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Bunfox Games is an online betting software developer that has been rolled into the Genesis Games umbrella of developers. The company develops games with an Asian inspiration, as can be seen with their table games and skill based titles.

The company has developed popular online games, including the skill based Bubble Fortune, which sees you trying to clear orbs like you would in a puzzle game, but with the added element of risking money to win money. Table games like Zombie Blackjack and Lucky Cat Blackjack bring a certain flare to the screen, while also providing some small variations to set them apart.

The presentation with Bunfox is very good, with games looking sharp and being deployed in HTML5. Mobile appears to be a primary focus for Bunfox, and I noticed that Bubble Fortune played particularly well on my iPhone.

Distribution for Bunfox casino games depends on the Genesis Games platform, as the titles are exclusive to their owner. The company has done good work thus far, and its likely we’ll see more Bunfox titles coming to an online casino near you in the future.

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Bubble Fortune

Bubble Fortune is the best skill-based game I have seen to date. I have to say it is very addicting. At the risk of not accomplishing anything for days, I invite you to try it for fun in the Bunfox section on the Genesis web site.

The return goes up according to how many bubbles you pop at once from three to five, the more popped, the higher the return. The range of the return is 95% to 97%, depending on how skillful the player is. I recommend trying out the demo game at the Genesis web site.

Lucky Cat Blackjack

Bunfox is the only software provider, as far as I know, to offer Lucky Cat Blackjack. This is a game where four special dice are shaken, featuring images of lucky cats, to determine the player's win, when the dealer busts on 22. Here are the full rules:

  • Eight decks
  • Dealer hits on soft 17
  • Blackjack pays 3-2
  • Dealer peeks for blackjack
  • Double after split allowed
  • No surrender
  • Player may split once only
  • If the dealer busts on 22, then if the player is still in the game, four Lucky Cat dice will be rolled, each with a Lucky Cat on one side and blank on the other five. The player will win according to the number of Lucky Cats, as follows:
    • 4 Lucky Cats pays 100 to 1
    • 3 Lucky Cats pays 10 to 1
    • 2 Lucky Cats pays 3 to 1
    • 1 Lucky Cat pays 1 to 1
    • 0 Lucky Cats is a push

All things considered, I get a house edge of 1.04%. Please see my Lucky Cat page for the strategy and more in-depth analysis.

Sea Raider

Sea Raider is another very nicely done skill-based game by Genesis. As I understand it, each bullet fired is like a bet. It has a chance to kill a fish and if it does, you win. All things considered, I'm told the theoretical return is 96.72%.

Zombie Blackjack

As far as I know, Genesis is the only provider in the online world of Zombie Blackjack. This is a blackjack variant, where the player can still win if he busts. This will happen if the dealer started with a 7 to ace up and then busts himself. To pay for this, there is the push-22 rule, where if the busts on 22 points, any standing bets push.

Otherwise, they use eight decks, hit a soft 17, pay 3 to 2 on a blackjack, and allow re-splitting aces. Following the appropriate basic strategy for this game, I get a house edge of 0.94%. Click the link above for all the details on the odds and strategy for the game.