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Incredible Rules at Soft Magic Dice/Mission2Game


Oct. 31, 2015: After many messages back and forth I am happy to say that Soft Magic Dice has resolved every problem listed below. In addition, the only casino using this software, Mission2Game has issued refunds to affected players who clicked through an affiliate link on this site.

A report on the resolution of this story can be found at Soft Magic Dice Happy Ending.


I first heard of Soft Magic Dice software when I wrote this review of it. My review and everything in this warning is based on the Mission2Game casino, which uses Soft Magic Dice software.

In the process of evaluating the Soft Magic Dice games, I was astonished to see that they offered a blackjack game with a 0.75% player advantage. Although I didn't know much about the casino or the software company at the time, I felt it was worth taking a chance on and alerting my forum readers to in the thread titled Blackjack game with a 0.75% player advantage.

What happened next is I personally lost $500 of my own money via two separate deposits in fairly short order. That thread on my forum quickly filled up with similar complaints of extremely bad luck as well as other games being incorrectly scored.

I personally tried hard to make a case beyond a reasonable doubt that the blackjack game was not playing according to statistical norms. My results were not so off the charts that they couldn't be filed under "bad luck." So, I make no formal accusations of unfair play in blackjack, despite many calls that I should.

However, I do make formal accusations of the following:

  1. Incorrectly Scoring A-2-3-4-5 as a Losing Hand in Video Poker.

    This hand is known as the "wheel" and there can be no debate that under poker rules it is a straight. Nevertheless, one of my forum members received this hand below, which paid nothing:

    After complaining to support, he received this confusing reply:
      Thank you for choosing to play in our casino.

    Regarding your request, I must inform you that our rules state that the ace is not considered to substitute one, within a flush. We undersatnd [sic] your frustration and in the future we will look to see if we should change something within the rules.

    Have a great day!

    With kind regards,


    Evidently they not only don't count aces as both high and low but are also confused between a straight and a flush. — Source.

    By the way, not paying the wheel as a straight lowers the expected return by 0.30%. For information on that, please see my analysis of what I call without wheels video poker.
  2. Not Treating Wilds on Reel 1 as Wild

    The second reason is not correctly treating wild symbols as wild in reel 1 of their slots. In the same thread, a forum member complained that she was short-paid on the Fact Racing slot machine.

    She complained to casino support about it and received this reply:
      21:25:29 Mike: Just so you know, every wild that comes on the first reel, it doesn't count


    To confirm her story, I played another game, chosen randomly called 80's Night. The following screenshots show what happened.

    Note the Chia Pet is wild in the image above. It is stated that it can't substitute for the scatter and bonus symbols, but nothing about any special treatment in reel 1.

    Next note in the image above that three of the blonde girl pays 30.

    Next note in the image above that payline 13 goes through the bottom row on column 1 (from the left), and the middle row on columns 2 and 3.

    Finally, it didn't take long to get a pay like this one. Based on the rule screens above, I should have won 30¢. How much did I win, zero, as evidenced by the blank "win" field.
  3. Threatening to Release Confidential Player Information

    First, I would like to first draw your attention to rule 5 under Terms of Use:
      5. PRIVACY PRINCIPLES. There are times when the Company may need to collect information from you through our Web site concerning your credit history and/or your hardware. The personally identifiable information gathered by the Company will provide the Company with information necessary to ensure that both the Company's and your interests are better served and protected. The Company is committed to protecting your personal information and respecting your privacy. Our goal is to give you as much control and information as possible regarding your personal information and the use the Company makes of it in the course of the Company's business. The Company will never sell, rent or disclose your personally identifiable information to parties other than the Company's licensors or service providers necessary or desirable for the operation of the Casino, without your consent unless compelled by law or court order to do so. Because of the complex and constantly changing nature of our technology and business, the Company does not guarantee error-free performance regarding the privacy of your personally identifiable information and the Company shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential or punitive damages relating to the use or release thereof.

    Second, I would like to first draw your attention to the security section of the FAQ:
      All financial transactions at the casino are carried out by Mission2Game casino and processed by the most advanced billing platforms available today. These technologies protect you from having your vital information intercepted by anyone while it is being transmitted between you and Mission2Game casino. Under NO circumstances will your details or personal information be passed to third-parties.

    Finally, let me contrast that with rule 20 under General Terms:
      20. If you are found to be cheating or attempting to defraud the Game, or if you make untrue and/or malicious comments with regard to the Company's operation, the Company reserves the right to publicize your actions together with your identity and e-mail address, as well as to circulate this information to other casinos, banks, credit card companies, and appropriate agencies.

    Not only does rule 20 contradict their promise in rule 5 and the security FAQ to keep player information internal and confidential, unless compelled by a court order, but it is simply repugnant of them to blackmail players into keeping quiet about any grievances. Guess who gets to interpret what is an untrue and/or malicious statement — they do.

For these reasons, I regret that I must add Soft Magic Dice and Mission2Game to the Online Casino Blacklist.