Play Online Jacks or Better for Real Money or Free

Wizard of Odds Approved
$3,000 Welcome Bonus
$777 BONUS

Commonly known as Draw Poker, this game offers a standard version of video poker with the option to play for free or real money, in addition to integrated learning tool which may help hone your skills. 

The object of this five-card draw is simple — create a poker hand stronger than the pair of jacks, which also explains the name. By using a single 52-card deck, the player battles the dealer striving to have a superior combination. As such, it’s a great variant for poker beginners. 

Thus, we created our Jacks or Better as an enticing combination of training tool and entertaining playground. 

While you have a suitable user interface enabling for a balanced mix of fun, competition, and efficiency — allowing you to play up to 10,000 free credits — you also have a Personal Game Advisor at your disposal, helping you to learn the poker robes through timely advice on strategy errors and a tailor-made hand analyzer

The payout table is at the top of the screen, your hand is right below (at the start of each session, backs of playing cards are branded with recognizable Wizard of Odds visuals), while the control strip and info about your payroll/bet size fits intuitively at the bottom. 

As is the case with All American version of poker based on Jacks or Better (which just might be your next stop), payout table has five modes to choose from, though with somewhat differently constructed wagers, particularly for the Straight Flush. 

You can quickly select your wager by pressing BET ONE button at the control strip: by each click, you glide from one paytable to another. Once you’re set, start the play by pressing the DEAL button. (Your bet level is displayed right next to credit sum.)

In case you want to wager the highest bet at once, you can use the BET MAX button, though have in mind that the new hand is dealt simultaneously and you cannot revert it. (This is the key difference between using two bet buttons!) 

You also have MORE GAMES and SPEED options available

The former allows you to quickly switch between different poker games and to play them in the same window, while the latter increases the speed of hand you’ve been dealt with. 

Whether you press DEAL or BET MAX buttons, the game starts by following usual video poker rules.


The experience while playing Wizard of Odds’ Jacks or Better is enriched by using a Personal Game Advisor! 

As already mentioned, you have two valuable options to utilize. 

Right above the game layout, there is a check-box with “Warn on strategy errors” option you can turn on. In doing so, you enable a pop-up window which appears whenever there is a better move to play: you’re advised on strategy error and better options you can choose from. 

On the second learning level, it provides for even better-helping hand! 

Once you’ve been dealt an initial hand, the ANALYZE button appears at the control strip. By clicking it, another pop-up window appears giving you a full statistical overview of possible choices to be made with your cards in comparison to paytable selected. This real-time reporting gives you credits’ EV and volume of all potential combinations at hand, allowing for educated guesses based on quantifiable advantages. 

If you choose to use it, just click the option you like the most and application takes you back on the main screen, with cards already selected and marked by HOLD sign. 

While quite a useful tool for beginners and intermediate players, the ANALYZE option can be omitted by advanced and professional patrons by simply clicking on cards you wish to hold and pressing the DRAW button. 

Regardless of your motives...

...ranging from fun and entertainment up to training and improvement of pokers’ skills and knowledge — Jacks or Better offers a dynamic and enjoyable experience. It’s playful, efficient, accessible on all platforms (courtesy of JavaScript), and yet again classic, devoid of unnecessary information and details. 

Whatever variant you opt for, as always, make sure to do it wisely and responsibly, properly balancing your good luck and even better skills!