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Last Updated: October 25, 2019

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Belatra Games Software & 10 Online Casinos Reviewed


Belatra Games is a casino game manufacturer that services both online and land-based casinos. The company is based out of Minks, Belarus, and they have developed dozens of games over the years. Belatra recently put a large focus on their internet operations, working with a number of different operators and aggregates to distribute their titles.

The company’s video slots are deployed in HTML5, with both desktop and mobile modes baked in. Presentation wise, the games look pretty solid, although older games are starting to show their age a bit. Still, we’ve been impressed with what we’ve seen, and it’s clear to us that online gambling has given Belatra a new lease on life for their products.

Belatra Games Casinos

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Just a bingo

Bingo 88

Belatra has two bingo games, both played on Latin American 3x5 cards. Both also have a feature to buy extra balls, which seem to be priced according to how much the average ball will help.

Bingo math is rather time consuming, so forgive me if I don't analyze it.


American Roulette

European Roulette

Balatra offers both European and American roulette. The European version has a 2.70% house edge on every bet. In American roulette it is 5.26% on every bet (except the dreaded 0-00-1-2-3 combo at 7.89%), so why would anybody play it?, but I'm sure they do.

The narration sounds like a male robot. If I want narration, I want it to be a sexy female voice, but that is just me.


An escape from alcatraz

Beauty and the Beast

Customs Storage

Golden 88

J Monsters

Local Pub

Money Mania

Neptune's Kingdom

Spanish Armada

Belatra slots have soft themes that your mother would probably like. The graphics, sound, and game-play are neither modern nor outdated, but somewhere in the middle. The typical game as a free-spin bonus where there is something special in the free spins, like a certain symbol becoming wild. Money Mania had a simple pick-em bonus, where the player picks two items and the win is the product. All things considered, if you order vanilla at the ice cream parlor, you may enjoy these slots.

Belatra gets a strike for not disclosing return percentages. They get another strike for obviously ripping off the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast in the slot by that name. I believe that movie is based off an old fairy tale, but the image of Belle is clearly the same look as in the movie. That does not speak well of the company's ethics.

External Links

Beltara Games, where you can try out their games for free an no registration. US players are kindly not blocked (thank you!).

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