Play Online Bonus Deluxe Video Poker for Real Money or Free

Wizard of Odds Approved
250% Welcome Bonus
$3,000 Welcome Bonus

Member of bonus family of video poker games, this one is similar to others except for the extra handout on Four of a Kind hand. Other than that, it comes with all the attractive features of our usual games: option to play for free or use the real money, plus a Personal Game Advisor training tool.

Played like any other poker variant — five cards are dealt from a 52-card deck, prompting the player to hold the good ones while trying to compose the best hand and top the dealer — Bonus Deluxe payout table is quite generous on quads: each one will pay 80 times the initial bet.

Compared to Aces and Eights poker (which pays the same amount only on Four of a Kind of aces and eights), Bonus Deluxe rewards every single one of the remaining eleven quads in every suite. The 9/6 paytable provides for return in the vicinity of 99% of the perfectly played hand.

Compensating for such progressive payout approach, though, Two Pair pays only fifty percent of the usual Jacks or Better paytable.


The unique quads’ payout makes strategy simpler and creates a treasure hunt in each hand.

Four of a Kind in any denomination are the most sought after, particularly in light of low paying minor hands. While this may be the two-edged sword, occasional Three of a Kind serves as potential replenishment of bankroll, especially when wagering with three or more coins.

Finding the balance between Bonus Deluxe poker combinations and probability, and enticing payouts are what makes it so exciting to play, while…

The straightforward layout, overall structure, and intuitive controls, in conjunction with 10,000 free credits, makes for the rest of the enjoyable experience.

All relevant information is visible no matter what is happening.

Each control button allows you to select your bets, deal, draw, or even opt for more games — is placed in a manner familiar to other Wizard of Odds’ poker games. Same goes for holding your cards or setting the speed level.

Speaking of usual features…

The Personal Game Advisor is a useful training tool to improve poker skills and can be used two-fold.

Atop of the Bonus Deluxe layout, there is a “Warn on strategy errors” option you can check on; when active, a pop-up window appears and warns you whenever there is a better move at your disposal, in effect giving you free advice on strategy errors.

Secondly, once the initial five cards have been dealt and you’re tinkering with available options, you can click the ANALYZE button (which only appears before you draw extra cards). It will give you a full-blown, real-time statistical overview of all the available choices for each hand.

In turn, you get a possibility to make the educated guess driven by analytical resources, in addition to simply having to click on the option you’re into and proceed with the game.

Suffice it to say, the Personal Game Advisor is rather helpful when it comes to poker beginners and less experienced players, while at the same time it offers seasoned patrons with a possibility to check their strategies and fine-tune the details of their style.

Neatly branded with Wizard of Odds visuals on cards’ background, Bonus Deluxe is engaging and entertaining poker variant, which runs without hiccups on any platform (courtesy of JavaScript), and yet offers traditional simplicity.

In addition, pursue of quads can keep players on their toes when it comes to devising flexible strategy approaches: will you hold Two Pair if one of them is a high, or perhaps you’ll hold only higher one — since Jacks or Better pays the same as Two Pair — while striving for Three of a Kind or even quads?

These and many other math games, compounded by knowledge, experience, and gut feeling, is what makes Bonus Deluxe poker experience a special one, particularly when played in a relaxing, prudent, and responsible manner.

Good luck! Collect your quads in squads!