Play Online Double Aces and Faces Video Poker for Real Money or Free

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250% Welcome Bonus
$3,000 Welcome Bonus

Known also as Double Jackpot, this is yet another poker variant paying better on quads, particularly with aces and any face card kicker. If you enjoyed playing its little brother Aces and Faces, you might find Double Aces and Faces Poker entertaining as well, though with a bit more mature payouts!

Coming in a customary Wizard of Odds games’ suit — rewarding fun and learning opportunities while playing for free or the real moneyDouble Aces and Faces is built on classic poker foundations: you’re dealt five cards from a typical 52-card deck, with a goal to choose ones which enable you to build the best hand and top the dealer.

From there on, with a ‘bankroll’ of 10,000 free credits, you navigate your iGaming ways through user-friendly layout similar to other poker variants at our website.

The payout table dominates the upper part of your screen, with a clear overview of each wagering option you select; you can bet on anything between one and five coins.

By using either BET ONE or BET MAX buttons, neatly and intuitively positioned at the bottom, you can glide through the payout table incrementally by pressing the former whilst the latter propels you directly to the highest possible bet.

(The only difference between the two is that when BET MAX button is used, the next hand is dealt momentarily whereas by using BET ONE command you have to press DEAL afterward.)

In the middle of your screen are, of course, your cards and quite visible info about betting range and balance at your disposal. To juice up your experience a bit more, cards are branded with Wizard of Odds visuals at the start of each game!

If you wish them to appear more rapidly, you can increase the tempo by pressing the SPEED button. Once the hand is dealt, a simple hover on the card you wish to keep and a click will result in HOLD.

Whenever you feel like exploring other games and improve your basic video poker skills, you can simply click on MORE GAMES and another 20 variants will appear! By clicking on any icon, you get to play the new game in the same window!


…as said, Double Aces and Faces are rewarding on four of a kind (any card), doubling down on what you would get while playing classic Aces and Faces. The real payout threat, though, comes with four aces in a combination of any face card kicker!

To get there, of course, requires a bit of luck and good poker strategy, which is exactly where Personal Game Advisor comes into your playing picture: as yet another customary feature of our games, it packs powerful assisting punch with two helping features.

First off…

…there is a “Warn on strategy errors” checkbox atop of your screen. By activating it, you allow the pop-up window to appear and caution you when there is a better move to play (e.g. superior cards to hold), in effect providing you with free advice on how to improve your poker strategy.


…there is built-in hand analyzer you can use once five initial cards have been dealt, further extending the educational reach of this tool.

More precisely, by clicking the ANALYZE button you get the instantaneous statistical overview of poker hand and choices you can make in line with current cards and wagering setup — in the real-time!

Instead of going step-by-step through hand analyzer (an astonishing learning tool itself), you get a quick pop-up window assistant. All you have to do is choose the hand you prefer and click. In case you’re into making the selection by yourself, you can press RETURN TO GAME and off you go.

Both features of the Personal Game Advisor are there to contribute to the development of your decision-making process and to improve video poker skills and knowledge, regardless of your playing level. (After all, there is always something to smooth out in this game which makes it so interesting!)

Other than that…

…Double Aces and Faces are smooth to run on any platform (kudos to JavaScript!), while smartly positioned and simple controls create entertaining experience mixed up with the educational prospect.

The only remaining thing left to bring to the table is your positive energy, light touch, skills, and a responsible approach to gambling. We’ll leave other details to good luck!