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The Australian online gambling industry...

... has undergone major changes in terms of legality over the past decade. With more or less strict provisions referring to different gambling forms that have been made legally available to Aussie enthusiasts across the country, many have been left wondering about the proper ways to enjoy one of their favourite pastimes.

To be more specific...

... Australian players were still eligible to enjoy top gambling content at all the best Aussie-oriented casino sites. The real restriction was actually the one addressed towards operators based on Australian territory – these brands were able to get their licenses from the respective authorities in the Aussie province they were located in. It’s just that they weren’t allowed to offer their services to the locals.



... this has still left interested players from Australia with a range of international options, or even dedicated Aussie casino sites based out on offshore locations.

In order to bring services closer to their target audience, these casino operators have employed different methods. While some choose to boost their game offering with even more pokies, known to be most popular among Aussie players, others choose a different strategy. These casino sites tend to include a dedicated banking method that meets the needs of Australian-based players.

Starting from...

... the national banks, through specific payment processing services, to fully fledged e-wallets, these online casinos have discovered the top strategy to remain legal and attractive to this specific player pool.

About BPAY

Australians have long been familiar…

… with the BPAY online payment method. It first started out as a bill payment service over the Internet, launched and supported by four of the top major banks in the country, and remains under their management to this day. Due to such background, and an impeccable track record providing top service throughout the years, people from Australia have been all too eager to accept it as a banking option in their online casinos as well.

Accessing the service has always been extremely easy and simple, straight from its official website. Bear in mind that it offers both types of services, depending on your user profile:

about BPay
  • Personal
  • Business.

In this regard...

... if you are a company running a particular business, and wish to partner with the BPAY payment method, you can do so and become one of their authorized billers. Simply register on the platform with the basic information; after this, the service takes care of procedures such as contacting your financial institution and setting up your account.


... if you are a private individual looking to use it in order to pay the bills or make a different transaction, you can get started even faster.

How to Sign Up for the BPAY Payment Service?

The website will guide you through the process of paying your bills or other online transactions with a step by step procedure.

Basically, what you need to have...

... in order to get started with this service is a bank account with a financial institution that has been accepted by BPAY. Other than this account, you will not be required to sign up or enter private information anywhere else.

In order to check if your bank or financial institution is one of their participating partners, all you have to do is head to the BPAY official website. The ‘Find Biller Codes or Financial Institutions’ tab will list you all the billers with their appropriate codes, as well as cooperating banks. Accordingly, these should feature the payment service’s logo on their website, so you should easily know if it’s available or not.

When you receive a bill...

... paper or in e-form, usually via e-mail, you will additionally get the Biller code, as well as the Customer Reference Number (CRN).

In other cases...

... when dealing with an e-merchant, you are given a BPAY icon on their website – click on it and enter the amount you need to pay, and the merchant will generate their Biller code and CRN for the specific payment.

As long as you have enough funds in your account at the chosen partnering bank or financial institution, simply log into your online banking service and complete the transaction. They should offer BPAY as an available payment option – input the code and reference number, specify the amount and confirm the transaction.

The payment service is...

... very well integrated to the banking systems it supports, but this processing timeframe could still differ depending on the situation. As stated on their official website, if you make the payment during a business day, and have it processed soon afterwards by an administration officer at the bank, it should take less than 24 hours before the funds hit your account.

Other than the timeframe, Aussies...

... are not likely to experience any obstacles when performing the payments. They have been familiar with the payment method for over a decade now, and enjoy making bill payments and other transactions through it. You should know that there may be some restrictions depending on your particular biller, however, such as the use of credit cards. Most often, they will allow you to use them as payment methods, just as accessibly as using funds from your bank account, but other times, you may experience amount limits or not having it even as an option.

about BPay view


This is a new feature added to the BPAY service as they have started using tech advances to perfect their offering. Aside from receiving their bills, and paying them through the same solution, the View option nowadays allows users to gain a clear preview of all bills paid through it. That way, users can keep track of everything they have been charged with, including tax expenses.

As the BPAY official site states...

... the Australian Taxation Office even considers copies of the BPAY View feature fully valid as evidence in work expenses and other related matters. You will still need to check with your specific financial institution, but most of them are largely adopting the practice due to its convenience and benefits.

Another thing that has made this payment option even more popular...

... is the scheduling feature.

Payers can actually schedule the date and time of their bill payments, practically automating this part of their everyday life and never missing a bill payment.

