Play Online Aces and Faces Video Poker for Real Money or Free

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Another classic video poker variant, this one is based on Jacks and Better while following up on the path set by quick quads family. As a result, you get the same principles and higher payouts for Four of a Kind in the new robes.

Thus, if you had a good time while playing Aces and Eights Online Poker, you’ll enjoy Aces and Faces Poker as well because...

Almost identical paytable comes with the usual bells and whistles of Wizard of Odds games — entertainment, fun, and learning while playing either for free or real money.

To make the best of it, particularly if you're a newbie, take a tour through our Aces and Faces strategy and empower yourself with combinations, probabilities, and returns created by Michael Shackleford. (While Royal Flash payout varies in calculations and game, other data are rather useful.)

As always, the base of the game is the same: you get five cards from a 52-card deck, intending to build the best possible hand by holding as many as you like to beat the dealer. To do so, you have 10,000 free credits and enticing payout similar to bonus-family of various poker games.

The game layout is quite familiar: the payout table is at the top, cards right below (as always, branded with Wizard of Odds visuals), while the control strip with betting info and payroll sits intuitively at the bottom of your screen.

You can easily set your wager by pressing the BET ONE button; each click leads you through 1 to 5 credits value. If you click on BET MAX, you’ll jump right on the highest bet available, skipping all other steps. (Have in mind, though, that once you click BET MAX, the cards are dealt right after and you can revert only after the hand has been played.)

Regardless of your wager, Aces and Faces paytable is constructed to pay more on quads of (a) 2s thru 10s, (b) Jacks, Queens, and Kings, and (c) Aces. As such, it does reflect on your playing decisions, so make sure to use our video poker resources to your benefit!

Other game controls include SPEED button (allowing you for slower or quicker dealings), MORE GAMES (letting you select another poker game while remaining on the same page), as well as DEAL or DRAW buttons. Once the initial five cards have been dealt, you can choose those you want to keep by hovering and clicking on them, in effect causing the HOLD.

Just as is the case with other games on our website, Aces and Faces Poker comes with the Personal Game Advisor offering two distinguishing features.

By opting for “Warn on strategy errors” right above the game layout, you enable pop-up window which appears whenever you can play a better move. That way, you get free advice on how to improve your poker strategy.

As an extension to this functionality, there is also the ANALYZE button which appears only after five initial cards have been dealt. By pressing it, you get an instant statistical overview consulting you on all available choices in line with your cards and wagering setup.

If you opt to use this option, you can simply click on the best choice and proceed, or press RETURN TO GAME and personally select your cards.

These two useful educational prongs of the Personal Game Advisor…

...enables you to improve the decision-making process and increase levels of poker skills, let alone strategy, based on knowledgeable and prudent choices, allowing you to smooth out the peaks of your game regardless of playing level.

Other than that…

It has a rather friendly user interface with a clean and simple game layout offering best of the traditional poker world in conjunction with the expedient and smooth run on every platform (courtesy of JavaScript), smart and simple controls, and overall experience balancing between outstanding fun and great learning opportunity.

You are required only to provide for a responsible approach to gambling, as you usually do. The rest is in good luck and levels of your poker skills, which Aces and Faces tend to increase when utilized to its fullest extent!