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Cleveland Browns dominant RB Nick Chubb suffers season - ending Knee Injury on MNF


Cleveland Browns dominant RB Nick Chubb suffers season - ending Knee Injury on MNF

On Monday, September 18th, 2023 the Cleveland Browns big - name speedy wide receiver, Amari Cooper, kept shaking his head in disbelief while the Cleveland Browns highly - paid starting quarterback, Deshaun Watson, couldn't find the words for a minimum of at least several seconds, and the Cleveland Browns pass - rushing specialized defensive end, Myles Garrett, stated that Chubb’s injury left him with the feeling of major discomfort as he emphatically said, "It fucking hurts."

The Cleveland Browns somehow managed to lose their big - time producing work horse, Nick Chubb, during the Cleveland Brown 26 to 22 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on the past Monday Night Football game.

In the Cleveland Browns' locker room following the very tough defeat, the franchise also felt the loss of the game to the hated AFC North rivals of the Pittsburgh Steelers was quite secondary in comparison to the loss of Nick Chubb for the remainder of the 2023 - 2024 NFL season. Chubb was their biggest offensive weapon over the course of the last several seasons of the National Football League.

Nick Chubb

The NFL all - pro rusher managed to endure what the Cleveland Browns head coach, Kevin Stefanski, said to be a very "significant" injury to his left knee during the 2nd - quarter of last Monday night’s football game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. Chubb eventually had to be carted off of the gridiron, and after the game Stefanski was asked if he anticipates Chubb missing the remainder of the 2023 - 2024 NFL season, and Kevin expressed to the major sports media outlets unfortunately, "I do."

Stefanski decided to decline other questions and / or specify any other details regarding Chubb's injury as he definitely seemed a bit defeated at that moment, but the Cleveland Browns fear that Nick suffered multiple tears throughout his left knee. A team official for the Cleveland Browns mentioned that Chubb was taken to a local hospital as a precaution, and then he managed to return back to Cleveland ahead of the team who was traveling back home from Pittsburgh, PA.

"Obviously it's a huge loss," according to the Cleveland Browns starting wide receiver in Amari Cooper. "Nick is the engine of the team. Best player on the team. ... I'm very sad for Nick, sad for this team losing Nick. Not only is it not ideal, it's a tragedy."

The Injury

Chubb injured his now extremely vulnerable left knee after his hard - earned 5 - yard rush to the Pittsburgh Steelers' own 3 - yard line following the Pittsburgh Steelers safety in Minkah Fitzpatrick crashing damn hard into his lower body around Chubb’s legs while he was attempting to make a touchdown saving tackle for his ball club.

Players from both the Cleveland Browns as well as the Pittsburgh Steelers just so happened to gather around Nick as he was loaded on the cart in order to be offloaded from the field last Monday night. It was a sad time during such a hard - fought football contest.

Same Knee maybe the Same Problem

Chubb’s severely injured left knee happens to be the very same one in which Nick had to have reconstructed after tearing his MCL, PCL, and LCL while playing ball at the University of Georgia for the Bulldogs back in 2015.

"At that moment, it was tough," the Cleveland Browns quarterback, Deshaun Watson, expressed as he regards Chubb as a long - time friend as well as teammate. "Once we saw the [stadium] replay, [I had] a lot of flashbacks to the [injury] he had in college."

Prior to leaving the match up, Nick had already compiled a total of 64 - rushing yards via 10 - total carries. Chubb has run for more than 1,000 - yards over the course of the past 4 - consecutive seasons that includes his NFL career - high of 1,525 - rushing yards last year during the exciting 2022 - 2023 NFL season.

Chubb is just one of only 5 - total players throughout the rich and illustrious history of the National Football League with at least 8 - rushing touchdowns during each of his initial 5 - NFL seasons, alongside all - time NFL greats such as Adrian Peterson, LaDainian Tomlinson, Emmitt Smith, and former Browns great Jim Brown!

"He totes the rock, every play he gets the ball," the Cleveland Browns defensive end in Za'Darius Smith relayed to the press regarding Chubb. "That piece is [now] missing."

Moving on without Nick Chubb for the Cleveland Browns

Without Nick, the Cleveland Browns' offensive unit had mightily struggled throughout the remainder of last week’s Monday Night Football game. Chubb’s eventual replacement was Jerome Ford who did manage to reel off a 69 - yard run in order to set up a go - ahead touchdown opportunity for the Cleveland Browns in the third quarter of the game, but the Cleveland Brown were unable to score again the rest of the contest vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Pittsburgh Steelers 2nd - defensive touchdown of the devasting night for the Cleveland Browns proved to be the game - winning tally of this AFC North divisional match - up.

The Cleveland Browns All - Pro guard, Joel Bitonio, self - confessed that the Cleveland Browns’ offense was definitely missing their superstar running back in Chubb during in the 2nd - half of this MNF double - header as the New Orleans Saints took on the Carolina Panthers at the same time last Monday night. The New Orleans Saints defeated the Carolina Panthers in that game with a final score of 20 to 17.

"He's a great teammate, he works hard, a great person," the Cleveland Browns guard Joel Bitonio explained. "To see him go down ... it's tough. ... It's a big loss."

Going into Monday, September 18th, 2023 the Cleveland Browns were attempting to begin the NFL season with an overall record of 2 and 0 for the very 1st - time since the year of 1993, but instead, the Cleveland Browns will now have to move on this year without one of the top running backs in the National Football League.

"That's our brother, my brother," the Cleveland Browns superstar veteran defensive end, Myles Garrett, stated. "Been together a long time. It's a blow for the whole team. We don't want his injury to be in vain. We gotta push on. That's what he would want us to do. Just continue to fight."

Nick Chubb’s Football Career Achievements, Honors, & Awards

  • Second - Team NFL All - Pro Selection (2022)
  • 4 - Time NFL Pro Bowl Selection (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022)
  • First - Team All - SEC Selection (2014)
  • Second - Team All - SEC Selection (2017)
  • SEC Freshman of the Year Award Winner (2014)


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