BPAY Online Casino Payments

Players have been greatly enthusiastic about being able to use the benefits of their well-known payment method on the top Aussie online casino sites. Shortly afterwards, it became available on other platforms as well, including poker sites.

Nowadays, all it takes...

... is for online players to use their previous experience with the payment method and fit it in their casino payment routine. Considering how intuitive the service is in itself, it shouldn’t take long before they get the hang of it.

Online Casino Deposits with BPAY

Step 1: Online casinos catering to Australians differ greatly, as many brands are oriented towards this gambling market. Still, not every casino has yet adopted this payment option in their banking section. As a result, anyone looking to place a wager on their favourite blackjack or poker table will first need to check if the payment method is available. Afterwards, sign in to your casino player account and head for the deposit section.

sign up for BPay view

Step 2: You will need to select the BPAY icon from the list of available deposit methods, and input the specific amount you would like to deposit. Once you confirm it, the service will generate a Biller code, as well as a Customer Reference Number necessary for the transaction. From here, head to your bank account – online or even by phone, provide the information in the required fields and confirm the transaction.

Step 3: Considering the current competitiveness of the industry, operators are working hard to accept and process all payments as soon as possible. Hence, players shouldn’t be kept waiting for longer than a few moments before they have the funds available in their casino account. After this, all they need to do is move on to the game library and take a pick out of their favourite titles in order to fully enjoy their real money online gambling experience.

Making BPAY Online Casino Withdrawals

Unfortunately for these players, BPAY online casino withdrawals are not an eligible option.

After all, the service...

... was initially invented to serve for outgoing payments, originally to billing companies for specific bill charges, and not the other way around. While there is no saying that things couldn’t change in the future, so far, deposits remain the only option.


... there are a range of other banking methods that do offer withdrawals to the online casino player pool. All you need to do is make sure you meet any specific playthrough requirements or other bonus and promo terms of use, and cash out your winnings as you please.

Advantages of BPAY Online Casino Payments

adventages BPay view
  • Security – The BPAY online payment processor features great security protection on their platform, and has managed to keep all user information safe from prying eyes throughout the years. The fact that users have been comfortable sharing living and banking details with the service for years now is all the more reassuring. What is more, BPAY is available at top casinos that have been properly licensed and have all the capacities to process legal transactions from Aussies’ bank accounts or credit cards, to their casino sites.
  • Familiarity – The track record has helped build up its reliability, while its continuous operations help boost the user pool by the day. Even though this isn’t to say that newly launched services don’t have a chance at success, this is definitely an advantage for both the business and its users.
  • Ease of Use – One thing has always kept the service going forward, and that was its ease of use. BPAY is known to offer an intuitive process, as well as an online payment solution that can be easily integrated in the biller’s existing platform.
  • Fee Policy – A major consideration about any online casino player is the presence of fees in the terms of use for the chosen banking method. After all, recreational players tend to stick to specific bankroll strategies, and are not as willing to spend parts of it on processing fees instead of wagering them on their favourite games.
  • Customization Features – As mentioned earlier, the service has advanced throughout the years, adding more features at users’ disposal in order to improve their experience. One of them is the View option, which serves as a great tool in regular home budget management. Other than this, the scheduling tool drastically reduces people’s chances of forgetting to pay the bills.

Disadvantages of BPAY Online Casino Payments

  • Limited Availability – Still, despite its lengthy and established history in payment processing, the service is only available at select Australian online casinos. Players willing to do a quick search, or simply choose from the top BPAY casinos listed here, will definitely find one that meets their player needs. Yet, some of them consider this as an inconvenience.
  • No Withdrawals – The fact that it doesn’t process withdrawals is one other drawback of the payment processor. After all, online casino players are all the more likely to accept a comprehensive method that offers payment processing services in both directions.
  • Country Limitations – So far, only residents of Australia and New Zealand are eligible to use this payment service, and only if they have an account with the respective bank or financial institutions. While this isn’t such an obstacle, considering that most of the leading institutions are nowadays partnered with BPAY, it still leaves out a massive online casino player market.

BPAY Payment Method Fees and Facts

Withdraw fees
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Can I use BPAY from my smartphone?

Yes, you can. In fact, you can make BPAY transactions via online desktop, mobile banking and even through the phone. This is an added convenience for the player pool at the top mobile casinos, as they will be able to process deposits straight from their smartphones or tablets.

What are my alternatives if BPAY is not an accepted payment method?

The options for Aussie players are numerous – from credit and debit cards, through POLi all the way to e-wallets, online processing services, to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.