Play All American Video Poker For Real Money or Free

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Whether you’re into having online fun or enjoying in a simple and useful training tool to improve poker skills, this game delivers — it’s conventional, efficient, with intuitive UI, and entertaining JavaScript allowing you to play free for up to 10,000 credits, serving as…

The practice ground for All American poker, a standard 52-card deck game played against the dealer: the player is dealt five cards, can hold as many as it deems proper, with discarded ones replaced from the same deck.

Based on Jacks or Better standard video poker, All American is interesting for its peculiar payouts: lower ones are set of Two Pairs and Three of a Kind while the higher payouts are for better-ranked hands (such as Four of a Kind and particularly Straight Flush or Royal Flush).

Consequentially, the player can opt to use strategy geared up toward playing the higher combinations, though not before a bit more is learned on All American poker combinations, probability, and the potential return on various pay tables at game introduction page.

As is the case with many games on our website — All American poker features a Personal Game Advisor providing for the warning on strategy errors plus custom-made hand analyzer.

When a “Warn on strategy errors” box right above the game interface is activated, a pop-up window will appear whenever a better move may be played. As such, the feature is useful in learning the robes of poker in general as well as All American.

Other than that, the game layout is clean, with payout table positioned at the top, five cards right beneath, general information below the hand dealt — back of the cards is appropriately branded with Wizard of Odds visuals — and control strip at the bottom of the screen.

The payout has five possible options you can choose from. To select the proper wager, you can use BET ONE control button positioned at the control strip — it will allow you to incrementally move from one to another.

When you want to instantly switch to max wager use the BET MAX button. However, by pressing this button you automatically start the new hand and cannot revert to lower betting levels.

Other controls at your disposal are MORE GAMES, SPEED, ANALYZE, and DEAL or DRAW, moving from left to right.

By clicking the MORE GAMES button, you can choose from other poker games available to play in the same window and quickly switch your play from one to another.

SPEED button controls the swiftness of cards dealt, and it has four options; by clicking the control you can increase or decrease the speed.

Either by pressing BET MAX or DEAL button (once you’ve defined your wager), the hand starts.

Immediately after, the button ANALYZE appears. (This hand analyzer is the second prong of a Personal Game Advisor.) When pressed, another pop-up window appears, giving a full statistical overview of all possible options in your hand cross-referenced to paytable in the real-time (EV in credits and number of potential combinations).

By clicking on each hand, you automatically select cards to hold, and the application takes you back to the main screen!

This is a very neat feature enabling you to make educated guesses as you learn to base your decisions on statistical advantages. (If you don’t want to use automatic option, you can click RETURN TO GAME button and return to the main screen.)

Another possibility is, of course, to press HOLD while hovering on cards you don’t want to discard, and then press DRAW button (positioned at the same place as the DEAL button is; in fact, these two are interchangeable).

One way or the other, dynamics of All American poker is easy, enjoyable, occasionally rapid, and enticing. The game flows quickly and smoothly, with relevant information visible at any given time, as JavaScript provides for accessibility on all platforms.

It is well-balanced package: if you’re just entering the world of poker, All American game will give you an efficient option to taste the waters of playing for the real money without having to deploy your funds, while advanced players may find it useful to further hone skills and strategic options, in addition of using Wizard of Odds’ statistics.

In any case, give it shot responsibly and prudently, and have good luck!