Play Online Deuces or Joker Video Poker for Real Money or Free

Wizard of Odds Approved
$3,000 Welcome Bonus
$777 BONUS

This game is a hybrid of Deuces Wild and Joker Wild poker variants, delivering the best of deuces world and an extra joker to spice things up: Deuces or Joker Poker gives you an opportunity to play the game with an upper hand over the casino whenever you make mathematically correct moves, plus offers an extra joker which acts as the wild symbol.

With a total of five wilds (four deuces and joker) your chances to build the best possible hand and top the dealer increase exponentially as you play with a 53-card deck.

The paytable is constructed following such an enticing possibility.

At the top of payouts’ pyramid is four deuces with joker hand which pays double than natural Royal Flush in four out of five wagering setups; at the highest bet this hand pays 2.5 times more!

Of course…

…this makes you feel quite focused on hitting that penultimate jackpot, no matter how rare it is. More importantly, with a joker in the picture, the strategy tends to play a more substantial role than usual.

To that end, our Deuces and Joker Poker strategy overview comes in handy: with the RTP range between 99.07 and 93.58 percent, depending on the variant, it pays to get acquainted with in-depth projections on combinations, probabilities, and returns for each hand. (Note: some analytics vary in comparison to the game at hand.)

You can opt to play for free or real money, with more than a few learning opportunities compounded with the entertaining and competitive game!

To start with…

…you have quite a generous 10,000 free credits bankroll at your disposal, sufficient for all levels (beginners, intermediate, or experts) and playing styles (conventional, exploratory, and high-rolling).

Five available wagering options — one to five free coins — are highlighted in red on the paytable that dominates the upper part of your screen.

The suitable user interface is further divided into three distinctive segments: dealing cards (branded in Wizard of Odds visuals on their backs, with deuces marked as wilds in addition to distinctive joker) and information strip with control panel.

Intuitively positioned at the bottom of your screen, info strip keeps you aware of balance, bet size, and win amounts, while controls let you run the game with a handful of commands:

  • BET ONE and BET MAX buttons govern wagering options either through a step-by-step increase in coin value or through a single click to set the max bet;
  • The SPEED button allows you to change the dealer’s tempo in dealing the cards;
  • DRAW/DEAL lets you manage hands while you select cards to HOLD by a simple click on those you wish to keep;
  • The MORE GAMES button lets you select any of 20 other poker variants available to play without changing the window.


…the concept behind such simplicity is obvious: we want you to keep the focus on your game, to improve your poker skills, and to increase overall knowledge in doing so!

To substantiate such a mix of enjoyable gaming and educational approach, there is a pinnacle feature at your disposal: the Personal Game Advisor (PGA).

Available in the majority of our poker variants as a built-in option, PGA comes with two compatible and complementary functionalities.

First off, there is a free strategy advisor. A usable helping hand for novices, it activates when you click on “Warn of strategy errors” box atop of the game layout and allows for a pop-up window to appear whenever you make an oversight in holding cards selection. The warning also gives you one more chance to correct your decision.

Secondly, you have a hand analyzer at your disposal. After you click on DEAL command, the ANALYZE button appears on the control strip, enabling another pop-up window to appear offering a complete statistical summary of available options.

It includes analytics from custom-built strategy calculator and generator and gives you two choices: to either select the best hand (in which case the cards are automatically pre-selected) or to press the RETURN TO GAME and do it for yourself.

Quite predictably…

…Deuces and Joker Poker delivers an appealing blend of exciting, efficient poker game and assisting features to take your gambling knowledge and responsibility to the next level, available anytime, anywhere, equally useful and fun to every type of player.

Enjoy it, good luck!