Play Online Double Double Aces and Faces Video Poker for Real Money or Free

Wizard of Odds Approved
$3,000 Welcome Bonus
$777 BONUS

Based on Double Aces and Faces Poker, this particular variant is the same only more rewarding on quads with any face card as well as any face card kicker. Indeed, Double Double Aces and Faces Poker allows for a handful of combinatorics with generous payouts at four of a kind!

Coming with all regular bells and whistles of Wizard of Odds games, particularly with a healthy dose of entertaining fun and educational features as you play for free or the real money, the game is grounded in everlasting poker challenge — be dealt with five cards from a classic 52-card deck and choose those you wish to keep in order to bid for the best hand and beat the dealer!

To prepare yourself for the ensuing quads’ treasure hunt, you can check our statistical calculations on Double Double Aces and Faces and learn more about combinations, probability, and return on various paytables. (While payouts over there vary compared to those in this particular variant, you can get a glimpse of possibilities at hand.)

The additional exciting notion in this game is free bankroll of 10,000 credits which allows you for extended play and a few ‘high rolling’ excursions (since the payouts are most interesting in the highest wagering denomination).

The paytable, guiding you through all betting possibilities, is positioned at the top of your screen. Your bets range from one to five coins, while returns are displayed throughout the game.

As said, payouts — in effect, identical to Double Double Bonus Poker — are rather lavish on quads, which only underlines the importance of prudent decision-making process and proper poker-playing skills (we’ll get back to this in a moment).


…a friendly user interface allows you to intuitively run the game per your preferences: dealing cards, with welcoming Wizard of Odds visual at their backs, are right below the paytable while control strip is at the bottom of your screen.

By using BET ONE or BET MAX buttons, you can swiftly change your wager incrementally or opt for the highest bet in a single click. (The only difference between these two is that when you use the BET MAX option, the next hand is dealt automatically; otherwise, you have to click on DEAL).

If you want your card to come out more rapidly, you can use the SPEED button with four different tempos. DEAL and DRAW buttons are rather self-explanatory, as is the HOLD option: a typical hover over the card you wish to keep and click will do the trick!

When you feel like browsing through other poker games, you can quickly switch by MORE GAMES button: not only you get to choose among 20 other variants but you get to play without having to change your window!

Of course…

…this game might be considered as a sequel to Double Aces and Faces variant, and as such, its paytable makes you pursue four of kind relentlessly! In doing so, it influences your tactics and play; to reap the fruits, you need not only a bit of luck but also a good poker strategy.

Landing you a helping hand here is our Personal Game Advisor, the built-in learning tool enabling you to enhance poker skills while playing for fun!

There are two options at your disposal.

Firstly, you can use “Warn on strategy errors” checkbox right above your playing screen. By checking it, you activate the pop-up window which appears and caution you whenever you have a better move at your disposal. In doing so, it gives you free advice on how to fine-tune your poker strategy.

Secondly, once the initial five cards have been dealt, the ANALYZE button appears. When you click it, another pop-up window gives you an instant analytical overview of your hand and the best choice you can make with your cards — in the real-time!

When you select your hand, simply click on it and your cards will be selected (HOLD) automatically; if you feel like doing it for yourself, by pressing RETURN TO GAME you get back to the main window.

The concept is simple: have a chance to improve your overall game, poker strategy, and general gambling knowledge before you play for real money, no matter of your playing level.

Double Double Aces and Faces game is available at any platform (courtesy of JavaScript), runs smoothly and dynamically, while intuitively positioned controls keep things smart and simple, allowing for the proficient experience of classic video poker without unnecessary widgets!

All you have to do is — bring gambling responsibility to the table, as your improved skills and good luck define the outcome!