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Last Updated: October 4, 2023

Advantage Play 3 Card Fury Poker: Free Online Game

If you’re into staying on the edge of the latest iGaming trends and play the newest games, this free demo by Money$uit Industries is just for you.

Advantage Play 3 Card Fury is launched in 2019, on the heels of Three Card Poker, as an easy and dynamic game offering a well-balanced package of fun and luck to test your poker skills at.

The mandatory prerequisite to enjoying this game is, of course, to introduce yourself with the game description provided by the Wizard, which offer a detailed overview of rules, pay tables, strategy, and analysis given by BMM Testlabs.

The goal of this single 52-card deck poker is simple — use the best three out of four cards you’ve been dealt with and beat the dealer’s three cards.


User Interface

The 3 Card Fury free demo has a user-friendly and clear, informative outlook, providing players with a nice tool to practice poker skills.

Your hand is neatly displayed below the dealer’s cards atop. The game will automatically select the best cards in your hand and inform you through white caption inscribed right underneath your cards (same goes for the dealer’s hand).

Two pay tables (4-Card Royal Family Bonus and 3-Card Monster) are visible on the left and the right of the screen. Being self-explanatory, they also have a nice feature allowing for your hand to be automatically pre-selected in both.

For instance…

…if you get straight flush with five of clubs as the highest card, the title will let you know it’s “Straight Flush, Five-high” while your hand will be highlighted in red both at 4-Card Royal and 3-Card Monster paytables.

It’s quite a neat functionality which allows you to quickly assess your table situation.

On the bottom of the screen is a control strip that lets you set up all parameters of the game and provides for relevant information. Moving from left to right, there is a Balance field — you start your game with $5,000 — a four chips denominations, Wager info (at the center), two control buttons, and Win amount (in the far right corner).

Ante, as well as an optional 4 Card Royal Family Bonus Wager you can also bet at, are made with chips in denominations ranging from $5, $25, $100, and $500. You’ll notice yellow borders encircling them when selected. You can increase bets in each value by a single click.

The maximum ante is $500 and you can bet 4 Card Royal wager up to $100. Generally speaking, the betting systems are comparable to Texas Hold ‘Em. Easy

As usual, the game is started by placing your chips at ante or 4 Card Royal Family Bonus Wager field, and by clicking the Play button. Right after, your bet is displayed in the Wager field. (Don’t forget, it is always doubled for two pay tables!)

Once your hand is dealt, you can opt to either continue, by clicking Play button or to back down by using Fold button.

Regardless of your choice, the outcome is displayed two-fold.

First off…

… in the Win box, you are able to see the exact amount of money you’ve gained. In case of loss, no amount is displayed at all. Secondly, you get an extra visual sense of the result by observing chips being collected around betting fields and distributed either to you or the dealer.


Overall Vibe

The Advantage Play 3 Card Fury flows quickly, smoothly, offering great pleasure both to slower and rapid poker players. All information are highly visible, while intuitive UI provides for full awareness at any stage of the game.

At times, the game provides for a few volatile moments, indeed.

After four hours of play, we got to tumble down to $2,500 switching between $100 and $500 chips— high-rolling indeed, but remember, it’s testing the game, not the real-life — only to rally and go to $25,490.

Also worth mentioning, the 3 Card Fury is well supported in our online community where you can learn more about other players’ experience and sift through game’s general discussions. If you’re into digging deeper, make sure to check it out!

Bottom line?

The Advantage Play 3 Card Fury online trainer gives an exciting time if you’re into table games and iGaming in the first place.

For entry-level players…

…it is easy and assessable opportunity to get a glimpse of real play, the game’s atmosphere, and to test whether it’s your cup of tea, erm, game, or not.

For advanced players…

… it is a useful tool to practice Three Card Poker skills, explore new strategies and approaches while playing without real money.

As always, in any type of game, use it as responsibly as you can, stay wise, and have great fun.