, and the transaction has been cleared by management, players should expect to see their funds in their possession within the work week.

In this case, the approach to transaction fees may differ depending on the operator’s specific policies. To put it differently, some players will get the entire sum that they have demanded cashout, while others may be deducted a small portion of it in order to cover for the standard fee charges.

Advantages of Money Order Online Casinos

  • Accessibility – The service has been present in the sphere of payment processing for well over a couple of centuries. Over this time, it has managed to build up quite a network of access points, starting from the existing post offices, through different retailers, to dedicated money transfer services. Either way, thanks to its land-based coverage, it could be one of the most accessible options today.
  • Security – Their transactions were justly categorized as reliable and trustworthy, and the service’s track record proves the same. For one, this is due to the fact that they do not need any private or banking details that might put their users at risk of fraud or intrusion. Moreover, senders mainly handle cash payments, which practically eliminate the risk of a number of errors that could appear under different circumstances.
  • Bankroll management – The cash payments additionally serve casino players to practice healthier bankroll management. In other words, they will only be able to play through the funds they have deposited and would have to wait a while before having their next money order processed. Thus, the slower processing time prevents players from wasting away their hard earned cash, both in the case of lucky streaks and bad losses.
  • Ease of use – Some of the companies offering this type of payment may have modernized it for greater convenience. However, all of them tend to stick to the initial method of processing payments along with the new ones.

Disadvantages of Money Order Online Casinos

  • Country limits – Online casino players specifically may be restricted in their money orders for certain countries. While most of the countries are included in the service’s network coverage, amount restrictions and fee charges may vary, and even take its toll on the players’ overall entertainment.
  • Fee charges – Even if has some of the lowest rates, the money orders fee charges are still undisputable in their presence. This is not an issue for many players, but there are some which find it to be disadvantageous.
  • Wait time – The money transfer waiting time is a third inconvenience which discourages players, and users in general, from transacting with this method. The process is quick and simple, but the actual transfer may take a few business days to be executed.

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Can I use it to deposit and withdraw funds to US online casinos and other gambling sites?

Yes, you can use it at US online casinos which accept it as a payment method; otherwise, choose from its alternatives.

Are there any alternatives to this payment method, in case it isn’t available at my chosen casino site?

Yes, players can either choose various providers of the same banking method and check for availability, or go with a different one – credit and debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets and more.

Which are some of the top Money Orders online casino sites I can visit?

The following are among the top recommended online casino sites you can visit and pay using this method: Betsson Casino, Vegas Casino Online, Old Havana Casino, Island Casino and Wild Casino.

Is there any kind of customer support from the banking method itself?

The banking method, considering that it is provided by a range of establishments, does not have its own customer support. However, users are welcomed to contact the customer service representatives at the post office or any other financial or retail institution where it is available.

Will I be able to send transact in different currencies?

Yes. For online casino payments, you will have to check the list of accepted currencies. Otherwise, just make sure you point out the desired currency, meet the exchange rate and there should be no problem with transacting in other than your national legal tender.